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Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Iris and Manny RamirezHere is this week’s Designer Whey Workout, dedicated to Iris Ramirez (pictured here with her family), who asked for a workout she could do with resistance bands.

She wrote: “I’m looking for an intense band workout for people who travel and have limited space or resources – ideally including cardio & strength intervals.”

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Well Iris, I put together a workout you can do a few different ways.

3 Different Ways to Workout

bodylastics bands1. Full Body Workout: do all 3 segments for 1-3 rounds each, or 1-3 full rounds, or 1-3 sets of each exercise in each segment.

2. Upper Body Workout: Do the Chest & Arm workout 3 times through (or each exercise for 3 sets each).

3. Do the Lower Body workout: Do just the leg & glute workout for 5 rounds, or 5 sets each.

NOTE: If you don’t have bands (or good ones), I HIGHLY recommend Bodylastics Bands, which come with handles, leg straps, a variety of different resistance bands and a door anchor (so you can attach the band safely to a door to do more exercises). Nothing even comes CLOSE to these bands. Other bands don’t give the same feel or consistent fluid resistance Bodylastics gives. A basic set starts at only $28.95 – and is worth every penny. Every home gym should have a set!

Foundations Band Workout

resistance bandsLegs & Glutes 

15 Roll Ups
15 Resistance Band Lunges (Left, then right)
15 Repel Squats (make sure you get deep – and high)
15 Prone Hamstring Curls With Bands
15 Band Hip Raises

Chest & Back

15 Roll Ups
15 Band Push-ups
15 Chest Flies
15 Lat Pulldowns
15 Kneeling Crunches


15 Roll Ups
15 Overhead Presses
15 Reverse Flies
15 Kneeling Extension
15 Biceps Curls

Want More Band Workouts?

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Bodylastics Exercise Bands: Product Review & Comparison

People waste WAY too much money on fitness gadgets that don’t work.
There is a TON of junky fitness equipment and I feel it’s my duty to share good equipment when I find it. As a fitness professional, trainer, gym owner and fitness columnist, this is my personal experience with Bodylastics bands and how I feel they compare to other competitors. In a nutshell: They don’t compare – they dominate.

Cheesy Bands vs. Bodylastics
Exercise bands have been around for many years. If you’ve ever taken an aerobics class, you’ve likely used them yourself. However, I cannot even compare Bodylastics to the cheesy bands (pictured left) you typically see at most health clubs – as that would be like comparing a Cadillac to a bicycle just because they both have wheels. YES, they both have a rubber band tube with handles BUT if you were to hold one of the traditional bands in one hand and Bodylastics in the other, you’d immediately notice a difference.  Read the rest of this entry

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