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Tuff Talk: Less Excuses, More Execution

Yesterday, I posted this statement on facebook and twitter. It got such a good response, I decided to make it one of my mantra pics – and then I got to thinking about all the excuses we make.

We come up with many lame reasons why we can’t workout but, in the end, we are making the choices we want. We want to be lazy, we want to watch TV, we prefer to be on the computer, we like to eat unhealthy food, and we want our freedom to do what we want. We choose to do many different things each day – and rarely is anyone making us do any of them.

Sure, we “have” to work – but even that is a choice. We only work to have a certain lifestyle. We don’t NEED a lot of the things we want in life, but we CHOOSE to work to attain them. Exercise will become a priority when you realize your health is more important than the best movie, the tastiest food, the greatest job, the newest car, and the latest facebook status.

TUFF TALK: Things to Think About

Many people don’t realize how exercise affects their life until they grow older, or when it’s too late. Your health affects your relationships, confidence, performance, mind, energy, and even your purpose in life. No matter what you are called to do in life, you can’t possibly do it to your best of your ability if you are unhealthy and/or overweight.

These are very harsh words, but in most cases, they are the honest truth. Although I wish our body didn’t affect us the way it did, and that we could be ok when we are heavy, but we normally can’t. And even people who once struggled with their weight, but were seemingly ok, confess they were not as OK with it as they seemed. They just settled for less than best, and that’s no way to live.

What is your goal in life? To be the best parent, to move up the corporate ladder, to serve at your church, to have a great marriage, to leave a lasting legacy? Well, let’s think about that for a moment.

  • You can’t be the best mom or dad you can be if you aren’t the best you.
  • How can you take care of others, when you can’t take care of yourself?
  • How can you convince your children to not smoke and damage their body, when you damage yours with food?
  • How good of a friend can you be if you are unhappy, unhealthy and no fun to be with?
  • How do you expect your spouse to feel if you don’t even want to see your own body naked.
  • You can’t treat your body how you want all your life, and expect it to treat you good back.
  • It’s hard to go far in your career when energetic, healthy, fit, sharp people are competing against you.
  • Inactive adults rarely grow up to be active seniors.
  • How can you travel, and explore the world, if you lose your breath going up a flight of stairs.
  • Material things are worthless if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy them, and share them.
  • How can you say your thankful for your life, but treat one of God’s greatest gifts to you (your body) poorly?

Your Body is a Gift. 

You have a responsibility to take care of your body.

If your car got out of shape, you’d fix it. Mostly because you’ve invested in it and you don’t want it to fall apart on you. But even more importantly, you want to use it. You didn’t buy that car for it to sit your drive way, and you want to USE your body too. You want it to be there for you when you need it most. You need it to be reliable and strong. All of those things take maintenance and work. YOU take maintenance and work – and you only get one shot so make it count. Unlike a car, you can’t trade it in on a newer model. You are stuck with you. Like it or not.

Don’t say “I will. Tomorrow”, because tomorrow may very well be too late.

Your Turn:

How has improving your health affected you in ways you did not expect?

Fit Bodies On Sale Now

If only fitness was that easy to get. If only we could wait on a better time to get it, where it doesn’t cost so much. Don’t hold your breath, because fitness doesn’t come cheap – and it will never go on sale. Of matter of fact, the longer you wait, the more you’ll have to pay for it. Since most people do want it, people end up putting fitness on “layaway”.

If you are window shopping and you see something you like, you may be tempted to put it on layaway. You’ll take the item to the service desk and make a small payment on it so they don’t sell it to someone else. However, if you don’t come back to finish paying on it, they will put it back on the shelf and someone else will end up taking it home. Why? Because the person who commits 100%, and pays for it in full, is the one who ultimately gets to take it home.

Layaway Fitness, Layaway Results

You may want to wear a new body, but you’ll never own it unless you pay for it. The cost is hard work and dedication with your diet. It is worth MORE than every penny of effort – however, many people only make a small deposit on it and never finish paying it off. As a result, only the people who fully commit to getting what they want actually walk around with the body others hoped to eventually get.

Like with material things, some people can afford to pay cash for big ticket items. For others, it may take a few months to pay it off. The same goes for fitness. Some people will get their reward faster because they can “afford it”, and it just comes a little easier for them. For others, it may longer to pay off. But, every day you go to the gym you are making a payment on the new body you WILL take home eventually, as long as you don’t stop making “payments”. Either way, it’s obtainable by all – for those who really, really want it.

We all have things in life we want – material things, love, wisdom, accomplishments, a good name. However, you will never get the full result (or keep it) if you don’t commit 100%. To prove this theory, ask your spouse if they don’t mind giving you a hall pass on the weekends. I’m pretty sure that they expect you to be committed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Maybe you’ve made a downpayment on your health. You might have joined a gym, but don’t go as often as you should. Maybe you diet sporadically,  but aren’t consistent as you know you need to be. Maybe you have tried getting fit – but in reality, even then, you didn’t give it your all.

