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Short & Sweet (and Seriously Effective) Shoulder Workout

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can give the time you have your very best! If you want a great pump but you are short on time, here is a great shoulder workout that is short and sweet – but potent!

Trainer Notes: NO rest between paired up exercises. Click on the exercise to see video instruction.

5 Give it Your BestSuper Sets:
Shoulder Press with Lateral Raises

Shoulder Press 15lb  + 10 5lb Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press 20lb + 10 5lb Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press 25lb + 10 5lb Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press 20lb + 10 5lb Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press 15lb + 10 5lb Lateral Raises

5 Super Sets
Arnold Presses with Bent-Over Rear Delt

Press 15lb + 12 8lb-10lb Rear Delt Raise
Press 20lb + 12 8lb-10lb Rear Delt Raise
Press 15lb + 12 8lb-10lb Rear Delt Raise
Press 15lb + 12 8lb-10lb Rear Delt Raise

4 Sets of Upright Row 
45lb Bar x 12
(Add weight each set)

If you limit your rest and have a good spotter, this workout should tear your shoulders up (in a good way I mean!) lol
Have a good workout!!

Sweat & Tone! Awesome Shoulder Workout

Shoulder WorkoutThis was my workout yesterday. This is not a bodybuilder workout where you isolate muscles and rest in between exercises. Prepare to SWEAT! I was dripping wet and out of breath practically the whole time. I’m sharing the weight I did so you can get a feel for the right resistance for you. 🙂 Have fun!

Click on the links to see video instruction if you are unfamiliar with an exercise.

#1 SET (5 Sets)
10-12 Heavy Push Presses and Split Jerks
#1: 45lb Bar Standing Military Press
#2: 55lbs Push Press
#3: 65lb Push Press
#4: 75lb Split Jerk
#5 85lb Split Jerk
TIP: Rest between sets so you can lift heavy. Not TOO much rest though. 🙂

10 25lb Snatches (10 Left & 10 Right)
10 Alternating Shoulder Press (ladders) with 8-10lb dumbbells (10 each arm/20 total)
TIP: no rest between exercise. Rest AFTER both exercises are complete back to back.

10 45lb Bar Moderate Military or Push Press
10 8lb Dumbbell Alternating Shoulder Press (Fast ladder press – 10 each arm/20 total)
10 5lb Dumbbell Lateral Raises
TIP: On ladders, one hand should be going down WHILE the other is going up to keep BOTH arms moving. Otherwise one arm gets rest while the other arm works. This super set is about wearing them out.) NO REST until all 3 exercises are complete. Short rest between super sets.

12 Face Pulls with Rope
12 Rear Delt Raises

Let me know how you do!! 🙂

Smokin’ Shoulders Workout

smokin' shoulders

This is a great workout that will sculpt your shoulders, while also toning the glutes, legs and core – AND burn a bunch of calories! UNLESS….

This workout will be extremely effective UNLESS you rest between sets and rounds. The goal for this workout is to try to keep going, back to back, through the whole workout. Turn up the effort even more by turning up the weight. For the best results, I recommend timing yourself for the whole workout. Then repeat the workout next week, and time yourself again. Compare your times to hold yourself accountable and push yourself into one effective conditioning, body-toning zone!


10 Push-presses
10 Thrusters
10 Dumbbell Lateral Raise
10 2-Count Mountain Climber

Repeat 5 Times

Design Your Shoulders – Shoulder Workout

Shoulders are one of the most shapely muscles on the arm – and my favorite body part to work. Here is my workout I did yesterday. It was awesome!

shoulder workoutLifting Set (with barbell)

12 Shoulder Presses, 45lb bar
12 Shoulder Presses, 55lb

12 Push Presses, 65lb
12 Push Presses, 75lb

10 Split Jerks HEAVIEST, 85lb
Split Jerks HEAVIEST, 95lb (to failure)

Dumbbell Circuit

10 Snatch, 20-25lbs Right (heavy)
10 Snatch, 20-25lbs Left (heavy)
12 Overhead Press, 12-15lb (moderate)
12 Lateral Raises, 5lbs (light)
12 Bent Over Rear Delt Raise 5-10lb (light)

LIFTING SET: 30 seconds to 60 seconds rest between sets for toning and sculpting. Up to 2 minutes if training for power.

DUMBBELL CIRCUIT: No rest between exercises, quick rest between each completed round.

