Welcome! It’s Time to Get PFIT!

welcomeWELCOME! I’m so glad you found me! If you have a diet and fitness question, it’s very likely I’ve written on it. On this page, I will attempt to list some of the most popular topics and questions for people just starting off. Consider this your introductory to fitness page – and your introductory to me and my blog! After looking over some of the topics listed here, I encourage you to use my search bar to search other topics as well. AND if you still don’t see what you need, feel free to leave a comment or suggestion on topics you would like to see in the future.

Welcome to the PFIT family! I am honored to have you!




  1. I just found your page today and I have to say that it has really made me think. One week ago I started a new, healthy life. Your site is amazing! I look forward to reading more.

  2. I just found your site yesterday and I love it. I grew up very over weight and at only 5’3″, I weighed 210 lbs before I even had my children. I have lost over 80 lbs have have kept it off for 15 years. As I’m hitting my mid 40’s I’m struggling with keeping my body “shaped” the way I want. The information I’ve read in the last two days is changing my entire outlook on how I have to move foward. Thank you!

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