Maybe today is the day you decide to commit 100% to making the changes you know you need.

Get Fit Now: Why Procrastination Stinks

“We all have garbage to deal with. You can chose to handle it now or later – the choice is yours.”

Desperate paparazzi catches poor Jessica Biel in her robe taking out the trash. Wow. Are we really shocked that stars have garbage too? We seem just as surprised when they have other life problems as well. Ironically, garbage and our physical, as well as mental, problems have a lot in common.

My dad once gave me some great advice about life, and not handling the “garbage” we carry. He said, “It’s like trash. You can just let it pile up and packing stuff on top of it, but eventually it’s gonna start to stink and you’ll have to deal with it.”

Life is truly like that – especially with our health. We can ignore the trash in our lives – our weight, health, weakness, tight muscles, poor diet and inactivity. No matter how we cover it up with nice clothes, fancy cars, money, pretty make-up and a fake smile, eventually you won’t be able to hide it, and life will start to really stink.

It is so easy to procrastinate. It’s so easy to push it back and let something else take priority. But, our bodies talk, and believe me, it will start screaming at you eventually. We can fool ourselves into thinking our back pain will go away, our weight will come off, and “we’ll kick this”, but what exactly are you really doing about it today? Are you just covering up the stench or are you really dealing with it? So often we do things to mask the problem, or to help us live with the problem, but we aren’t handling the problem.

4 Steps to Dealing with the Garbage Affecting Our Health:

1. What stinks? As you read this, what things come to mind that you know you need to get a grip on? Make a list. Is it your weight? Is it pain? Is it confidence? Is it your overall health? Is it a lack of discipline to maintain a consistent fitness regimen? You can’t fix it until you know what needs to be fixed.

2. How do you handle it? Some trash isn’t stinky, but it sill has to be taken out. On the other hand, some trash stinks so bad, you need to get it as far away from your house as possible. How bad is the “garbage” you have to deal with? Can you deal with it yourself or do you need a hazmat team to contain the situation? Some things can be handled on your own, but other issues require a pro. Beware of trying to handle heavy stuff alone.

3. How long will you commit to maintaining it? We all know that taking the garbage out once is not enough. We get NEW garbage that will have to be delt with too. It’s really unrealistic to think this will be a simple fix and not require maintenance. As you work on one problem, don’t be surprised if another problem pops up. Just add it to the list and work on it too, knowing in the end result will be a clean bill of health.

4. What are things that need to be tossed out? A lot of us have extra garbage we deal with because we are not letting go of crap that clutters our lives. Not only will you need to work on stuff that stinks, but sometimes things need to go that are either getting in the way, are useless, or are hindering you. The first step is to “clean house” of food, people, bad habits, excuses, etc. that will interfere with your plan. Just like cleaning house, it’s constant. Success will require a continual cleaning and straightening of priorities.

Don’t Procrastinate:

Don’t wait for the perfect conditions, the perfect situation, more money, more time, less pain, more energy, more motivation, friends, kids to grow up, workload to get lighter, or anything else to start working on your health.

“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant.
If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.”
Ecclesiastes 11:4

Note on Pain: Many aches and pains are due to weak and tight muscles. Unfortunately, many people avoid exercise in fear of making it worse. Pain rarely goes away on its own, and often gets much worse. Even many skeletal issues are due to muscles pulling you out of whack. As you strengthen weak muscles and loosen tight muscles, your skeletal system won’t have all these tweaked muscles yanking on them. There are SO many pains that would go away just from stretching alone, but the combination of strengthening and stretching literally can be a miracle worker.

Fat & Unhappy. Are You Running from the Inevitable?

Most people have heard the story about Jonah and the whale. If you haven’t, I’ll sum it up for you really quick (and hang in there with me, because this story has some SERIOUS punch when it comes to weight loss and making healthy changes).

Jonah’s story on disobedience:
In the story, God tells Jonah to go to a place called Nineveh and preach but Jonah didn’t want to go so he disobeyed and headed to Tarshish in attempt to hide (as if! Ha!). While on a ship to Tarshish, the Lord sent a mighty storm that was so bad everyone on board was afraid for their lives. Jonah knew the storm was due to his lack of obedience so he had them throw him overboard in order to save everyone’s lives. God calmed the sea and prepared a great fish (whale) to swallow Jonah. He was in his belly for 3 days and 3 nights before he finally prayed. After he prayed, God had the fish spit him out on to dry land and God told him, again, to go to Nineveh – this time Jonah obeyed. (Jonah 1-2)

The Lesson 
When our pastor, Jim Gallagher asked his teenage son, Nate Gallagher if he’d consider teaching for him while he was out of town, I’m sure his first thought would have been to run to Tarshish too! However, he knew in his heart what he had to do – no matter how terrifying it was going to be. As he shared this story at Calvary Chapel Vero Beach, it sparked so many thoughts for me.