Train Like a Honey Badger: Shoulder Workout & Product Review

Honey Badger Pre-Workout DrinkFirst, I have to say, much of the reason I had such an amazing workout yesterday is because of my new Honey Badger pre-workout supplement. I don’t normally take pre-workout stuff (they freak me out), but I had been in a funk lately and just felt like my workouts needed a little sumthin-sumthin, if you know what I mean. I was going through the motions but missing that jacked-up feeling of wanting to go long and hard – and stay focused.

Well, Honey Badger was nice enough to ship us their killer pre-workout supplement. This is nothing new – people send us stuff all the time but, I have to admit, the honey badger name intrigued me. Typically, I don’t like but one out of every 20+ products people send me, and this was the one – and it was definitely one to write home about! I really loved it and felt I needed to share! (and no, they didn’t pay me or even ask me to write any of this). 😉

Drink Fearless

honey-badger-bookFirst thing Steve noticed was their motto at the top of their bottle “drink fearless”. If you haven’t seen the infamous Honey Badger Video, I posted the clean version at the bottom of this blog.

Here is what the company said about naming their product, “The Honey Badger fends off deadly venomous snakes, predators twice its size and endures hundreds of bee stings, stopping at nothing to snack on its favorite foods. The Honey Badger is lean and mean, resilient, full of energy and never stops moving forward. The fearless attitude and prominent characteristics of the Honey Badger is what caught our attention and proved a perfect fit in naming both the company and product line.” You just gotta love that! Well, I have to say (you will see later at the bottom of this blog), I trained like a honey badger and it felt gooood!

Honey Badger Taste TestTaste Test: One of the main reasons I don’t take pre-workout supplements is because most of them are a powder you mix with water and have to drink. Quite frankly, I normally can’t get passed the first sip to even down the whole dose. Sometimes I can’t even get past the smell of the powder to even try it, so imagine my pleasant surprise when I opened the container up and it smelled like Country Time Lemonade. I had already prepared to hold my nose and go for it – but that wasn’t necessary. I mixed it with a smaller dose of water (thinking I would just down it quick because of the taste) and, to my surprise again, it actually tasted good! I was going around the gym having everyone taste it. I was SO excited! So I mixed up more, diluted it more (following their instructions) and drank it down and waited… (wait for it….waaaait for it….)

Feel Test: My chest began to tingle and my body started to come alive. I was beginning to feel the effects within about 10 minutes. I started working out, and then I got one of those zingers, when you realize your pre-workout supp is in full-effect. I was super stoked. I had all the yummy effects I like, with none of the side effects I hate (like skin flushing, heart racing, nerves freaking out, etc). The thing I really loved about it most was a really awesome focus and drive. I think I’m in love.

Results Test: I’ll answer this in one simple statement from an onlooker (member watching me train). He said, “Your really liking that stuff aren’t you?” I said YES! I really am and he said “I can tell. You can see it in your training. You look like you are really focused and in the zone”. And I was! That’s why we use these supplements – and Honey Badger definitely delivered!

Here are some of the supplement facts, ingredients and how it works. Visit Honey Badger to learn more!

Honey Badger Pre-Workout Drink
Honey Badger Pre-Workout Drink

Honey Badger Shoulder Workout

honey-badgerBarbell Set

15 Shoulder Presses, 45lb bar
12 Push Presses, 65lb
10 Split Jerks HEAVY, 75lb
Split Jerks HEAVIEST, 95lb (to failure)

Dumbbell Set

10 1-Arm Dumbbell Snatch, 25lbs (moderate) on each arm
X 4

15 1-Arm Shoulder Press, 12-15lb (light)
X 3

12 Lateral Raises, 5lbs or bands
60 Second Elbow Plank
X 4

Bent Over Rear Delt Raise, 10lb

Y-Raise (Prone Rear Delt Raise, but having arms out forward more, making a Y with your body/arms) on Incline Bench (rear delt), 5-8lbs


25 Rope crunch, 85-95lbs X3
20 Plate crunch, 25lb Plate X3
25 Reverse Cross Leg Crunch X3

Workout Graphic:

honey badger shoulder & abs workout

Honey Badger Video:

Here’s the video (the clean version) that made the Honey Badger so popular and coined the saying “Honey Badger Don’t Care”. Now, go have a honey badger workout!

