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Motivation For Runners

You need to run BUT

IMG_1963When it comes to exercise, why do we even think twice about whether we should do it or not? Because we allow ourselves to fixate on how we feel NOW. Whether it’s how we feel physically, or how we feel emotionally, we let those feelings determine our actions. Yet, if we were to just focus on how we feel when we are FINISHED, I believe our actions would change drastically.

If you have a goal, let all your actions (what you eat, what you do, what you sacrifice) all be to get you one step closer to that goal. I think our problem is we do too much thinking, and too little doing. Next time you think about whether you should workout or not, you are waisting precious time pondering the inevitable – so just do it! You know it has to get done eventually if you want to reach your goal.

Don’t just Live, #LiveWithFire

Your Turn:

What gets you out the door?
How do you stay motivated to keep running when you, and everything around you, fights you every step of the way?

Shoes in the mantra pic: RealFlex Fusion RT

Shoes in the pic of me running:  This is when I was testing the DMX Sky on the (Right Foot only) and comparing it to another style. Click here to read more – Fitness Motivation: The Hardest Step is the 1st Step.

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How Flexible Are Your Tennis Shoes?

trip-to-bard-029This is what I think of when I think of jeans and tennis shoes. Sorta nerdy and less than fashionable. With that said, over the last 20 years of being in the fitness industry, I have NEVER been seen out shopping in tennis shoes. I’ve always worn tennis shoes to the gym and regular “girlie” shoes  when dressed in regular clothes. I’ve never liked the way tennis shoes looked with jeans, and I never thought tennis shoes looked nice with regular clothes – that is, until now. Reebok Realflex shoes are not just flexible in function, they are flexible in style.

realflexThe thinner, lighter material keeps this shoe streamlined and less bulky than a traditional tennis shoe. So, even when I’m wearing jeans, the cute little toe box looks nice poking out the bottom of my jeans. Since the colors are fun an colorful, they keep my outfits stylish, unlike many drab tennies that make you look like a tourist (’cause that’s how tourists dress around here in Florida).

This may not be that newsworthy to you, but to me – it is totally new and exciting. Finally I can dress comfortable without compromising style. Plus, I make the most out of my tennis shoes because they are not restricted for gym use only. So, if you buy right, you get more bang for your buck – and more fun too!

Here’s how I’ve been wearing my shoes lately…


Realflex Goes Shopping

Here are my feetsies surrounded by shopping bags as I was putting everything in my trunk. My Realflex shoes were my shoe of choice for every Christmas shopping trip I went on – and I got compliments on my shoes every where I went! Seriously, I wore a bright orange long sleeve shirt that said “Eat Clean, Train Dirty”, jean shorts and these orange and granite Realflex shoes – and people literally stopped me to tell me they loved my shoes. I even had an older gentleman pay me the sweetest compliment while shopping at Dillards. So, you see, you don’t have to “dress up” to be dressed nice.

Reebok Realflex

Realflex Takes Flight

My Realflex shoes were also my choice of shoe for flying. I NEVER dress sloppy when flying. I typically compromise comfort for style, even when dragging  luggage through the airport. This time I wore a cute sweat shirt with pink on it over a lime green spagetti strap sports bra with Miss Me Jeans and my Pink & Green tennies to match- and I was comfy but not sloppy.

Here is the picture of my shoes taking a ride through security with one of my favorite purses. 🙂

Reebok Realflex

Realflex Goes Wild

I wore my Realflexes to the Busch Sanctuary, where My family and I enjoyed a private tour and got to pet and feed the animals. Before Realflex, I would have probably worn flip flops over tennis shoes. Now my tennis shoes are just as much an accessory as my crazy lightening bolt knee high socks (Steve gave me for Christmas). Yes, tennis shoes are more practical and comfortable than flip flops, but now they can also be a fashion statement with all the fun color combinations they offer.

I’m not a fashion guru or anything, but I do want to look nice – and finally, I can dress both comfortably and fashionably all at once!

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Shoe Buyers Guide: The “Sole” Purpose

To say that I learned a few things while at Reebok is an understatement. And, since everyone has been asking me about each style, and asking for advice on what shoe to pick, I decided I’d better come home with some helpful answers! You should have seen me tapping my fingers silly on my iPad trying to get it all down so I could share everything I was learning with you.

As experts shared the technology behind each shoe, I began to understand why each style matters. Although each shoe has a unique look, they are all built for a specific reason – and it all starts with sole.

Can you tell which shoe is NOT a Reebok?

My Old Way of Shoe Shopping

I’ll admit, I used to choose a shoe based on looks and just overall comfort. I never even thought about performance. To me, performing well just meant being able to run without blisters and body aches. In my mind, a good pair of shoes just helped minimize impact so I didn’t suffer from unnecessary knee and hip pain when running.