How long are you willing to run?
When I thought of Jonah being in the whale for 3 days before he prayed for help, I couldn’t help but think about how long we allow ourselves to stay miserable to avoid the inevitable. Whether it’s our weight, our career or our mental or physical health – you can start doing what is right now OR you can put it off and stay miserable just a little longer. The decision is yours.

Jonah was on the run – and he was basically uncomfortable the entire time. Starting with stormy seas and ending with seaweed wrapped around his head while he sat in fish guts. I imagine being in the belly of a fish would not be fun. The SMELLS alone would kill me! It wouldn’t take me 30 seconds to pray and agree to do whatever God had asked me to do. Yet, Jonah, in a picture of complete rebellion, sticks it out for 3 whole days.

How often do we rebel against what we know we must do? How often do we just have the attitude “you can’t make me” or “that’s not fair” – especially when it comes to food. We pout, we rebel, we disobey, we eat things we know we shouldn’t, and we try to “hide” from everyone and everything that reminds us of what we are supposed to be doing.

How long are you willing to let your choices affect the ones you love?
Another thing this story teaches us is Jonah’s actions affected others – almost getting everyone on that ship killed. Our disobedience and rebellion often affects the people who surround us whether we mean to or not. Sometimes it affects our health, which interferes with our roll as a mom, dad, spouse, worker or friend. It can affect our attitude, making it miserable to be around us because we are so miserable ourself. Sometimes our disobedience, especially when it comes to eating, affects what others do too. You know what they say “misery loves company” – and before you know it you are eating ice cream with a friend that has no business eating ice cream either.

How long will it take for you to JUST DO IT ? 
The best part of the story to me is in chapter 2 verse 1 where God comes to Jonah for the second time and says “Arise and go to Nineveh“. A part of me wonders if Jonah thought maybe God would change his mind or maybe he’d give him another option, but no – the message did not change and my message won’t change for fitness either. You can hide, run away, stay miserable and make everyone else miserable around you while waiting on another message, but the message isn’t changing. If you want to look and feel healthy, it requires obedience and work. Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh anymore than many of you want to go to the gym. But he obeyed, and it paid off – and I promise all your hard work in the gym will pay off too.

Like Jonah, you know what to do.
The question is “are you gong to keep running?”

No More Coulda Shoulda Woulda!

Regret is an ugly thing. We all have done it – we lay in bed, literally dreaming about working out and getting fit. We promise we will get up and run or go to the gym. We agree to quit eating this or that and decide to eat better ‘tomorrow’. Yet, when we wake up the next morning, we allow ‘life’ to get in the way and all our excitement, resolutions and drive seems to have been left in the bed.

This is SO me! Yesterday was a super crazy day. I had to work the front desk at the club because we were short staffed. We had a ton of new members sign up and a bunch of people were signing up for boot camp. Then we had corporate meetings – and bottom line, I didn’t get to workout. 5am turned to 8pm in a blink – and then as soon as I walked in the door, I jumped online to join the FitStudio tweetchat.

So while we are chatting about diet, etc (which at least I was doing ok on that end), I’m thinking “I’m supposed to be encouraging everyone to MAKE time to workout, and I haven’t even been able to workout myself“. Ugh!!  Read the rest of this entry

Are You Letting Life Interfere with Your Fitness?

Honestly, I just can’t believe how fast time flies by. It’s so easy to start the week with such good intensions to hit the gym or diet hard, etc and “life happens”. Well, it’s more like “we LET life interfere”.

I put off the things I need the most and make time for the things I enjoy doing – which is TOTally backwards. Unlike Nick (@CoackFitNick from twitter) who gets up at 4:45am to do BCx Boot Camp online each morning (ROCKSTAR), I keep pushing my workouts later and later in the day and putting meaningless stuff in front of it. Read the rest of this entry

Tips to Fighting Procrastination & Lazies, my own personal battle


Yesterday I was hard at work on our local BCx Boot Camp schedule, which started about 6:30am. I had every intension of doing my morning run – even to the point I put on my running clothes, only to sit right back down and get back on my computer, check email, work on more BCx stuff, tweet and drink coffee.

As the morning got brighter, of course it got hotter. Then I decided that I’d do BCx in the cool indoors. That was a passing thought after I decided to check my email again and saw my inbox was flooded with BCx questions and had more work to do. Suddenly (funny how time can fly) I look at the clock and it’s 12:30pm! Geeesh!  By this time I decided I need to clear my head and just have some “me time” so I decided to hit the beach for a few hours. It was beautiful and breezy – a perfect day!

