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SARAH: Glute & Thigh Workout

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 12.40.22 PMIt’s time for another custom Designer Whey workout!! I asked YOU guys what kind of workouts YOU wanted. Then, each week, I pick one and create a new custom workout named after that person! Today’s workout is called Sarah, dedicated to Sarah Parker from

Sarah writes “I would love to have a good workout to get my legs/glutes/thighs in better shape! I always need help in this area, and it’s time for me to shuffle up my workouts again! Love weights, bodyweight, and plyometrics, kettlebells…it’s all good!

Well, Sarah! Ask and you shall receive!

Sarah Glute & Thigh Workout

What you’ll need: Barbell & 15lb-20lb dumbbells (or kettlebells)
Tip: Click on the links of each exercise to watch video instruction.

butt and legs1 Warm Up

2 Power Moves

3 Glutes & Quades LEFT

3 Glutes & Quades RIGHT

The Finale

*Repeat Entire Workout 4 Times Through.

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Here’s the workout graphic to Pin or Share! 🙂

Sarah Workout

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Flabby Arm Fighting Upper Body Workout

Get Your Upper Body Sweat-Fest on with Alex!

Alex CartwrightThis week’s Designer Whey workout is dedicated to country music singer, and song-writer, Alex Cartwright. Alex requested a new upper body cardio routine, as opposed to weight lifting routines. As Alex said, the upper body tends to get left out – especially for those who don’t have a lot of equipment to work with. Why? Because it’s challenging to work your upper body without weights – challenging, but not impossible. You just have to be more creative. That’s where I come in!

♪♬♪♫ Well Alex, (said in my best twangy voice possible) I whipped up a nice batch of southern-fried bodyweight exercises for ya that will make you hotter than a goat’s butt in a pepper patch – designed to tone up those guitar-strumming Crazy Arms, get your Achy Breaky Heart rate up , and make your fat burn like a Ring of Fire! Jump Right In and get this Done!  When you’re finished you’ll be happier than a tornado in a trailer park and purty as a spotted horse in a daisy pasture! So, pull out those sleeveless tops and do this workout often so you can Get Your Shine On every time you hit that stage!  ♪♬♪♫ (sorry, I’m a southern girl myself and I couldn’t resist!)

Tools: All you need is a sturdy wall or door, jump rope, pull-up bar or bands for pulldowns. (I do assisted pull ups using one black Bodylastics band looped over attached to one handle for my right foot. Click here to see various modifications for pull ups)

ALEX Upper body cardioUpper Body Strength & Cardio Workout

Click on the links to see video demonstration of each exercise.

• 100 Jumping Jacks
• 10 Burpees
• 15 Push-up
• 20 Tricep Dips
• 100 Jump Rope
• 10 Pull-ups (or pull downs)
• 15 Wall-Ups
• 20 Sit-ups
• 100-Second Plank (1 min, 40 sec)

Repeat 3 Rounds

It took me 8 minutes & 40 seconds to go through one round, so if you can do the whole workout in about 30 minutes you are rocking! Beginners should get it done in 40-45 minutes. 

Do ALEX twice a week, as your upper body workout in your full body toning routine.

Monday: ALEX Upper Body
Tuesday: Lower Body
Wednesday: Cardio & Abs
Thursday: ALEX Upper Body
Friday: Lower Body
Weekends: Off or more cardio 🙂

Training Tip: Give your body at least 24 hours rest before working the same body part – and 48 hours rest when doing intense weight training. 

To learn more about Alex Cartwright and the Back Roads visit:…!/betwitching

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Get for YOUR Own Custom Workout

YOUR workoutAs you know, Steve and I create workouts for many different brands. One of our jobs this month is to create fresh, new workouts for Designer Whey – and we decided do something new and make YOU the star!

That’s right, this month we will be selecting workouts YOU suggest! AAAAND we are going to name that workout after YOU! We tested this out on facebook and got a GREAT start there, so now we are extending the request right here.

