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Gym Time! Are You Packed for Success?

Livewell360One of my favorite sayings is “if you fail to plan, plan to fail”, and it is SO true – especially in the fitness world. Proper diet and training takes preparation. And, as soon as you find yourself unprepared, it is easy as pecan pie to go off plan.

Eating on the go and going to the gym takes a certain level of preparation. Your food needs to be portable, and packed up in Tupperware with all the utensils you need. Also, your gym gear has to be loaded up and ready before you head out the door each morning. That means my Live Well 360 bag needs to be packed with all my favorite fitness accessories, healthy food and apparel ahead of time. I suggest packing everything up the night before so you don’t run out of time, and run into excuses to go off plan.

20 Items in my Bag RIGHT NOW!

  1. Tilapia, a sweet potato & a banana
  2. Shoes, shorts, tank and socks
  3. iPad (for watching TV on the elliptical)
  4. Yurbuds earphones
  5. Wrist Wraps (PR Wraps)
  6. iPhone Arm band
  7. Voss Water bottle
  8. Supplements
  9. Impact Energy Gum (new to New York – and now available at our gym!)
  10. Powder & lipstick (I never use it, but I have it just in case)
  11. Body Lotion (just in case I am smelly or dry! ha)
  12. Hair ties & head band
  13. iPhone charger (gotta have enough juice for my tunes!)
  14. Hoodie (stays in my bag just in case)
  15. Wallet (because I don’t carry a purse during the week)
  16. Speed rope
  17. Camera (yes, because you neeeever know when you’ll need to make a fitness memory!)
  18. Bath & Body Works Body spray
  19. Protein bars (I had Designer Whey bars in mine right now!)
  20. Macbook Pro (because it goes everywhere I do!)

Packing for the day is just one of the ways to prepare for fitness success. Check out my blog “5 Ways to Prepare for Fitness Success” at LiveWell360 for 4 more tips!

About My Favorite Bag

I have 2 LiveWell 360 bags. This is the CORE bag. Totally comfy and not bulky. My other bag is the Luxx bag, with a built-in padded laptop case!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

Million pockets! Ok, not really ..but a LOT! Yes, I’m TOTALLY organized!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

I plan to succeed with a well-packed bag! Take a peak of what I can fit inside!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

Built to last.

You can find bags cheaper, but I promise I will still be using my Core bag after you go through your next 3-4 cheapos! If you are a gym rat, it’s worth the investment to buy a gym bag that is perfect, high quality and that won’t let you down!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

Fit Gifts: The Best Gym Bag

photoMerry Christmas to Me!
I got an early Christmas present and, not only do I absolutely LOVE it, because it’s unisex, now Steve wants one too. It’s the Core gym bag by Live Well 360.

There are a ton of gym bags out there, but most of them are pretty generic and less than exciting. When I have shopped for gym bags in the past, they are always the same. Boring. Boring. Boring.

Then I discovered Live Well 360 bags and I discovered gym bags with purpose. Innovative design, well-thought out, good looking and very functional.

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 9.55.48 AM

Here are 5 things I love about this gym bag:

1. Streamlined design – Most gym bags are so bulky they should come with a WIDE LOAD sign – but this bag has a slim design and lays nicely against your body when you are carrying it so you don’t knock someone out when you walk by someone. The triangular shape (wide at the bottom and narrow at the top) makes this bag seem smaller without compromising space. It carries more like a big purse than a canvas suitcase, so it was the perfect bag for shopping all the vender booths at this weekend’s CrossFit “Clash of the Fittest” competition. In the picture below, you can see how slim the footprint of this bag is in comparison to Steve’s last gym bag.

bags8 bags5

2. Pockets galore – The Core bag has a large interior compartment for the bulk of your gear, a separate large vented pocket for your stinky shoes or wet clothes, elastic pocket for a water bottle or protein shake, and many smaller pockets for organizing wraps, headphones, gloves, make-up and whatever else your little heart desires. All the pockets not only help you to keep your gear organized, but it helps you take better care of your gear, including the soft fleece-lined pocket which is perfect for holding your nice jewelry.

bags bags4

3. Quality – Gym bags are notorious for canvas fraying, zippers breaking, straps breaking and plastic clips cracking. When you get a Live Well bag you can immediately tell the difference in quality to know this bag is built to last. The strap is made out of smooth durable seatbelt material. Live Well doesn’t use that cheap thin canvas material. Instead, they use super thick handmade ballistic nylon that’s soft to the touch, but incredibly durable. Also, instead of plastic clips and hardware, they use heavy duty satin nickel. They stand behind their product so much, they offer a Quality Guarantee – if there is a problem or defect, they’ll fix it or replace it.

Live Well 360 Bags bags14

4. Inspirational – You know I’m a sucker for motivation, so when I saw that the entire bag is lined with motivational words, you know I was in heaven. It adds style, and it refocuses your mind every time you open the bag.

bags13 bags10

5. Roomy. I don’t like a big bag, but I do have a lot to carry to work (which happens to be the gym) with me every day. I don’t like carrying a purse, a laptop bag AND a gym bag SO, the right bag for me has to carry it all. To show you what my bag looks like on a typical day, I emptied all the contents out to show you how much this bag holds – and that’s without even stuffing it. I had plenty of space left to pack more stuff in there. 🙂


Here is what was in my bag today:

1 Workout Outfit 
Socks & my new favorite Shoes – the Nano 2.0
15″ Macbook Pro
iPad (for watching TV on the elliptical)
PR Wraps
Yurbuds Headphones
Speed Rope
iPhone arm band
2 Designer Whey bars
Camcorder (for shooting video)
Camera (always on “duty” for my brands)
Lotion & Perfume for a refresher if needed
Powder, foundation, Lipstick, lipliner & hair ties
Hand sanitizer 
and a partridge in a pear treeeeee 🙂

Those are all the reasons the Core bag made my Top 25 Fitness Gifts for Your Fit Friends. It would be a perfect Christmas gift that will get a ton of use! The Live Well Core comes in Black, Purple and Grey.

