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5 Reasons Why a Diet Works for One Person & Not Another

Have you ever wondered why your best buddy loved the Adkins diet, but you hated it. Or maybe a friend lost lost 20lbs on weight watchers but the scale didn’t budge for you? Well, here’s my very unscientific, but completely logical, approach to why certain diets work for some people, and they bomb for others.

Here are 5 popular diet methods, and why each of them can produce results or regret.


1. Meat Lovers: Paleo and Adkins diets are high-protein meat lover diets, so people who love meat do well. People, like me, who could go without it and not miss it struggle. Steve loves meat – I mean LOVES IT! So, he’s thoroughly enjoying the Paleo Diet. It’s harder for me, so I am beefing up my veggies so I can enjoy my meals, where Steve is totally fine putting a big clump of meat on his plate and calling it a “meal”. I have to be more creative with my meals to stay content.

2. Sugar Busters: This diet works well for people who have an issue with sweets. If I cut sweets out of my diet, I wouldn’t make a lot of changes. I just don’t crave sweets. So, if I went on this diet I would not lose that much weight because I wouldn’t be cutting that many calories out of my diet. All mainstream diets, no matter what “gimmick” or set of guidelines is given, works because it is based on a set number of calories by industry standards. Reduce sugar, reduce calories.

pigging out on pasta3. Carb Cutters: Low carb, or no-carb, diets get huge results for the people who love their bread and potatoes. If I completely cut carbs out of my diet, I’d drop weight too because I love me some carbs (lots of carbs means lots of calories). However, not everyone likes carbs like I do. So different strokes for different folks.

4. Weight Watchers: Someone can even goof up weight watchers if they aren’t careful. I’ve known people to overeat items that are low in points (or have “zero points”) and they don’t understand why they don’t get results. If you are an overeater, this diet may not work for you because you will find some way to cheat the system. However, if you are unhealthy eater, weight watchers is a great way to get your food in balance and learn how to eat better, which will naturally reduce your caloric intake.

5. Calorie Counters: Counting calories works – unless you are lazy, unorganized, forgetful or don’t have the tools you need to track calories properly. So, someone can even mess this up too. They may say “counting calories doesn’t’ work for me”. What they most likely mean is “I know counting calories works, but I don’t want to do it”.

If you are trying to lose weight and you’ve tried various diets that have failed, don’t give up. Think of the reasons you loved them, and the reasons you hated them. Learn more about yourself and the reason each diet works for others. Try new things and reattempt things you might have gone about all wrong in the past. You must continue to explore new and improved ways to eat and live healthy. You WILL succeed as long as you never give up.

50 Calorie Snacks: MORE Bites, LESS Calories

After a fantastic morning run with my BFF, Kristie, we started gabbing about our diets. She said “it seems like any bite you take you can just count on it being about 50 calories”. That not only cracked me up, hearing her say that in such a matter of fact way – like “that’s just the way it is” but it was SO true!

So often we think “I’ll have just one bite” or we have a bite or two while we cook and not even think twice about it. After doing the math, I realized that someone on a 1200 calorie diet is only allowed to have 24 BITES a DAY if they are not controlling the calories in each bite. This means, if you are just eating the same food but trying to eat less of it, you literally are going to eat LESS! OR you can rethink each bite so you can have MORE bites. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have MORE bites with LESS calories than MORE calories and LESS bites!

So, I did a little research for ya to see exactly how each bite we take adds up – and how we can get more bites for the same amount of calories. ENJOY!

1 bite of Starbucks Blueberry Scone
1 bite of a Burger King Whopper
1 bite of 1 TGI Fridays Mozzerella Stick with Sauce
1 bite of a Subway White Macadamia Nut Cookie
1 bite of Boston Market meatloaf
1 bite of Cupcake Royale Red Velvet Cupcake
1 bite of Arby’s Pecan Sticky Bun
1 bite of a Snicker’s Bar
1 bite of a KFC Honey BBQ Wing
1 bite of an Avocado
1 bite of Banana with Peanut Butter
1 bite of Cheddar Cheese

OR you can have… 

1. 1 Whole 3.5oz Green Apple
2. 20 Pepperidge Farms Cheddar or Pizza Flavored Gold Fish
3. 7 Sliced Large Strawberries with 2 tablespoons of Fat Free Cool Whip
4. 1 Diet Rootbeer Float with 1/4 cup light ice cream
5. 1/2 a bag of 100 Calorie Popcorn with Butter Spray
6. 43 H.K. Anderson Ultrathin Pretzel Stix
7. 14 Watermelon Balls
8. 2 Cups of Publix Classic Salad Mix with 1/2 teaspoon of Honey Roasted Sliced Almonds & Roland Balsamic Vinegar
9. 2 tps of Whipped Peanut Butter on a whole Celery Stick
10. 1 Publix Fudge Pop
11. 14 Frozen Grapes
12. 10 Teddy Graham Cookies
13. 1 Chips Ahoy Reduced Fat Chocolate Chip Cookie
14. 10 Celery Sticks with 2 tablespoon Athenos Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
15. 1 Cup of Coffee with flavored creamer
16. 1 Cup Steamed Asparagus or Broccoli
17. 7 Special K Crackers with 1 tablespoon of Cedar’s Fresh Taboule Salad at Publix
18. 1/2 banana sliced with cinnamon, drizzle of sugar-free maple syrup & 1 tsp cool whip
19. 1 small slice of Angel Food Cake
20. 1/2 Glass of Merlot

Maintaining your weight is about eating smart – but that requires a little knowledge. NO, you don’t have to go to Nutrition school to gain that knowledge. All you have to do is know how to look it up on Google! Gain freedom in knowledge and ENJOY eating without the extra pounds of fat and tight jeans!! 🙂

Like I always say “EAT what you KNOW, KNOW what you EAT“.

Disclaimer: Of course the calories are approximate depending on how big your mouth is! ha!! If I based it on Steve‘s “bites”, you could triple these numbers!! hahaha 🙂 Hope you enjoyed my blog! 

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