Simply tell us what type of workout you would like (in the comments below) – AND be sure to list YOUR facebook, twitter, blog or website so we can credit you!! 6 OF YOU will be chosen.  Read the rest of this entry

Swing & Sweat Kettlebell Workout

Swing & Sweat WorkoutTake your training up a notch with kettlebell training!! Kettlebell training is strength and cardiovascular exercise wrapped up into one awesome extremely effective style of training. Because it trains both the heart and lungs, as well as our muscles, it also saves times.

Kettlebell exercises also burn more calories and fat than traditional training with dumbbells- AND it works more muscles, including your core. For example, where a shoulder press isolates your shoulder muscles, a kettlebell snatch or one-arm press challenges your core, works your legs when you add a swing or squat, AND works your shoulders and arms too. Bottom line, you get more bang for your buck!

Sweat and Swing Workout:

Click on the link to see video instruction of each exercise.

Repeat 4 rounds for time to amp up the intensity. Get your towel ready and be prepared to SWEAT!

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Raise the Bar Mix & Match Workout

Raise the Bar WorkoutDesigner Whey has launched a fun new promotion called “Raise the Bar” Mix & Match Workout – and a chance to win a free box of Designer Whey protein bars (which are super yummy by the way!)

Steve and I designed these cool mix and match workouts you can do at home or the gym. Each week we give you 3 categories, each with 3 exercises to choose from. You do those 3 exercises as directed for your own customized mini-workout! Mix it up and do it again throughout the week.

This week’s Mix & Match Workout is Cardio Blast. Check it out, try it out – and Share your own customized workout for a chance to win! Like Designer Whey to get all four workouts!

Designer Whey makes fitness fun, and winning easy!   DO THE WORKOUT!

The Energizer Workout: Get Sweaty, Get Results!

The Energize WorkoutYou don’t have to worry about how many reps you do. No counting, no thinking, just doing! Set your GymBoss Interval timer for 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Crank the music and pump out as many reps as you can in 45 seconds. Get a quick 15 second break and go right to the next exercise. Do the whole circuit for 3-5 rounds. Feel amazing and energized when you are done!

Time vs Reps: When reps are set, the intensity of the workout depends on your physical condition. When a workout is based on time, not reps, everyone gets a great workout because everyone is going at THEIR 100%. Whether you do 10 reps each or 30, as long as you are doing your best, that’s all that matters!

Get more workouts at!

The Workout



Strength & Mobility Leg Workout

As many of you may know from following me, I despise leg day. So this week I decided to change things up, and break legs up, instead of doing them all on the same day. I have also changed up my training style some. Here is a schedule (just my weight training) I am going to follow for a few weeks to see how I like it.

Monday: Back, Chest & Abs
Tuesday: Quads & Glutes
Wednesday: Shoulders
Thursday: Biceps & Triceps
Friday: Hamstrings & Weighted Abs

Bye Bye Pride

Flexible & Strong Leg WorkoutFirst, I want to talk about form, flexibility & focus. When I used to do regular barbell squats, I used to do 135-155lbs – but, I didn’t go super deep. Part of the reason I couldn’t go that deep was knee pain, another reason was I didn’t have the strength to push that weight in my deeper squat and, lastly, I didn’t have the flexibility to maintain good form. So, with pride leading my workout, I just did what I could without lowering my weight (like anyone is really impressed with how strong I am anyway).

That was the old me – lifting heavy as I could. Now, I leave my pride at home and lighten my load to focus on improving my weaknesses, instead of continuing to improve my strengths.

My Weaknesses

1. Flexibility in my hips, inner thighs, squads and hamstrings. 
2. Maintaining good upright position while squatting deep (without falling back on my rump!)
Strength & Mobility Leg Workout3. Maintaining a deep squat (bottoming out basically) while remaining flat on my feet & weight on my heels (more flexibility issues).

Strengthen More Than Muscles

Admittedly, I’ve never been one for stretching (again, that would mean working on my weaknesses which is no fun). Aside from stretching before or after a run, I avoided it at all cost (because it HURTS, duh!). Now, I’m sucking it up and focusing on my weaknesses FIRST, and then my strengths LATER.

