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4 Insane Treadmill Workouts

Steve Pfiester designed 4 KILLER workouts you can do on a treadmill to work your entire body. There are 4 VIDEOS: Upper Body, Lower Body, Conditioning & Cardio. Each video is normally $9.99 (for standard definition, $12.99 for high-def), but NOW they are Only $2.99!!
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Here’s a video on the workout series:

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BCx Treadz Treadmill Workout

5-Minute Ab Workout

We all want tight abs, but sometimes we need a new workout to give us some new motivation we need to work them as hard as we should. Here’s a new ab circuit from Steve Pfiester at Give it a try!

Abs Workout15 Toes to Bar (Modification: Knee Ups or V Ups)

15 Roll Ups (Right)

15 Roll Ups (Left)

15 Oblique Crunch (Right)

15 Side Plank Pulses (Right)

15 Oblique Crunch (Left)

15 Side Plank Pulses (Left)

3 Rounds
(each round is under 5 minutes)

Follow along with Steve at Live X:

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Skateboard Lunge: Butt-Blasting Treadmill Exercise

Treadmills get very old quick. I mean, how much can you do on them? Walk, Run, Sprint… No, you can do much more! Much, MUCH more!

Introducing the Skateboard Lunge

treadmill exerciseA few years back, Steve (my hubby) had a client who lost full use of one side of her body after going in a diabetic coma. She was a young girl who hated working out and hated rehab even more, so Steve had to get creative. He needed to strengthen her weaker leg, as well as make it fun. One of the first exercises he had her try were called Skateboard Lunges (pictured right) . One foot stayed planted on the side rail (like on a skateboard) while the other foot pushed off the belt like you’d push off the ground. This proved to be a lot more interesting than walking on a boring treadmill, and she started getting results too.

treadmill exerciseThis got Steve thinking even more. He realized that this little girl wasn’t the only one to get bored of the treadmill. Walking on a treadmill is very limiting and pretty monotonous, yet with a little creativity, you can turn that boring old treadmill into a full body muscle toning machine that revives your workouts.

So, Steve started spending more time on the treadmill after hours and thinking through various movements and how they could effectively work each muscle group. As a result, he came up with a slew of exercises most people have never even seen, much less tried. Then, he put the exercises into specific workouts to make the most of each exercise and target muscle groups. BCx Treadz was born!

Give It a Try!

butt blast treadmill workout20 Skateboard Lunges on the Left Leg
20 Skateboard Lunges on the Right Leg
Repeat 3- 5 sets each (with no rest)

This is just ONE of the many great treadmill exercises in this video series. If you’d like to get the whole workout, we start a 10-day special today to give you a chance to be one of the first ones to try one of his workouts. Since the butt and legs seem to be in big demand, we are giving you the chance to get it for only $5.99 plus tax! Just enter the discount code: 599BUTTBLAST and download your workout video immediately!

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Shocker: Sex Sells Fitness

PFED UP: Sex Sells Fitness, But Does It Sell Results?

Borat did it, “Bikini Boy” Ty Hemmerling American Idol contestant did it, and Tosh does it as often as he can. Why? Although this isn’t much of a shocker, it sells because sex sells – even when it’s funny! Throw on a bikini and you’ll get attention – good or bad.

Steve and I just had the conversation this morning that he’d get more views if he wore a bikini when leading his workouts. It’s sad, but you can have a great workout led by a fully clothed professional and it won’t get half the views a chick gets in a bikini or tight workout outfit doing something lame – or worse yet, wrong.

Alfonso Moretti voiced his outrage against people dropping to the level of using sex to sell fitness in his blog “Angry Issues: Is the Fitness Industry TOO sexual” – and I agree. Although I do enjoy seeing fit physiques, it’s sad to think there is great content out there being missed out on just because they prefer to keep their clothes on.

This is the same for men. As soon as a guy takes his shirt off and breaks a sweat, the views start soaring. Yet, people like Steve, who like their shirts very much, can get overlooked in a youtube line up. Note: I do have some friends of mine that do it tastefully, but I’m totally speaking generally here and talking about the extremes. I’m not saying they are all bad. 🙂

Smart is Sexy
Although I’d LOVE to see Steve teach with his shirt off all the time (and not to say he wouldn’t do it some day if and when appropriate), I’d prefer for people to know him for his brains, not just brawn. The brawn is the icing on the cake – not the main attraction when you are selling results in my opinion.

A hot body, alone, doesn’t teach you anything (except teach you to “want that body”). Maybe I’m being harsh, but when you are learning how to workout, I think it’s important for people to know that person actually knows what they’re talking about, and it’s also important that trainer has the ability to pass that knowledge on to YOU.

Sure, if you know what you are doing, your body should look good too – however, there is a lot of stuff that can make a body look hot besides working out and eating right. Unfortunately, many people use their good genetics with steroids (yes, even bikini models) to get fit bods so they can use their bodies to bring them a paycheck. Meanwhile, they tell you how to do it the hard realistic way. Many of them don’t even care if YOU get fit – they just care if they get paid. Is that right? Is that the kind of person who should be leading fitness?

Are there awesome trainers with awesome physiques? Sure there are! Is a fit bod motivating? Heck yes! If you have the whole package, more power to ya!! I’ll try not to be jealous. 🙂 BUT, if you are looking for results, and for people to actually HELP you, don’t fall for “sex sells” – because sex doesn’t always sell results.

Until then, You just may see Steve trying on some sexy tight workout clothes and see if he can get more views. hahahahahahahaha

OK, maybe not. He does NOT make a beautiful woman. Great wig though!


What do you think?
Do you lose respect for trainers that use sex to sell fitness?
Do you trust celebrities or trainers who push gimmicks?
What do you look for in an online fitness roll model?

Inquiring fitness minds want to know! 

– B –

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