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Fitness Feels Better Than Food Tastes

fitness feels betterWhy are we so quick to forget how bad food makes us feel? We are so quick to remember how great it tastes for a short moment, and forget how yucky we feel for such a long time afterwards. We are fooling ourselves if we think for a minute that there are not repercussions to our poor choices – AND we need to be equally reminded of the positive rewards that follow our healthy choices.

Eating healthy and living healthy lasts longer than your best cheat meal. While you don’t have to give up cake, or never eat a potato chip again, we all need to keep a realistic perspective on our eating and how it affects us long term. We should treat a cheat meal like we treat any other splurge in our life. We enjoy the moment, but we don’t get lost in it. Eventually, we come back to a healthy reality that is balanced in moderation, self-control and discipline.

The same way we come back from a vacation, maybe it’s time to come back from your eating vacation – and get back to investing in a healthier future.

Let’s commit to no longer allow our tongue to rule us and guide our future. Let’s  make each word, each bite, each move we make count – doing what is right, healthy and good. And, if we mess up, let’s commit to making corrections. We can do this!

“Their end is destruction, their god is their belly…”Philippians 3:19

“Life’s too short to diet?” OMG Waffle House!

Yesterday, Waffle House proudly tweeted “Life is too short to diet“.

OMG! Did they really just go there? I have such mixed emotions about this tweet. As a business owner, I think “wow, they just announced to the world that Waffle House is not a place for healthy people” and then as a fitness professional I can’t help but think “people need to stop acting like ‘dieting’ is a bad thing”.

Don’t get me wrong, the 4-letter word has a pretty bad reputation. Although I say “I’m dieting” all the time, I really mean “I’m eating healthy, low-calorie meals” – not “I’m starving myself and am miserable“. On the CONTRARY! When I’m so-called ‘dieting’, I feel AMAZING! I am happier, healthier, have more energy, am more confident, look better and feel better. SO, when Waffle House says “Life’s too short to diet“, the message they are sending is “dieting sucks so eat whatever you want“.  Read the rest of this entry

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