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4 Insane Treadmill Workouts

Steve Pfiester designed 4 KILLER workouts you can do on a treadmill to work your entire body. There are 4 VIDEOS: Upper Body, Lower Body, Conditioning & Cardio. Each video is normally $9.99 (for standard definition, $12.99 for high-def), but NOW they are Only $2.99!!
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Here’s a video on the workout series:

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BCx Treadz Treadmill Workout

Skateboard Lunge: Butt-Blasting Treadmill Exercise

Treadmills get very old quick. I mean, how much can you do on them? Walk, Run, Sprint… No, you can do much more! Much, MUCH more!

Introducing the Skateboard Lunge

treadmill exerciseA few years back, Steve (my hubby) had a client who lost full use of one side of her body after going in a diabetic coma. She was a young girl who hated working out and hated rehab even more, so Steve had to get creative. He needed to strengthen her weaker leg, as well as make it fun. One of the first exercises he had her try were called Skateboard Lunges (pictured right) . One foot stayed planted on the side rail (like on a skateboard) while the other foot pushed off the belt like you’d push off the ground. This proved to be a lot more interesting than walking on a boring treadmill, and she started getting results too.

treadmill exerciseThis got Steve thinking even more. He realized that this little girl wasn’t the only one to get bored of the treadmill. Walking on a treadmill is very limiting and pretty monotonous, yet with a little creativity, you can turn that boring old treadmill into a full body muscle toning machine that revives your workouts.

So, Steve started spending more time on the treadmill after hours and thinking through various movements and how they could effectively work each muscle group. As a result, he came up with a slew of exercises most people have never even seen, much less tried. Then, he put the exercises into specific workouts to make the most of each exercise and target muscle groups. BCx Treadz was born!

Give It a Try!

butt blast treadmill workout20 Skateboard Lunges on the Left Leg
20 Skateboard Lunges on the Right Leg
Repeat 3- 5 sets each (with no rest)

This is just ONE of the many great treadmill exercises in this video series. If you’d like to get the whole workout, we start a 10-day special today to give you a chance to be one of the first ones to try one of his workouts. Since the butt and legs seem to be in big demand, we are giving you the chance to get it for only $5.99 plus tax! Just enter the discount code: 599BUTTBLAST and download your workout video immediately!

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More on BCx Treadz

No More Boring Treadmill Workouts!

Move your clothes! Dust off the controls! It’s time to actually USE your treadmill – and use it like you’ve never used it before!

It seems like it was yesterday that I did this insane workout in our living room, as a guinea pig for Steve’s upcoming treadmill workout video called BCx Treadz. Let me tell you what! My legs were on FIRE, my heart was about to POP OUT of my chest and I SWEAT enough to fill a bucket! This workout was no joke. Go ahead, watch me DIE and BEG for mercy!! lol

After doing that workout, I realize how lame my boring cardio had been – and I realized how EXCITED people would be to REVIVE their dusty old treadmill that acts more like a coat rack than a piece of fitness equipment.

BCx Treadz Treadmill WorkoutBCx Treadz workout series was released for online downloads today! The video series includes 4 different 20-minute workouts: Cardio, Conditioning, Upper Body & Lower Body. Each video comes in standard definition, or high definition, as well as is offered with or without music in case you want to listen to Steve’s prompts while listening to YOUR tunes instead of ours! Also, you can download 3 copies so you can have a copy on each of your devices – from your computer to your tablet or smartphone.

Steve Explains the Workout

Think You’ll Fall Off?

Don’t worry! The treadmill is only going .5-1.5 mph during the untraditional exercises – and you can even do some of the moves off the treadmill altogether if you want! Believe me, I’m one of the MOST UNCOORDINATED people I know! If I can do it, ANYONE can! Seriously! And we tested it out on our own clients, all ranging in different shapes, sizes and ages. The results: They all got the greatest workout they’d ever experienced on a treadmill!

CLICK HERE to download your copy of BCx Treadz Workouts! Workouts start at only $9.99 each and can be used with your regular treadmill training or on their own. Get all 4 workouts or just pick out what you need to most!

Use #BCxTreadz hashtag if your treadmill workout on social media! I’ll be sharing YOUR pics and progress over the next few weeks!

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ABC Butt & Abs Treadmill Workout

Millions of people buy treadmills with high hopes of using them to get fit, only to have them collect dust – or in Brittany’s case, hang clothes (as you can see here in her picture from her blog)!

It’s understandable. Walking on a treadmill can get boring. However, there are ways to keep it fresh! It’s time to take the clothes off the treadmill and put it to good use again – and this time, you can do MORE than just walk on it it!

You can burn calories, while firming your glutes and core, on your old treadmill with some fresh new treadmill moves – all with the treadmill running at only .5 – 1.0mph. Take it slow, practice the moves first and then get ready to feel the burn!


– 5-minute warmup:
Light jog or power walk

B – Treadmill Circuit:
1. 1 Minute of Walking Lunges
2. 1 Minute of Skateboard Lunge on the left side
3. 1 Minute of Skateboard Lunge on the right side
4. 1 Minute of Ab Wheel Walk
5. 1 Minute of active rest (moderate walk or jog)

C – 5-Minute Cardio:
Fast Power-walk or Steady Jog

Repeat B & C 2 more times for a 35 minute workout.

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