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Toning Shoes Should Tone Down Their Claims

Over the last few years a new trend of tennis shoes, claiming to tone the legs and glutes, have popped up in every shoe store. Although I believe they have their place, the shoes are misused and misunderstood.

Although each brand of toning shoe may be shaped differently, their message is similar and, in my opinion, their claims are extreme. Do they have their place? I believe so, but people need to know how to use them properly.

Toning shoes are not for every activity. The idea behind toning shoes is they are much more unstable, forcing you to use your leg muscles to stabilize your body. The action is not extreme, but can strengthen stabilization muscles in the legs and improve balance over time.

Will this type of strengthening reshape your legs? Not in my opinion.
Wearing the shoes may slightly increase muscle tone, but Read the rest of this entry

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