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Fat Blasting, Body Sculpting Bodyweight Workout

Killer Bodyweight Workout This workout requires NO weights. The only thing you would need is a pull-up bar (or some bands for pull downs if you can’t do pull ups). Do the following 3 circuits with no rest between exercises. Complete 3 rounds each with no rest before moving to the next circuit. Only rest for a brief rest between circuits for optimal calorie and fat burn.

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10 Jump Squats
10 Mary Catherines
2 Burpees
10 Squats

10 Push ups
2 4-Count Mountain Climbers (Count: ONE,2, 3, 4, TWO, 2, 3 4)
10 Tricep Dips
2 4-Count Mountain Climbers 
10 Pull Ups or Pull Downs 
2 4-Count Mountain Climbers

10 Squat thrusts
2 Alternating t-plank (ONE Left, ONE Right, TWO Left, TWO Right)
10 Surfers
Alternating t-plank
10 Hop Overs
Alternating t-plank

Sweat & Tone! Awesome Shoulder Workout

Shoulder WorkoutThis was my workout yesterday. This is not a bodybuilder workout where you isolate muscles and rest in between exercises. Prepare to SWEAT! I was dripping wet and out of breath practically the whole time. I’m sharing the weight I did so you can get a feel for the right resistance for you. 🙂 Have fun!

Click on the links to see video instruction if you are unfamiliar with an exercise.

#1 SET (5 Sets)
10-12 Heavy Push Presses and Split Jerks
#1: 45lb Bar Standing Military Press
#2: 55lbs Push Press
#3: 65lb Push Press
#4: 75lb Split Jerk
#5 85lb Split Jerk
TIP: Rest between sets so you can lift heavy. Not TOO much rest though. 🙂

10 25lb Snatches (10 Left & 10 Right)
10 Alternating Shoulder Press (ladders) with 8-10lb dumbbells (10 each arm/20 total)
TIP: no rest between exercise. Rest AFTER both exercises are complete back to back.

10 45lb Bar Moderate Military or Push Press
10 8lb Dumbbell Alternating Shoulder Press (Fast ladder press – 10 each arm/20 total)
10 5lb Dumbbell Lateral Raises
TIP: On ladders, one hand should be going down WHILE the other is going up to keep BOTH arms moving. Otherwise one arm gets rest while the other arm works. This super set is about wearing them out.) NO REST until all 3 exercises are complete. Short rest between super sets.

12 Face Pulls with Rope
12 Rear Delt Raises

Let me know how you do!! 🙂

31 Days of Motivation: Time to Get Defined

When we talk about definition in the gym, we talk about leaning out so you can see more muscle definition. Today, I’m going to talk about another type of definition. It’s not about defining your physique, but defining your self – which greatly determines your success in and out of the gym. Be ready to be inspired (and maybe even cry).

lizzie VelasquezI came across this awesome story about a girl, Lizzie Velasquez, who was once labeled “The Ugliest Girl In The World” and just HAD to share! You are about to see just how wrong those people were. Lizzie was born with an extremely rare syndrome that doesn’t allow her to gain weight, (Yes, she can eat all the Oreos she wants. Don’t get jealous dieters!! lol). That luxury came with quite a price. Lizzie has had a very difficult life. Did she let that stop her from pursuing her dreams? No! Check it out…

Now a very powerful motivational speaker, Lizzie describes her feelings after reading ugly comments about her on online from complete strangers. One comment that stuck with me was someone telling her “Lizzie, please do the world a favor and put a gun to your head and kill yourself”.

Can you imagine someone saying that to you? Can you comprehend knowing people think so little of you that they would suggest it would be better for the world if you die? I honestly can’t fathom that. Sure, it hurt. I bet there were SO many tears shed over such mean words. However, she decided to wipe her tears and use those words to fuel her to prove them all wrong and show the world just how beautiful she really was. And she succeeded.

Time to Get Defined!

who am i?One of the key points she made in her speech is about deciding what defines you. This is something EVERYONE can relate to. In her situation, it would be easy for her to allow her appearance or other people’s opinions to define her. Instead, she decided she wanted to define herself. How often do we let circumstances and other people define us? Too often I’d say.

definitionWhat defines you? Is it your weight, your health, your past failures, your financial bracket, your spouse, your job, your insecurities, (fill in the blank)? Or have you taken the time to decide for yourself what you want to define you. How I look at is this: How would you want Webster to define you?