Here was my workout from yesterday listed below. The first time I did the overhead squat mobility work, I was SO sore the next day – and I was just using PVC. Ha! I am improving every time I do them and am determined to get stronger and more flexible. Hopefully, this will help you! PS: Even though I’m going deeper, my knees never hurt when I do these exercises. 🙂

Leg Workout

Streng & Flexibility Leg WorkoutI did 3-4 sets and 15-20 reps of everything, except for the Yogi Squat, which I held as long as I could. Enjoy! 🙂

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

50 Go-To Exercises for Your Gym Routine

livewell360 core bag

It’s easy to walk into a gym like ours and completely be overwhelmed with equipment. To be honest, it would even intimidate me if I was seeing it for the first time. As a result, many members don’t venture out much. They just use what they know – no matter how little that is. So, it’s time to start working out with more purpose, so you can get the best results possible.

In Tuesday’s blog, “How to Set an Effective Workout Schedule” I talk about varies ways to break up body parts so you can design a workout based on your schedule. Well, as promised, today I will be giving you a hit list of exercises you can use in your routine.

First, in this list, I categorize exercises by body part, with the largest muscle groups first. When you are lifting weights, you don’t want to work your small muscle groups before you work your large muscle groups – because your small muscles will be too tired to lift the heavier weight required to work the larger ones. Large muscle groups include chest, back and legs. Small muscle groups typically refer to all your arm muscles.

muscle anatomy

Next, you’ll notice that in each group, I first list one exercise that doesn’t require equipment (if possible). I also list alternative machines or tools to help you find what works with what you have access to. Now realize, there are SOOOO many more, but these 50+ exercises are the most common – and good for starting a beginner to even advanced routine.

If you are doing a full-body workout, you may only choose 2-3 exercises per body part, and only do 2-3 sets of each (depending on your time). If you are working out several times a week, and breaking up body parts more, you may do all the exercises in each specific body group for that day for 3-5 sets to add intensity, and extend the length of your workout.

gymbossLastly, rest time is super important. You can take a very basic workout and majorly boost intensity if you reduce your rest time. We use the GymBoss Interval Timers (set at 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off) at our club so our members are being pushed to work hard and rest little.

So that brings me to reps. You can do 12-15 reps for upper body and 15-20 reps for lower body OR you can use the interval timer to go as hard and fast as possible and not even worry about counting. Just remember, if you could do a few more reps, you likely need to up your weight.

Top 50 Exercises:

OK, so here you go! Here are 50 different exercises mentioned below with some tips to help you design your workout schedule. (PS: It’s actually more than 50 exercises, but TOP 50 sounded better than Top 51. Ha!)

Push Ups
Barbell or dumbbell Bench Press (flat bench)
Incline Dumbbell or Machine Chest Press
Dumbbell Fly (Pec Dec Machine or Cable Crossovers)
Do at least 1 pree & 1 fly

Pull Ups or Assisted Pull Ups
Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs (preferably with wide bar)
Seated Row Machine
Bent Over Row (dumbbells or barbell)
Do at least 1 wide grip & 1 close grip.

Squats (Air Squat or Barbell Squat, hits all muscles)
Leg Press Machine (hits all muscles)
Walking Lunges (dumbbells, quads and glutes)
Leg Extension Machine (hits quads)
Leg Curl Machine (prone/lying, seated and/or standing, hamstrings)
Straight Leg Deadlifts (Dumbbells or Barbells, for hamstrings)
Weighted Calf Raises (or Calf Raise Machine)
Do at least 1 exercise per body part (quads, hams, glutes)

Handstand Push Up or Pike Press
Military Press with Barbell or Shoulder Press Machine
Arnold Presses or Shoulder press with dumbbells
Upright Rows
Lateral Raises
Rear Delt Raise (or Reverse Fly or Reverse Pec Dec Machine)
Do at least 1 press, 1 raise (front or lateral) and the rear raise.

Dips (or Bench Dips)
Tricep Pullovers (with dumbbell or curl bar)
Tricep Press (on cable with bar, V handle or rope)
Tricep Kickbacks
Do at least 2 exercises.