Sleeper Fitness Apparel: Looks Can Be Deceiving

Have you ever heard of a “sleeper”? It’s a car, like a grocery getter or family car that, at first glance, looks like many other cars – until the driver punches it. What you don’t know is what’s hiding under the hood. Well, DA Active  fitness apparel is a sneaky sleeper fitness line that has more punch than it seems at first glance. Here’s my story of my owner personal encounter…

Sure, I’ll Try Anything
I’ve had the pleasure of trying some of the best sports apparel in the industry, so when DA Active approached me about trying some of their clothes, I can’t say that I was that excited. I looked at their site and the clothes were simple – and I’m not that simple. I like wild, fun, hip and different. I have to admit, I didn’t expect what was about to come in the mail. I greatly underestimated this company. (let me emphasis GREATLY).

Special Delivery
Even if you aren’t quite sold on a company, there is still something exciting about Fed Ex & UPS arriving at your door. It’s like Christmas! In my case, it was more like my birthday (my birthday was June 25h)! I ripped open the box as if there was bars of gold in them. Low and behold, bright colors flashed before my very eyes. This was already looking a lot more exciting than I was expecting!

Their website simply did not do this line justice. The colors were vivid and almost electric (in a good way). Every single piece not only looked sharp, but fit like a glove (and not the skin-tight “I’m uncomfortable” glove). I’m talking, this line’s fabric was amazing, colors were fun, and fit was perfect. Pants and sleeves were long enough (which is hard to find) and, out of all the clothes they shipped, I literally loved every single piece of clothing (unheard of for me).

I will say, I did pull out the removable padding, but the built in sports bra was plenty for me. To be honest, there was nothing I didn’t like about this line except for the removable padding – and it’s “removable” so I was good to go!

Besides the amazing fit, the great colors and the awesome fabric, here’s the best thing about the line – the PRICE!  Their line is half the price of many of the lines I shop. So, I get all the quality for half the price? YEP! I sure do!

The capris I loved were only $61 – compared to my typical $100-$120 workout pants. My braided top (above in green) was only $44 – again, half what I have paid in the past). This may still seem steep at first glance, but let me tell you – pants of this caliber will last YEARS! I still have pants I bought 8 years ago that are made with similar material and they are just as pretty and black as they day I bought them. Yet, I have other brands that didn’t last one season. So, for people who live in fitness clothes, it’s well worth the investment.

No, I’m Not Getting Paid
I should make one other thing clear. I am not paid by DA. I have no obligation to them. I am not getting compensated for this blog. This is purely me telling you about a really awesome fitness line because I genuinely love it! I pride myself on offering honest information and will never sell out for a paycheck – ever. I only promote brands I truly love so you can continue to trust my experience and suggestions.

Here are my favorite pieces!

#1 Energizer-Bra – fitted awesome V-cut spaghetti bra top. LOVE!

#2 My Light (bright) Green Braided Tank – fitted in the chest, loose and long in the waist – and an AWESOME braided back! LOVE! LOVE – and so did everyone else!

#3 Super cozy, yet sharp Running Tank – Loose fit that flows over the body nicely and still has nice shape without strangling you. Light, comfy and LOVE this color! I got TONS of compliments on this top.

#4 My matching Do It Again Capri – Great fit, love the wide colored waistband and material. I wore this complete outfit with a jacket and it looked SHARP!

#5 DA Hoodie – This hoodie makes me wish it was fall! I love the thumb holes and the fit. When I paired this with black bottoms, I looked like a total fitness pro. There is nothing sloppy about this hoodie! Another fav!

#6 DAJacket – Quite possibly the sharpest jacket I’ve ever had. I swear, I could wear this with matching pants and look like I’m weaing a sportswear suit. Totally amazing for fitness professionals. I will wear the HECK out of this come fall! It’s fitted in all the right places – awesome fit and look! (PS – LOVE the lavender! I think I may have to get one in every color!)

Next on my list is to try the long pants. Ok, I’ll be honest, that’s not the only thing on my list. I want everything in every color! ha! You can’t go wrong with this line – I promise! 🙂


I liked it so much I asked them if they would give YOU a discount! Yep, you get 20% OFF if you use my personal discount code: PFITNESS when you order before August 31st. If that isn’t cool enough, they are doing a contest right now and you could win a %500 shopping spree!!  CLICK HERE to learn how to win the $500 shopping spree!

Next Review: LiveWell 360 “The Luxx” Gym Bag

This awesome bag has 11 pockets, including a separate pocket for your stinky tennis shoes & socks, straps to hold your yoga mat and a surprise compartment for my most prized possession. Let’s just say, you won’t need ANYthing else if you get this bag. CLICK HERE for my full review to learn more!  – B –

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