1 Workout and 15 Body Sculpting Exercises Every Woman Should Try

Julie SlowiakThis month I’m using YOUR suggestions for my Designer Whey Workouts this month! Last week, Julie from “Reaching My Fullest Potential“, wrote “I am planning to compete for the first time in Figure next spring and am hoping to strengthen and build my upper back, shoulders, and glutes. I would like to see a workout that uses the barbell and dumbbells.” 

Before I share the workout I created for you Julie, I thought I’d share some extras with ya! First, you are plenty lean, so I’d be sure to beef up your protein intake (which I bet you are already doing!) and really lift as heavy as you can. I’d do a lot of negatives (which means push-press, split jerks & pull ups with a slow controlled downward movement would be helpful). While I wouldn’t put legs, shoulders and back in one workout, I can suggest a few exercises that are a must, along with many other staples, to help develop those areas. Here are just a few of my personal favorites!

15 Exercises Every Women Should Try!


  1. Barbell Press (I do 55lbs 12 reps)
  2. Push-press (I do 65-75lbs 12 reps)
  3. Split Jerks (I do 75-85lbs 8-10 reps)
  4. Snatch (you can use a dumbbell if you don’t have kettlebells)
  5. Upright Row LOVE THESE! (I do 55lbs)
  6. Handstands (Ok, I just think they are FUN – but they also really challenge your core and stabilization muscles through your shoulders & upper back). Hold each handstand for as long as you can, keeping active shoulder and core tight.

Rear Delt & Upper Back:

  1. Pull Ups (I always try to do them on my own first, and then I do assisted ones)
  2. Face Pulls – (real delts and upper back)
  3. T-Bar (flared arms, out 90 degrees from your side, to work more upper back)
  4. Bentover Barbell Row (mid back)

Glutes (Lower Body):

  1. DEEP Overhead Squat (I love this for core, glutes & inner thigh – even no weight rocks)
  2. Weighted Walking Lunges (I do 15lb or 20lb dumbbells)
  3. Runner’s Pose Stomp
  4. Slow Knee Repeater (NO weight on that back leg)
  5. Curtsy (use a light weight to add resistance)

Remember, this isn’t ALL the exercises for each body part – just a few of the ones I like! 🙂 Now for the workout dedicated to Julie!

The Julie (Curve-Building) Workout:

bikini competitorsThis Figure Athlete inspired workout is a lower-body conditioning workout that gives you more bang for your buck! I used exercises that will sculpt the legs & glutes – plus tone the shoulders, tightens the core, and burn a bunch of fat! This would be a great workout to do alone or add to your current cardio or conditioning program. OR, you can throw this workout in as an extra refresher later in the week after you have done your normal leg and shoulder days. ENJOY!

Tools: Dumbbells or Kettlebells and a barbell.

Warm- Up:


          3 Times Through with 1 Minute Rest Between Rounds

NOTE: Remember, you’ll never see any of these curves if you don’t work as hard on your diet as you do on your workout!

The Julie Workout

Fast Shoulder Circuit

Yesterday was shoulder day for me, and this is the workout my girlfriend and I did. Instead of doing traditional reps and sets, I wanted to set up stations that we could quickly move through to really set those shoulders on fire, as well as get our heart rate up too. It was a quick workout, but judging by how nice and sore I am today, it was a successful workout! Have Fun!

Tools: One medium weight Bar/plates or dumbbells (I only did 30lbs), yellow bodylastics band or 5lb dumbbells, 8-10lb dumbbells, 25-35lb plate (or the bar) and a green bodylastics band (or 8-10lb dumbbells).

Shoulder Workout

Complete the following exercises as quickly as possible, with no rest between exercises or rounds. Click on each exercise below to review the demonstration video.

When you are done, you will have completed 300 reps of nothing but shoulder work! YUMMY!!

#FitFluential #MOVE

Shapely Shoulders Workout

shoulder workout

When it comes to women, arm muscles are not all created equal. Big biceps can be manly and make your arms look thick if you aren’t lean. Triceps need to be tone, but you don’t really notice them until you are waving goodbye. Shoulders, on the other hand, now that’s one muscle group that is very exposed and looks great when it’s developed nicely. Get ready to pull those sleeveless shirts out!

This was my shoulder workout this week. I did 3-4 sets of each exercise, 10-12 reps each.