Think it’s too late? My mom redefined her life in her late fifties, losing 80lbs and making fitness a permanent part of her healthier life. Think you have failed too many times? Harland David Sanders, the famous KFC “Colonel,” was rejected by 1,000 restaurants before his chicken became a success. Think you don’t have what it takes? Marilyn Monroe was told she was not pretty or talented enough to be an actress, but that didn’t stop her.

You can’t be something you haven’t ever first decided to be. You must decide ahead of time before you can begin to work toward that. This is a crucial part of your fitness journey. I encourage you to complete the following homework and use today to begin working on your own definition of you.


Define your body

  • 10 In and Out Squat (narrow stance squat & jump to wide squat for “1 Rep”)
  • 10 Plank Up/Down (up, up, down, down)
  • 10 Push Ups

X 3

X 3

X 3

Watch this Chiseled Cardio workout online at

Define your self

define yourself1. Think about what defines you now.

2. Decide what you want to define you.

3. Believe, with all your heart, you can be that person with practice. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and many others believed in themselves before anyone else did.

4. Practice, practice, practice. You don’t just become talented overnight, so you can’t expect to become fit overnight, become successful overnight or live your dream overnight. It will take continual practice. It will require continual surrender – as you lay down the things that hold you back, and purposefully work on the things that get you closer to your goal.

Watch Lizzie:

X-FIT BLITZ: Jump, Snatch, Squat!

livexfit workoutAdd this XFit Blitz to any workout to get your heart pumping and your full body working!


1st Round: 10 reps each
2nd Round: 8 reps each
3rd Round: 6 reps each

Jump Rope
Snatch (dumbbell, kettlebell or water bottle!)
Squat Jump

Training Tips:

  • No Rest Between Sets!
  • Go as quick as you can.
  • Time yourself to add intensity! 
  • Do double unders instead of regular jump rope to ramp it up even more!
  • Do again often and see if you can beat your time or increase resistance!

Steve and I lead LiveXFit on, available online, on Roku and on Samsung TV! Come join us and do the whole workout on Click on the link for a free demo workout and a free trial offer to have access to over 2,000 workouts!! 



5 Surprising Fitness Tools You May Already Have

You don’t have to have expensive weight equipment to workout. There are many household items you can use for added resistance in a home workout routine. Here are 5 household items that can enhance your fitness program.

1. A Gallon of Water

Workout with waterOne gallon of water weighs 8.33lbs. Pick up 2 gallons and you instantly have a set of eight-pound dumbbells. Exercising with two gallons of water not only adds 16lbs to your workout routine, but it also challenges your balance as the weight of the water shifts around with each you movement. Since you can pick up a gallon of water anywhere, getting familiar with working with water gallons can give you more options when on the road or away from the gym.

2. Stair Step

Athletes have used stair steps for cardio and conditioning training for years. Running stadium steps proved to tone the legs and glutes, burn a ton of calories and challenge the heart and lunges like no other exercise. Even if you don’t have a few flights of stairs available, you can do a lot with just a single step. Performing a Step up lunge on one leg, for 15-20 repetitions each, is great for toning the glutes and thighs.Box jumps can be performed on a stair step to increase power production, as well as READ MORE

Leg & Butt Toning Circuit

Leg and Butt Circuit

You can do this workout with no weight, or with weight. Our boot campers did this workout with sandbags, but it would be great with dumbbells, kettlebells or a weighted bar.

INSTRUCTIONS: Take as little rest as possible (no rest is best for fat burning and toning). Go as deep as you can go on your squats and lunges – the deeper you go, the more inner thigh and glute action you will get, especially on the squats. If you can’t go deep with weight, then lighten your weight or use no weight at all. Use a mirror to watch how low you actually go. If you don’t have knee issues, try to get the same depth as the guy in the photo below – and feel the difference!!

proper squat

3-Position Squat
 – 10 Close Stance Squat
 – 10 regular stance
 – 10 Wide stance
60-Second Walking Lunges
60-Second Wall Sits

Repeat circuit with no rest for 3 rounds.

TRAINING TIPS: Notice his hips are BELOW parallel. If you want some serious buns, the deeper you go the better, as long as your knees don’t hurt and your form isn’t compromised. As soon as you feel that your back is bending, or your butt is tucking under (which we call “winking”), you know you’ve gone too deep, or you have range of motion limitations due to weak or tight muscles. The more you practice deep squats, the better your range of motion will be, simply from loosening up your hips, and getting more flexible and strong. 🙂

Fitness Motivation: You Are Her Too

I wanted to share one of my quotes online the other day, so I just googled the one I needed so I could just grab it offline. I googled “I will beat her” and I was not prepared for what I saw. I saw a whole bunch of other women’s pictures with my words,

I Will Beat Her

I will train harder.
I will eat cleaner.
I know her weaknesses.
I know her strengths.
I’ve lost to her before, but not this time.
She is going down.
I have the advantage
because I know her well.
She is the old ME!

