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20 Hamstring Exercise You Can Do at Home

15 Hamstring ExercisesIf you workout at home, I bet your list of hamstring exercises is pretty short. You aren’t alone. The hamstrings are a little hard to work without big fancy gym equipment. In my own personal workout, I rely heavily on our Prone Hamstring Curl Machine, Hammer Strength Seated Hamstring Machine and Hammer Strength Standing Hamstring machine – so what would I do if I didn’t have access to these awesome machines? Plenty!

15 Hamstring Exercises

Here are some hamstring exercises that require little to no equipment so your hamstrings don’t get left out of your home workout routine. Choose 3-5 exercises per workout. Do 3-4 sets of 18-20 reps (25 reps for exercises with no resistance).

  1. 15 Hamstring Exercises for HomeDumbbell Stiff-legged Deadlift
  2. Barbell Deadlift
  3. Romanian Barbell Deadlift
  4. Dumbbell Single-leg Deadlift
  5. Prone Hamstring Curls With Bands
  6. Cable Hamstring Curl
  7. Geronimo
  8. Bridge
  9. Bridge With Leg Lift
  10. Swiss Ball Leg Curl
  11. Swiss Ball Glute Bridge
  12. Resistance Band Hip Raise
  13. Leg Curl (using multi-purpose bench)
  14. Reverse Hyperextension
  15. Good Morning

5 Hamstring Stretches Young woman seated hamstring stretch

  1. Straight Leg Stretch
  2. Balance Ball Hamstrings Stretch
  3. Lying Hamstring Stretch
  4. Crossover Leg Stretch
  5. Foam-rolling Hamstrings

SEEGet A Better Backside: 4 Tips and a Workout

Real Women + Real Success = Real Motivation

There is nothing more motivating than seeing people just like yourself, reaching their goals. Why? Because when we see a super fit person, we think maybe they just have good genes. Or, maybe we think they have no life, with all the time in the world to pump iron and pose in the mirror. BUT, when we see someone who works full time, has kids and maintains a crazy schedule AND gets fit – now THAT’s impressive and motivating! We want REAL people with REAL results.

The 3 ladies in this article worked out at home. They didn’t have a trainer or a dietician. They didn’t have to spend a lot of money. They just had to keep showing up and doing their fitness homework as prescribed online – FREE. Sure, they probably never dreamed it would change their lives, but it did – and it can change your life too. Here are their stories.

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10 Heart-Pounding, Fat-Melting, Body-Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

The military says they are good enough to prepare soldiers for war. Athletic trainers use them to create champions. Olympians do them to bring home the gold. You and I do them because they work! I’m talking about plyometrics. They melt fat, sculpt muscle, and get your heart and lungs in the shape of their lives. There’s just nothing like it – and there is no better time to do them than when it’s just too hot to exercise outside.

10 Heart Pounding, Fat Melting, Body Toning, Exercises

The following exercise require no weights, no equipment & no gym – which means you have NO excuses. Click on the link, follow the directions, and watch FitStudio video demonstrations to learn each exercise.

1. Burpee
2. Double Unders
3. Plyo Box Jump
4. 5 Second Football Stomp With Sprawl
5. Jumping Jacks
6. Mountain Climber
7. Mary Catherines
8. Squat Thrust
9. Surfers
10. Plyometric Double Knee Jump

Advanced: Do 5 of any of the above exercises for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off, with 60 seconds rest after completing the 5 exercises and repeat 5 times for a 30 minute high-intensity sweat-your-butt-off workout.

Beginner: Do 5 of any of the above exercises for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off, with 60 seconds rest after completing the 5 exercises and repeat 5 times for a 30 minute high-intensity sweat-your-butt-off workout.

Summer Shape Up Challenge:

Try this plyo lower-body workout, a part of Designer Whey’s 20112 Summer Shape Up Challenge, with Steve Pfiester. Use a step, couch, ottoman, picnic bench or aerobic step for the killer plyo jumps. Try all the Summer Shape Up workouts!

15 Sweat-Your-Butt-Off-at-Home-for-Free Workouts

When it comes to cardio, most people initially think of hitting the treadmill or elliptical. And since many people don’t have kind of high-dollar equipment, doing cardio at home may not seem like an option. However, you don’t need a treadmill to get your sweat on.

If this is you, you probably have bought some kind of workout DVD in the past and subjected yourself to an hour of the worst music ever played in your house (or the planet for that matter). Fitness DVDs are notorious for having awful music and stale energy to boot. If the music wasn’t bad enough, you get to memorize every line they say whether you like it or not. Needless to say, the workout can get stale pretty quick.

Of course nothing beats the real thing – going to the gym and being led by a real live person. The energy of listening to killer high-energy music pumped out of giant speakers is enough to get your heart racing alone. However, if you aren’t able to get to a gym, you have another option.

This is where FitStudio comes in. Many of you know Steve and I are Fitness Advisors for FitStudio, powered by Sears. What does that mean? It means we help FitStudio design a site that helps people workout at home and reach their goals – FREE! One of our tasks is to design workouts and workout programs, like our BCx Express 30-Minute Workout and BCx Boot Camp.

Each workout has a list of all the exercises, complete with video instruction on how to do each exercise. After you learn the exercises, you can print the workout to follow on your own. The coolest part of this is you get to set your atmosphere, complete with your favorite music. With programs, like BCx, the faster you go, the quicker you get done – time being your trainer.

So, get your favorite music queued up and get ready to sweat to your favorite jams!!
Here are 15 FitStudio workouts you can do at home:

  1. The Lunge Hour Workout
  2. A Not-so-girlie Workout
  3. The Lean Jeans Workout
  4. Absolute 6-pack
  5. Superior Gluterior
  6. Fat-blasting Blitz
  7. Bcx Legs & Glutes Express
  8. Bcx Abs Express
  9. Lower Body Mission
  10. Cardio & Conditioning Mission
  11. The Thigh Jelly Jump-off
  12. March Madness Workout!
  13. Last Call for Weight Loss
  14. Be My “Valenfine” Workout
  15. New Ball, New Bod! (Fit Ball Workout)

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