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A Bad Run is Better than No Run

tough runnerThis past Sunday, Steve and I woke up early to run before church. I already knew this was not going to be an easy run. I had a killer leg workout Friday and my legs were SO tight and sore. Even still, I had no idea just how bad it was going to be.

We laced up our tennies, I set my RunKeeper app and we hit the pavement. This chick in the pic (right) is what I wanted to look like running. I wanted to be tough, powerful, fast but I couldn’t have felt more wimpy, weak and slow. It was literally a stretch just to swing one leg in front of the other. My hamstrings were so tight, I felt like I had bungie chords attached to my butt preventing my legs from functioning.

slow runnerImmediately, Steve’s pace was already about 2 times faster than my body wanted to go. Maybe my breathing wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t spending all my breath complaining with every step. I fully expected to loosen up and start getting in the zone – but “the zone” never came.

2 Miles in, finally Steve had enough of my pathetic moaning and told me to basically quit complaining and suck it up. I had nothing nice to say, so you guessed it, I said nothing at all. He’d ask me a question and I just said nothing. I knew if I opened my mouth it wouldn’t be pretty so I just brewed with each step infuriated at my body’s poor performance.

turtle and rabbitOur pace was steady averaging 6mph/10-minute miles. This was not supposed to feel like 7 minute miles, but it did. Then Steve had the nerve to tell me to sprint. #%@&^! That’s great, I can barely run already and now you want me to sprint?  #%@&^PERFECT#%@&^! Again, since I had nothing nice to say, I just took off sprinting and left him in the dust. I wasn’t mad at steve, I was irritated with my body. I just wanted to punch myself.

My hamstrings felt like I was doing straight-leg dead lifts with every step. My calves were on FIRE and my heart was pounding out of my chest like I had just finished 100 burpees. What the HECK?! Ugh!

Reebok RealflexThen, after the torture was over and as I stood there with Steve, sweaty, exhausted and discouraged, I realized even a bad run is better than no run.

We focus on our ability (or lack of) so much we forget about our ability to just do it. Even a 12-minute mile is a great mile. Sure, we’ll have those frustrating days when we are tempted to feel like failures, but we need to focus on our successes – like showing up.

So what if you didn’t have a new PR. So what if you feel like a fat cow. So what if you had to walk part of the way, or you tripped and fell during your 10K (yes, Robin, I read your facebook post! ha!). It doesn’t matter. You laced up, you hit the pavement and you finished. That, my friend, is what fitness is all about.

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A Bad Run is Better Than No Run

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