That was my theory for running, and my theory for gym shoes was even worse. I chose shoes based on looks alone when it came to buying shoes for the gym. If they were comfy and looked cool, they ended up in my closet. This too has changed.

Lastly, my choice in a shoe became habitual. I kept buying specific brands just because that’s what I bought last time. On one hand, I can understand the “if it ain’t broke, dont’ fix it” thought process, but what about “you don’t know what you don’t have until you have it”. Well, that was me. I had no idea what I was missing, because I never really ventured out of my comfort zone. Lastly, I only bought one pair of shoes to last me about 6 months. This too has changed – and I’ll tell you why my shoe shopping has completely changed!

The Sole Purpose

The sole of a shoe is made for a purpose. Although I can’t speak for every brand, I can help you to understand various styles of shoes from Reebok, and why each shoe is made differently.

Walking: For walking, you just need to move forward comfortably. That is why most walking shoes look very basic – they are created to meet your basic needs, which are cushion and comfort. The tread is also normally pretty flat and smooth like a tire on a Cadillac. The sole is typically pretty solid, with just a few flex joints for some bending, like you see here in the Walk Around shoe. That’s also why someone’s shoe may slip off the heels of the foot when doing an exercise that requires more flexibility, like a mountain climber. If the shoe isn’t flexible, it resists these types of movements. The best thing to do in a walking shoe is walk.

Supportive Running: Before you go buying every shoe that’s labeled “running”, you should decide what type of runner you are. Are you a heel striker? Do you run on your toes? Do you like a lot of shoe or are you more of a minimalist? What type of ground are you running on? Once you answer all of those questions, THEN you can decide what shoe you want to buy. Here’s a few highlights of the running shoes I own.

Zigs: The ZigKick (yellow & black) shoe is one of Reebok’s newest shoes. It puts the cool cushiony design of the ZigTech technology (the zig-zag sole) where it’s needed most – the heel (perfect for heel strikers). The ZigLite Run (pink & black) has the Zig design all the way down the sole. Unlike walking shoes that have large blocks of rubber, with few joints for bending, the ZigKick and ZigLite Run have many joints, designed to give the shoe more flexibility, from heel to toe. If I’m not mistaken, the colored rubber represents the softer sole (also offering more give and flexibility), and the black represents the harder more durable sections. The ZigKick has more of the high-abrasion carbon rubber panels layered below the cushion for better traction and durability, making it a better cross trainer in my opinion. The ZigLite Run was made for runners so it’s sole is thinner and lighter, and only has the carbon rubber on the key strike and push-off areas. Both shoes are very well thought out and comfy – especially if you like a sturdy supportive shoe. (click on the names of the shoes to see video of the sole techology to learn more, located at the bottom of the Reebok page)


Minimalist Running and CrossTraining:

RealFlex TR: The RealFlex is built on a sole made up of a bunch of squares they call “nodes”. These offer the cushion and protection your feet need without resisting movement. Most shoes have large panels of rubber that are separated out by thinner strips of rubber so the shoe bends in those specific areas only, but the RealFlex allows the shoe to bend any which way. As you can see, those thinner panels are in a grid all over the bottom of the shoe, allowing the shoe to flex in every possible direction. That allows your feet to move more naturally with very limited restriction, and is great for going over uneven terrain (awesome for trail runs and cross training!) and doing exercises that require your feet to bend like mountain climbers and burpees.

Although the different color nodes look cool, they too serve a purpose. Like the ZigKicks, different colored panels of rubber show different types of rubber. A heavier more durable rubber is only placed where it’s needed most (green nodes), since it’s heavier than the lighter squishier rubber, so they can keep the shoe as light as possible – and it worked! These shoes are SUPER LIGHT! The wider nodes on the ball of the foot, offers more lateral support and durability, perfect for plyos.

Nano 2.0: The Nano 2.0 was inspired by CrossFit athletes and it probably the most versatile shoe I’ve ever owned. As you can see on the tread, the tread looks more like a tread of a Mickey Thompson truck tire, which is a beefy design to grip the ground when pulling heavy loads and going over all types of terrain. Created to handle the toughest jobs, this shoe was created for performance. The wider toe box allows your toes to spread out for balance (great for heavy lifts), and the low sole (5mm drop) allows your foot to stay low to the ground for good stability and a natural feel. Like how knobby truck tires wrap around the side of the tire for better gripping, the Nano 2.0 has a similar side wall lug pattern in the arch area to help grip a rope when climbing. You can also see a definite flexible joint (in white) to allow the toe to bend when doing exercises like jumping rope. Unlike the other shoes I mentioned, almost the entire outersole is carbon rubber for more durability and optimal traction. Although you may not want to run a marathon in this shoe, you could still use this shoe for running 7 miles or less. All in all, the sole purpose of this shoe is versatility – and it’s begging to be put to the test.