(Equipment needed)
Straight Bar Curl
Preacher Curl or Bicep Curl Macine
Dumbbell Curl
Concentration Curls
Do at least 2 exercises.

Traditional Sit Ups
Weighted Crunches
Bicycle Crunches 
Leg Raises  or Hanging Knee Raise (advanced) for lower abs
Oblique Crunch (sides/obliques)
Choose 2-3 exercises. 

Side Plank
Back Extension  or Ham/Glute Developer Machine
(PS – I don’t like the way this exercises is demonstrated, but it can give you an idea)
Choose at least one.

Remember to read: How to Set an Effective Workout Schedule” for help on scheduling your workout schedule for the week. 

Have fun, train with confidence & #getafterit!

30 Days of Motivation: How to Set an Effective Workout Schedule


As one of our members came in to the club today, I asked her “what are you training today?” She said she didn’t know yet. Although this member knew what she was doing and could easily come up with a good workout, it made me think of all the people who drive all the way from work to the gym without even the slightest consideration of what they are going to do once they get there.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

How can you succeed without a plan? How motivated could you possibly be to go to the gym if you have no idea what you are going to do when you get there? You need a plan!

The problem is, many people don’t know HOW to plan an effective workout program. They don’t know what muscles to work, and how often to train. So, I decided to post a few examples to beginners with scheduling an effective workout routine. But before I share those, here are a few tips! NOTE: There are a ton of great variations, but the following workout schedules are just a few ideas to help give you some ideas.

5 Weight Training Tips

weight machine backTIP #1: Save your small muscle groups (like arms) for the last part of the week, and do your large muscle groups (like chest, back or legs) for the first of the week.

TIP #2: You need at least one day of rest before working the same body part.

TIP #3: You can do abs everyday, but weighted abs will require a day of rest, just like other weight training.

TIP #4: Try to workout every body part twice a week.

TIP #5: Just because you are sore, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t workout. If you are still sore from an earlier workout, the best thing to do is stay active. Either do a light workout, or do some cardio – and drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins. Whatever you do, don’t stay still. It will only make it worse.

Sample Workout Schedules:

3 Days a Week Beginner Workout
If you only have 3 days a week, then make the best of it with this simple full-body workout.

Do a full-body workout three days a week, like Monday, Wednesday, Friday. For example, a body toning class is a great choice for a beginner because you’ll learn a ton of moves in class from a pro. Local Vero Beach peeps, try Paula‘s FIRM body toning classes or MaxFit classes at Max Fitness. Even Shannon‘s Power yoga class is a great one to strengthen your body and tone up.

weight training4 Days a Week Option 1 Beginner
Monday: Upper Body
Tuesday: Lower Body
Thursday: Upper Body
Friday: Lower Body

4 Days a Week Option 2 Advanced
Monday: Chest, Triceps
Tuesday: Back and Biceps
Wednesday: Legs and Shoulders
Thursday: Abs and Cardio

5 Days a Week
Monday: Chest & Abs
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Arms

5 Days a Week
Monday: Chest & Back
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Shoulders
Thursday: Arms
Friday: Light Full Body Functional Workout (Multi-joint movement like squat press, overhead walking lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. Be sure to subscribe to get more on this topic!

Tomorrow I will give you a list of the most common and reliable exercises to include in your routine. We’ll keep it simple, but I promise, it will be effective!

NOTE: Max Members have access to over 100 different workout routines. Just ask our staff to help you choose a workout to follow! 


Changing My Training

Starting in November, I changed up my training and I’m really liking the results.

You know how people look like their dogs? Well, I too look like my long lanky Great Dane – Tank. Point is, I struggle with putting mass on my legs. I used to do legs once a week and then it hit me – I work upper body everyday (as I break down all my body parts…chest one day, back next, etc). No wonder my legs need more work …they actually need more work! (many guys also have this problem. So many guys hit chest all the time but neglect their legs) 😉  Read the rest of this entry

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