Military Press 45lb barbell, 50lb
Push Press 55lb, 65lb
Split Jerk 65lb, 70lb, 75lb
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 15lb DB
Upright Row 55lbs Barbell
Lateral Raise 5lb DB with straight arms (10-15lbs with bent arms) I prefer straight
Rear Delt Raise (also called Rear Delt Fly) 10lb DB

If you like my top in the picture above, it’s the Braided Tank by DAactive, with a belt-in sports bra.
Super high quality fitness apparel that wears great, doesn’t fade and looks super sharp!


Press & Climb Shoulder Workout – #GetAfterIt

You don’t need to be a jacked up ridiculously shredded guy like Steve to train ridiculous. All workouts should be ridiculous, or you are just wasting time and energy.

If you aren’t going to do something 110%, then why do it? Isn’t it time to #GetAfterIt!? Halfway workouts get halfway results – and I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to invest any time or money in my fitness, I want RESULTS by golly!!

If you want to #GetAfterIt, subscribe to my blog – and subscribe to Steve‘s blog too, pFITpFUN, for his workouts, along with his favorite workouts he puts clients through too!

Workouts can get old, and sometimes all you need is a fresh new routine or a new way to put the same exercises together to get a new result. Ridiculous training should always be fresh, new, fun and challenging.

For instance. Yesterday, when I was doing shoulders, I threw one component in to the mix that totally changed the game – mountain climbers! And boy was it yummy!  Check it out.

Press & Climb Shoulder Workout

Do the following exercises back to back with no rest until it’s complete.

12 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
50 Mountain Climbers
12 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
40 Mountain Climbers
12 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
30 Mountain Climbers
12 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
20 Mountain Climbers
12 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
10 Mountain Climbers
12 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
50 Mountain Climbers

GET MORE WORKOUTS! CLICK HERE to get Steve’s Ridiculous Arm Workout

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sexy Shoulders: Body Parts that Count

Body Parts that Count: Part 1 – Sexy Shoulders

I’m not one for target training, BUT sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Unfortunately, when someone’s schedule is hectic and she didn’t get all the workouts in she hoped for that week, there comes a time where she has to prioritize and work on what matters to her most. (Can you tell I’m talking about myself?) Out of all the parts I’m supposed to work, my top priorities are shoulders, glutes & hamstrings and abs. Today I’m going to talk about shoulders.

What Do You See?
Shoulders are an area I think many women neglect. Women often fixate on getting rid of their saggy triceps, which continue to wave even when you quit waving, but shoulders are actually the most visible arm muscle on a woman.

Firm biceps are great, but they don’t look their very best unless you actually strike a pose and flex your muscle – but who really does that? And if you know someone who does, who really wants to be “that girl”? However, the silhouette of the shoulders can be seen even in the darkest shadows.

Shoulders are what you see first in a tank top and great shoulders can make a strapless dress absolutely over the top. The shoulder and décolleté area can be so glamorous alone, a necklace would actually be a distraction.

The Star of the Show
Think of Poppy Montgomery, from the new series Unforgettable. Besides her new red locks, I can’t stop looking at her new shoulders. Sure, she’s a beautiful girl all over, but it’s her shoulders that redefine her and give her that fit (and sexy) look.

Many other celebrities we consider fit have rockin’ shoulders, but there is a reason they have them. It’s not like they just appeared on their own – if you want them, you have to work to get them.

2 Key Ingredients to Great Shoulders:

1. Purposely and regularly train them.
Train heavy, train hard. You won’t get manly shoulders – promise! Unless you are growing a beard, I doubt you have enough testosterone to bulk up like a man so make it count! If you are hitting them like you should, isolating out the shoulders, you should work them out twice a week. If you are using lighter (or no) weight, or are just incorporating them in a full body conditioning conditioning workout, you can hit them more often.

Top 4 exercises to work these jewels. (3-4 sets of 12-15)
1. Dumbbell Overhead Press
2. Barbell Upright Row
3. Dumbbell Lateral Raise
4. Rear Delt Fly

2. Get and stay lean enough to expose them.
You can do shoulder presses until your blue in the face, but if you don’t lean out, the fat around the muscle will mask the true shape of the muscle. It’s crucial you reduce your calories and increase your protein so you can develop your shoulder muscles while losing body fat. If you feel you are “bulking up” it’s likely your calories are what’s bulky – not your muscles. Trim down your calories and you’ll trim down your arms.

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