The Secret to Pain-Free Running

Now that I’ve worn these shoes, I honestly can’t go back to some of my old brands. I actually think the more shoe there is, the more our foot rebels – which makes sense if you think about it. There are more spots to rub, more restriction to irritate you and more rise to change your landing and your gate. But, I have to end this with one of the best tips I heard at Reebok – and one I’ve noticed myself: Don’t wear just one shoe. I used to wear only one shoe to run in. Reebok experts say its best to rotate 3 pair of shoes, and not run in the same pair back to back. This way your foot isn’t landing the exact same way for 6 months straight. By rotating shoes, it gives your foot a break and rotates the “beating”. I accidentally did this and was just telling a friend how much better I feel rotating shoes, so it was cool to hear it from the pros! In the end, you spend the same amount of money because you are dividing out your mileage – and your body will thank you!

PFIT PIC: Me (in the middle) after running the Turkey Trot in my RealFlex TR shoes in Vero Beach.

Remember, there are TONS of options – and there is a LOT more to talk about, but I hope now you at least know there is purpose for how the sole is constructed and the reason they do make so many different styles is so you can find the one that meets your particular needs. Happy Shopping!!

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The New Reebok, Product Review: Should You Rock the Boks?

I recently had the privilege to try several new pair of Reebok shoes. Although I have not been asked to do a product review by the company, since I’ve had so many questions and they have so many stinkin’ styles, I decided to ‘learn up’ on the styles I had and pass along what I think about my new kicks so you could decide whether you want to Rock the Boks too.

First, before I begin. 2 things. One, I won’t tell you how great a product unless I think it’s great – period. If I don’t like something, I’ll tell you. Two, the Reebok I once knew is long gone. The once boring-and-behind company has taken a huge leap ahead, joining forces with CrossFit, and taking its products into the stratosphere of elite fitness training. So far, everything I’ve tried – shirts, tanks, capris, crossfit gear, socks and shoes, I’ve loved and been surprised by. Now, on to my shoe review! 🙂

Quick Product Review

ZigLite Electrify – $99

They come in 9 color combinations for women. I have the Gravel (charcoal grey) and Dynamite Pink ones.

Quick Review: They are great if you like a lot of support. The ZigTech sole is very cushiony. I normally run in a thinner, lighter weight shoe, but I ran in these last weekend and my body had no complaints. Although I don’t like for my foot to feel “strapped in”, I know many people need more foot support. Another issue for some is if you have big feet, these shoes will make your feet look even bigger. Girls with small feet look totally hot wearing them and they’re perfect for men with little man syndrome ;). I, myself, prefer less cushion, less material, less of pretty much everything. But, with that said, I also have worn these a lot because I’m a sucker for pink and they are comfortable shoes. I do get a lot of compliments when I wear them. (I think it’s the flashy pink zig design that draws people’s eye to them.) I prefer to wear these when I’m weight training because they match a lot of my gym clothes. But, like I said, I ran in them and they did do really well if you like all that shoe on your feet. No complaints, but not my favorite.

Learn More About the latest ZigTech Technology 

RealFlex Fusion TR – $99

They come in 12 color combinations for women. I have the Zinc Grey, Modern Blue & Charged Green ones.

Quick Review: I LOVE the color combinations they offer with these! Pink and green, killer pink and black ones and awesome electric green and black ones. If you look at the other colors, you can see they have a really cool pattern to them as well. As far as the how the shoe feels, they are actually one of my favorite shoes to wear. It’s almost like wearing a sock. They are insanely light and the material is super thin. The RealFlex sole of the shoe are made up of little cubes of rubber, which make the shoe flex in all directions. This is perfect for CrossFit training, plyometrics, running and pretty much any kind of training if you like the feeling of free movement, which I do. Bottom line, I love everything about these shoes. If I had every color, I would wear them every day. The only problem I have is I don’t have clothes to match them or I’d wear them more. Looks like I’ll have to go shopping. 🙂

Learn More About RealFlex Technology 

SmoothFlex Cush Run – $79

They come in 8 color combinations for women. I have the Black & Buzzed Blue ones.

