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Best One-of-a-Kind Christmas Gift for Fitness

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

ReeboksI love fashion. I may not always be the most “fashionable”, but I love to “play” with style. Since there are not a lot of accessories you can wear while working out, (I mean, it’s not like you can wear bangle bracelets, chunky necklaces and chandelier earrings), you’re somewhat limited to the actual clothes you have to wear to get your sweat on.

For instance, I have to wear socks, so they might as well be fun! I have to wear tennis shoes, so they might as well be colorful. I often have to put my hair up in a ponytail, so why not wear pigtails with matching rubber bands? Why not, right?


I wear workout clothes for a living. After years of wearing black and grey, I was super excited about all the pretty color that entered into the fitness world. Then I discovered cute tennis shoes that didn’t look like bulky tennis shoes. Slowly, but surely, I started wearing more tennis shoes with everyday clothing – because shoes were so much cuter than ever before. Since I have so many flashy colored Reeboks, I was ready to get a more neutral pair for every day use – in or out of the gym. I have have very little that matches grey, and NOTHING that matches blue, so I thought I’d try designing my next pair of shoes!  Here are some of my custom Nano 2.0s (my favorite in and out of the gym tenny!). Now I’m just trying to figure out which one to buy – OR should I try a new color combo?

Which one do you like best?  

Pink & Grey Skulls

grey and pink nano 2.0

Grey & Green Tape

Grey & Green Nanos

Patriotic Skulls

Customized Nano 2.0

Girly Blue Camo

Blue Camo Nano 2.0

Blue and Red Tape

nano 2.0 blue and red tape

Navy Nanos (you can even customize the text on the shoe!)


Here is a pair Steve designed earlier this year!

custom nano 2.0 nanos2


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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts

There are a lot of great gift ideas, but healthy gifts keep on giving for days, weeks and months to come. With the New Year around the corner, there’s no doubt most people are already regretting consuming all the Holiday Fare and are already thinking about their New Year Resolutions.

Here are 10 healthy Holiday gift ideas to help your special someone take a healthy step into 2012:

1. iAnything – Whether it’s an iPod, iPhone or iPad – they all can make a workout more fun. Listen to the workout station on Pandora or watch the latest episode of your favorite ABC show (this is the ONLY way I do cardio indoors!!) on your iPad while doing cardio. Plus, get access to amazing diet and fitness apps!

RunKeeper, LoseIt, Spotify, IntervalTrainer, Motion Traxx Podcast (customized music for Runners), and SleepMachine (yes, we have to get REST too!!)

2. Gym Membership – Gym memberships can be like undergarments. You need them, but you hate to spend money on them. A gym membership can be that special place where your loved one can go to work on how they look and feel. Everyone needs a little “me time” and what better place to have that time than in the gym.

BONNIE’S TIP: Try before you buy! 
Many gyms will let you “try before you buy”. Ask for a day pass or if they offer a free week trial membership. Read the rest of this entry

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