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Berry Key Lime Pie Protein Shake

Today, I procrastinated and didn’t run until after 10am.

My punishment: The Sun.
There are always repercussions for poor decisions. I got what I deserved. Luckily, some of my neighbors’ sprinklers were on so I got to run throw them to cool me off.

My reward: My Shake.
There is nothing better than a crisp cold shake after a muggy hot run!

Today’s creation…

1 cup fat free milk
a nice long squeeze of Nellie & Joe’s Key West Key lime Juice*
1 cap of butter extract
1 cap of coconut extract (for a tropicalicious taste)
6+ black berries
1 scoop Designer Whey Vanilla Praline protein
1 cup ice
Optional: 1/4 sheet of graham cracker (add last so it doesn’t blend all the way)
*Amount of key lime juice depends on how tart you like it.
252 calories, 28gms of protein

Key West Here I Come!!! YUM!

Tropicalicious Protein Shake

After my run this morning, I wanted something refreshing and tropical so I whipped up this delicious shake! All it was missing was one of those fancy paper umbrellas!

Orange Juice
1/4 Banana
3 1-inch cubes of fresh pineapple
Splash of Nellie & Joe’s Famous Keylime Juice 
1 1/2 scoop of Designer Whey Vanilla Protein (27gms protein)
Cap full of Coconut Extract

Mix everything but the pineapple together, starting with a cup of OJ and cup of ice, adding more juice  until you get the consistency you want. Add the pineapple at the very end and don’t over mix so the pineapple pieces give the shake a bit of texture.


Coach’s Nutty Nanner Protein Shake

Since I’m not a huge fan of oatmeal (even though I eat it all the time because it’s so good for you), I decided to start adding it to my protein shakes. Here’s a meal replacement shake I made today – and BOY is it good!!

Fat Free Milk or Water
2 Scoops Designer Whey Vanilla Praline Protein Powder
1/8 cup Coach’s Oats
1 tsp Peanut Butter
1/2 Banana
Stevia (to taste)

527 calories, 52gms of protein with milk
427 calories, 42gms of protein with water

The Coach’s Oats, along with the taste of Peanut Butter, gave it an extra nutty flavor and texture. Very yummy!!  The fat from the peanut butter and whole grain oats slow digestion so I will not only feel full longer, but I’ll absorb more of the protein. Enjoy! 🙂


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