At first, I was a little annoyed by the people that didn’t give me credit, and then (after I put my pride aside and got off my “I work hard on my quotes” pity party), I realized the impact these words were making on these women.


Sure, I spend a lot of time trying to come up with motivational posts, but they are meaningless if no one is inspired or motivated by them. These women did exactly what I wanted them to do. They related, they connected with the message, and they realized that they too can “beat her”.

women motivation

How often do we focus on what everyone else needs to do, instead of what we can just do better? How often do we compare ourselves to someone else when, if we were to compete with the old version of ourselves, we would have kicked that old person’s butt. We DO have the advantage. We DO know ourselves better than anybody else.

our toughest competitorWe know if keeping ice cream in the refrigerator will trip us up or not. We know if we go home between work and the gym, that we’ll be tempted to skip our workout. We know how and where we failed before, and we know what it takes for us to succeed. We know ourselves so well, there really is no excuse for us to fail. We have the knowledge we need to defeat our old self, and it’s up for us to apply that knowledge, to continue improving, getting stronger, learning from our failures and winning our own battles.

I was inspired by these people who applied these words to their own lives. I was encouraged by their drive to become the winner they know they are – and I hope you will also realize you too can “beat her”.  She is You Too. 🙂

PS: I want to thank all the people that shared this quote (and others), as well as the people who may have redone the quote with their photo, but credited me. I really do appreciate it and hope it encourages more and more people.  ❤

Feel free to share any of my quote, use my photos, and put your blog or name on my images too (as long as you keep name/blog info on there as well. 🙂

Strong Muscles, Weak Faith

Faith MusclesThe only way to get our muscles to grow is to USE them. It requires effort. If we want to gain muscle mass it requires us lifting HEAVIER things, working HARDER than we currently are. Over time, the things that once seemed impossible & challenging are much easier.

The same goes with our faith. Whether it’s faith in people or faith in God, faith is like a muscle. It only grows if we use it. Once we use it, test it, challenge it and grow it, daily struggles, questions, stress, doubt, all the heavy weights in our life, feel light because of our ever-growing stronger faith.

Weak Faith

faithToday I write on faith, because faith is an important part of our spiritual health. Before you tune me out, continue to read and take what you want from this. Even if you apply it in everyday life with your loved ones. I think there is a message here for anyone – whether you believe in God or not.

Think about it, how healthy can we be if we are fit on the outside, but broken down, insecure and weak on the inside. Even people who don’t believe in God, have a deep desire to have faith in something or someone. They may put their faith in money, a job, a diploma, a spouse, a friend, science, teachers, bosses, politicians or their own physical abilities or taent, but humans are born to want to have faith in something.

paying-off-debtThink of it this way. How often have we said “once I just graduate, or when we can get everything paid off, everything will be much better” That’s faith, faith those things will improve your life. So much so, you will continue to go to school even if it kills you, and you will try to paid down those bills even when you are dying to spend more money. You also have faith your car will stop when you apply the breaks. You trust your debit card will work when you swipe it through the card reader. Why do you have faith in such things? Because you practice it, you’ve tested it over and over again. So, you practice faith already, but it’s time for you to pick up the Big Boy faith weights.

Personal Trainer funnyThe same way a client thinks “there is NO WAY I can lift that” and then they lift it anyway, if we want our faith to get stronger, we have to start trusting God with bigger things. We need to constantly challenge our faith muscles like we do our skeletal muscles. Why does it matter? Many studies have proven people who have faith are healthier. Part of that is a no-brainer. I mean, people who are trying to improve their spiritual life are less likely to destroy their body with drugs or stupidity. They are (should be) more obedient citizens and they are more disciplined. I also believe a lot of the added health benefits is from having more faith.

trustMore faith means less stress. For instance, have you ever had a boyfriend you couldn’t trust? How unhealthy was that relationship for you? I bet you were more stressed, insecure, tired, full of constant doubt, skeptical, thinking the worst all the time, and maybe even downright depressed. However, take the same you in a different relationship where you trust your boyfriend. You feel loved, confident and stress-free….you are relaxed, healthy, rested and at peace. 