These shoes are super comfortable. They have the same type of sole, with what they call “nodes” that look like miniature ice cubes to me, but their design is to improve flexibility in all directions, making it a great cross trainer. From what I understand the SmoothFlex Cush Run sole is designed to be more durable than the RealFlex Fusion shoe and are great for outdoor training. The added cushion and rubber makes sense as soon as you step on a pebble. 😉 I really love their info videos that helps you understand what each shoe is made for. They really helped me a lot when it came to choosing the right shoe for the right activity.

Learn More About the SmoothFlex Sole 

Bonnie’s Pick:

Which ones are my favorite? I have to say the RealFlex Fusion TR (seen below in various colors). I think I want all 12 pair!! I love how light they feel, how comfortable the are and I love the color combos they offer.

Here are some of my favorite colors:

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No Fitness Mantra Will Workout For You

We all love motivational quotes. We love how they make us feel, and we like how it makes us think. HOWEVER, we can’t rely on feeling motivated to get us to the gym. Motivation will not suddenly show up and magically create a super natural energy in us that makes us run like a deer or lift like an ox.

The only thing truly magical is how our body changes when we run, even when we don’t feel like it. Or, how our physique changes when we hit the weights, even when we would prefer to hit the sack. Only after we keep showing up, day after day and working out whether we feel like it or not, is when the real magic happens. Then, we find ourselves more motivated than any fitness mantra could make us. Why? Because we motivated by our own results.

Stop waiting for motivation, and start working out. #getafterit

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

1 Reason to Quit, 100 Reasons to Keep Trying

Imagine dieting for weeks, training twice a day 7 days a week, taking all the right supplements, and ordering all the products you need to be on stage to look your best wearing next to nothing to expose every muscle to judges and hundreds of spectators – and BAM! You get injured 10 days away from the big day.

The Monkey Wrench

That’s what happened to my husband, Steve Pfiester, last week. Everyone who was there in the room with him heard the dreadful snap of his MCL and medial meniscus. It’s what every athlete fears most. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t even dangle his leg without supporting it to prevent pain. He was afraid to move. He was paralyzed. Within 2 hours, I bought knee braces and crutches just so he could get from the couch to the bathroom. His plans of competing September the 22nd appeared to be gone.

The next day Steve was in and out of doctor’s offices, getting checked out and getting an MRI. Within minutes of his MRI, his General Physician and Radiologist were reading the results and sending Steve to Vero Orthopedics. That’s when he heard words that were music to his ears. “Steve, this is just a bump in the road”. This was the second time he heard this statement in one day – first by his general physician, Dr. Nick Cappola of Compassionate Medical Center, and now from Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Steinfeild.

Dr. Steinfield continued to explain his diagnosis. The MCL will require 6 weeks recovery and rehabilitation. The medial meniscus could require surgery, but we won’t know until the MCL heals. The best news was the doc said Steve could be weight-bearing and workout as long as it didn’t hurt him. Although exercise didn’t seem possible at that moment, Steve wanted to at least try.

Get After It

Just 8 days later, we are full steam ahead getting for Steve’s competition, packing his bags, and preparing his food. Steve has decided he will be on that stage even if he has to limp his way through this thing. He doesn’t want to take the easy way out. He has EVERY excuse to quit, and to grab a big fat pizza and cry over his broken knee. But, instead, he’s using this as even a bigger part of his challenge – just one more thing to conquer.

Not only does he have to get through his workouts still, he has to fight the swelling, bruising and pain. His knee is not only swollen, he has fluid and blood pooling down in his ankle. He will have to get all of that out by Saturday so he is as symmetrical as possible at the NPC Daytona Beach Classic – because the judges won’t care if he’s been hurt, so having one fat Flintstone foot isn’t an option.

Personal Challenge vs. Public Contest

This competition is not about winning first place. It’s not about being seen half naked so people can admire his abs. This show is not about vanity or notoriety. This is about pushing his body to its limits. It’s about practicing discipline and self-control – and that hasn’t changed. If nothing else, it’s become harder and requires more discipline and more pushing. For Steve, this is a personal challenge that will be victorious as long as he doesn’t quit. Win or lose, he is a winner for not giving up when he had every excuse to.

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to learn from this. We ALL have good excuses to quit trying, to cheat on your diet, or to skip a workout. Whether it’s a bad day, a busy schedule or an injury, we can all justify quitting if we want to quit bad enough. Believe me, Steve could have come home the night he got injured and dive in big fat juicy burger, and down some beers to wash his sorrows away, but he didn’t. Instead he focused on why he SHOULDN’T QUIT – and there were more reasons not to quit than there were to give up.

No matter what excuses come your way – you can use them or you can beat them. It’s your choice.

Read Steve’s blog, “Train Hurt or Go Home (or Should You?)” for more on training through an injury. 

Follow Steve on this journey this weekend at the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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