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MORE ME TIME! 8 Time-Saving Get Fit Tips

“I just don’t have time.”

This is the number one excuse I hear when it comes to people needing to lose weight or get in shape. Yet, a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed 95% of people 15 and up spend an average of 5 hours a day doing leisure activities like watching TV, socializing, or exercising. Out of all the activities, watching TV made up of half of the time. Since people spend 32 hours a week online, I would guess a lot of the other time is spent online – because only 20% of the people surveyed said they spent it exercising.

The moral of the story is we HAVE the time, we are just not USING the time wisely. 

8 ways to manage your time better so you can make time to get fit:

1. Set a schedule. Your workouts should be just as important as arriving to work on time. Work is an investment and so is work in the gym. If you just hope you have time left over each day, you will never workout. You must set aside the time and make it happen.

2. Schedule your social media time. Instead of getting on facebook and twitter all throughout the day, schedule times to check it quickly, reply and get off. You can suck up a ton of time trying to make sure you don’t miss the latest greatest post online. It won’t kill you to wait a few hours to find out your BFF had suchi for lunch without you.

3. Turn off your iphone app notifications. Every iPhone app asks you if you want Push notifications. If you’re not careful, you’ll be getting some kind of notification every freakin’ second. Sure, notifications are very helpful – especially when starting social media. But, as your social media grows, so do your notifications. Notifications are not only be very distracting, and suck up battery life, they waste a lot of time. If your phone notifies you every time you get a tweet, mention, app update, post or game requeest – TURN IT OFF. It will “push” out precious time you could be “pushing” weight in the gym!

4. Remove or reduce email alerts. Half the emails that once pinged my phone, ipad and laptop were ads, promotions and junk. Although I do get a lot of work email, they aren’t going to die if I don’t respond 30 seconds after they email me. Instead, check your email every 2-3 hours depending on your email traffic. Some people may only need to check it once in the morning and once at night. But, bouncing from Word, to web, to email every time your computer dings is completely distracting and will have your mind and time all over the place.

5. Stay focused on your priorities.  Most of us are huge procrastinators. TV, internet, cell phones, ipads, skype, ichat – you name it, distract us from doing important tasks. You have 2 options: you can bounce all over the place and barely complete anything, or you can stay focused on what matters most before you allow for distractions. This means do the hardest work first. Then, move on to the next important thing. As you prioritize, you find you will have less time and your free time will be stress-free.

6. Organize errands. When I lived 45 minutes away from town, I learned to bundle my errands up in one productive trip. However, living in a town where I can pretty much go anywhere in 5 minutes, causes me to be a little less careless with my errand time. If you really want to save time, keep a list of errands that need to be run and plan them ahead of time. You’ll spend less time driving around, and take fewer trips to the same places, if you simply think it out before hand.

7. Quit being so available. If you are like me, you’ve probably answered the phone while in the shower. Really?! I mean, what are we thinking! I think it won’t kill someone to wait for me to take a darn shower and dry off before replying. Before we had cell phones, portable phones and answering machines, there used to be something called “no answer”. Yep, imagine that! The phone rang and no one picked up – and it wasn’t the end of the world. Next time you are in the middle of something. and the phone rings, let it go to voice mail and call them back as soon as you can without it slowing you down.

8. Learn to say no. This one is particularly hard for me. I have a real hard time saying no. I always want to help, and I hate letting people down, but always saying yes to everyone will kill you – and kill a lot of time. This is especially important with socialites. They have fear of “missing something” if they don’t go to every party, lunch, meeting, and social event. Choose your social time and friends wisely, always putting your family and loved ones first. If you say yes to everyone all the time, ultimately, they are not the one that will suffer – YOU will suffer. Then you’ll be no good to anyone.


NOTE: The CDC’s recommended exercise is for good health. 10 hours a month is 4 30-minute workouts per week. Of course you want to workout more to LOOK fit, but to fight disease and improve health, 30 minutes a day is fantastic. 🙂

“Too Busy” is a Lame Excuse

“I’m too busy’ is one very lame excuse. You may can CHOOSE to be too busy for working out, too busy for your friends, too busy to invest in quite time, too busy to improve your marriage, too busy to visit someone in the hospital – but the truth of the matter is this: You’re not too busy for stuff that matters to you.

We aren’t too busy to watch TV. We’re not too busy to read this blog or check our Twitter or Facebook. We’re not too busy to go shopping. We even make time to take naps or sleep in later than your neighbor friend out running at 5AM. Or many you like to play online games and tend to your virtual farm or play Mafia wars. I mean REALLY! I don’t care how busy you are, how many kids you have, how many extra-curricular activities they have, how many hours you work – I can find you someone who’s even busier than you who still MAKES time to workout. Sorry, but you have to throw that excuse in the trash. It’s old and doesn’t work anymore.

EVERYONE is busy! Quit allowing yourself to believe you don’t have options. Don’t wait until you have time left in the day – you will NEVER have time left in the day. You will only HAVE time if you MAKE time. Commit today to making some changes. You won’t believe how much time you still have left after you get your workout in. You also will be surprised to find you have more energy and you will likely accomplish tasks more efficiently.  People disciplined in the gym are often more disciplined in every other part of their life. Practice discipline and reap a great reward!

Be a success story! Be one of the ones who’s very busy but still makes time to workout. BE the inspiration others need to see.


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No More Coulda Shoulda Woulda!

Regret is an ugly thing. We all have done it – we lay in bed, literally dreaming about working out and getting fit. We promise we will get up and run or go to the gym. We agree to quit eating this or that and decide to eat better ‘tomorrow’. Yet, when we wake up the next morning, we allow ‘life’ to get in the way and all our excitement, resolutions and drive seems to have been left in the bed.

This is SO me! Yesterday was a super crazy day. I had to work the front desk at the club because we were short staffed. We had a ton of new members sign up and a bunch of people were signing up for boot camp. Then we had corporate meetings – and bottom line, I didn’t get to workout. 5am turned to 8pm in a blink – and then as soon as I walked in the door, I jumped online to join the FitStudio tweetchat.

So while we are chatting about diet, etc (which at least I was doing ok on that end), I’m thinking “I’m supposed to be encouraging everyone to MAKE time to workout, and I haven’t even been able to workout myself“. Ugh!!  Read the rest of this entry

Are You Letting Life Interfere with Your Fitness?

Honestly, I just can’t believe how fast time flies by. It’s so easy to start the week with such good intensions to hit the gym or diet hard, etc and “life happens”. Well, it’s more like “we LET life interfere”.

I put off the things I need the most and make time for the things I enjoy doing – which is TOTally backwards. Unlike Nick (@CoackFitNick from twitter) who gets up at 4:45am to do BCx Boot Camp online each morning (ROCKSTAR), I keep pushing my workouts later and later in the day and putting meaningless stuff in front of it. Read the rest of this entry

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