What is Faith?

Faith is not a religion. Faith is an action based on what you believe. Faith is defined as “confidence or trust in a person or thing. Complete trust.”

BibleStudyWe have faith in the people who we get to know and love – and that know and love us back. We don’t put much faith in strangers, so how can anyone expect to trust God if He is a stranger to them. A simple fix is to spend more time getting to know our God, and give him the opportunity to prove He is trustworthy – which is proven over time. (God says “…test me in this, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” Malacai 3:10)

As a man in love desires to prove his love to his bride, God desires to show how much he loves us and He can’t do that if we don’t give him a chance and trust Him or get to know him. Once He has won our heart, we will trust Him more – and the more we trust Him (and build those faith muscles), the more our faith will continue to grow stronger.

Doubt, the Faith Killer

doubt-fearBelieve me, we all have our moments of doubt. I know I do, and we do the same things with our loved ones too. We can easily let a window of doubt slip into our thoughts where we wonder if they are trustworthy, or we wonder if they will let us down. That’s normal because we are human. Yet, the only way to truly find out is to continue to trust them and get to know them better.

Unfortunately, this is where we go wrong with God. As soon as we have doubts, we quit. We not only quit trusting Him, but we quit the whole relationship. Can you imagine how crappy our marriages and friendships were if we quit every time we had a doubt or fear? Well, we’d have no friends or marriage for one, but life would also be very lonely and hopeless. 

I challenge you to start training your faith muscles. If you lack faith or don’t believe in God, maybe it’s because God is a stranger. No one can expect you to trust and believe in the unknown.  Take time to get to know Him and trust him more – and watch your faith muscles begin to bulge!  You will not only benefit spiritually, but your body will thank you too!  

Faith Workout

Today Joyce Meyer talked about when she first started working out with what she called little “dog-bone” 3lb weights, and how heavy they felt (this is a pic from her video of her making fun of herself struggling). Yet, now, she lifts 20-25lbs dumbbells (GO JOYCE!) and laughs at how hard those lighter weights once were. 

joyce meyer

As our faith grows, things in life that were once difficult to have faith through are like those dog-bone weights. You will be able to carry heavy loads in life with ease and enjoy the victory of experiencing strength in the Lord. CLICK HERE to watch her awesome teaching on faith. 

“I can do all things in Christ who STRENGTHENS me.” Philippians 4:13

Don’t you want to be STRONGER – inside AND out? I know I do!

Today’s matching motivational image:

Build Your Faith Muscles

Workout Motivation: It Gets Better

it gets betterPeople often ask us in BCx Boot Camp if it gets any easier. My answer is NO – it gets better, but not easier. The stronger you get, the harder you work. You jump higher, squat deeper, lift heavier. That’s why 20 different people, all at different fitness levels, can all leave completely exhausted and have an equally great workout.

Just remember, it does get better. The better part is from you experiencing improved strength and stamina. It gets better because it’s a lot more fun to put yourself through a brutal workout when your waist is getting smaller and the numbers are dropping on the scale. It gets better as you learn to improve each exercise and gain confidence with each workout. It gets better because you are rarely ever as sore as that first week of boot camp. Your body learns to heal faster and recover faster. And the more you do it, and do it well, the more fun you have because people have more fun when they are getting better.

So, while it really may not ever get any easier, it really does get better!

Fitness Motivation: It’s Time to Take Action

Feel like working outThis week’s topic has been all about getting past how you feel and showing up to do the work – with or without feeling like it. With or without motivation. With or without the energy. With or without the doubts, fears, success, insecurities, and everything else that we LET get in our way. (Key word: LET)

We will never be able to change our body if we let our feelings control our body and not our actions. We will never get fit by feeling like it. We get fit by working on it. Today, I just want you to focus on remembering it’s what we DO that greatly determines how we feel.

If you feel fat and crappy, go for a run, a walk or a workout. That is the only thing that can change how you feel.

If you feel tired, workout and you will notice a boost of energy – and if nothing else, you will sleep better and have more energy the next day. People who skip workouts typically don’t sleep as well, and just wake up tired the next day too.

If you feel discouraged, remember there is nothing more discouraging than not improving and staying in the same yucky spot you don’t want to be in. Not working out means staying where you are – and if you don’t like where you are, then you will continue to stay discouraged.

All in all, just remember it’s our actions that make a difference, not our feelings. We can ignore our feelings for the moment and, eventually, our actions will change the way we feel. 🙂


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