So, when I got back home Steve had just walked through the door from his Live Exercise shows in Boca Raton. He asked me if I had a good day and I honestly couldn’t say yes. WHY? I went to the BEACH?! You would have thought that would have turned any bad day into a good one. Well here’s why. I was disappointed in myself for not working out and I felt sloppy, fat and lazy!

It was now 5:00pm – and anyone who has gone to the beach knows how tired and lazy you are after soaking up the relaxing rays. I was completely lazy at this point. I had NO energy or drive to train. Then Steve says he’s going to the gym to do arms. Geeeesh! He just did 3 killer workout shows, drove 1 1/2 hours home and is hitting the gym. (He’s truly a fitness freak if I ever saw one). I said “have a good workout” and kissed him goodbye (thinking, I am not even interested in going to the gym right now. Good luck with that). ha!

MY TALK WITH MYSELF (Yes, I do that, don’t send me to the funny farm just yet!)
All of 5 minutes passed and then I had a talk with myself. Bonnie” I said, “You KNOW you need to workout today. You KNOW you’ll feel better if you do it and you KNOW you need it. You KNOW your body will feel firmer and you’ll feel more confident in your bikini tomorrow. You KNOW you are shooting a video in 5 days and NEED to actually look like a fitness professional. You KNOW you’ll be happy you did it…” and then I replied, “ALRIGHT ALREADY! I HEAR YOU AND YOU ARE RIGHT DAGUMMIT!”

SO, I put on my music, cranked up the volume as I started pulling up my torture, I mean program, of choice. I needed to do lower body so I chose my Baby Got Back workout. Honestly, 20 jumping jacks in I started to wake up. My body was cracking and popping – fighting me every step of the way, but my mind was digging it. Before you know it, one “mission” was down and I was feeling better.

By my second mission (that’s what us BCx peeps call our intense circuits), I was revved and felt like I could do this thing and fight my desire to totally be lazy. 120 squats later – feeling tight, firm, pumped! 25 Burpees, oh yeah! Felt good! Then off to do the butt work. 25 more burpees then Bridges – oh my! My hamstrings were LOVING these exercises. Then I hit what I call a “content phase”. This is when I talk myself into thinking, “I’ve done good enough, I don’t have to finish it. That was more than I planned on doing” – and I ALMOST gave in!!

Then I had a little talk with myself again, “You know you won’t feel as good if you quit early. You know you’ll feel guilty and won’t have that sense of accomplishment. It’s only one more set and a few more burpees. Really Bonnie? You hate Geronimos that much? Come on you wimp! You are so better than that! Come on – just  a little more and you’ll feel like a ROCKSTAR!” I replied “Ok, Ok! I’ll do it, I know (again) you are right. I am a BUFFOON! I’ll do it!

I share this with you because this stuff happens to the best of us and the ONLY way to combat it is to stop and weigh the facts. The FACT is I knew in my heart I needed the workout, I knew I would feel so much better and I knew I just needed to do it whether I felt like it or not. So once I weighed my options I also knew I would be a complete tard if I didn’t do it. Honestly, at this point – I would have been rebellious, lazy and disobedient to myself.


God tells us to take care of ourselves, not to be lazy and not lose hope. He also reminds us to keep important things close – especially His Word and His Promises. If I had been to busy to actually “think about working out” I probably wouldn’t have. So, instead of solely relying on me to talk myself into working out, I really should have those truths and my goals IN MY FACE to remind me of my goals and keep me on track all the time.

Tony Robbins and Zig Zigglar got nuthin’ on God when it comes to being a Life Coach. Here’s a tip straight from scripture: It’s about a man named Habakkuk, who had a vision. God tells him to right it down clearly on tablets so he, and everyone else, could see it (Habakkuk 2:2-3). I believe He did this for a couple reasons. ONE, he wanted Habakkuk to keep that vision close to him so he didn’t lose sight of it and TWO, he wanted others to see it so they could support it. Sometimes we try to attempt stuff alone – like setting closet goals. I believe we are most successful when we “write our vision down on tablets” for all to see. WE need to see it daily, and so do others. Our families can be more supportive – PLUS you never know who will jump on board with you and also adopt your vision for their vision too.

He even says, “It may seem like a long time, but be patient and wait for it, because it will surely come.” God knows we all need encouragement and no matter what our vision is. If it’s weight loss, a personal battle, success, or something God’s working out in your life – God knows we need a reminder to stay focused and know, if we are obedient, it will come.

God knows how hard it is to keep our vision close to us. And you thought some Life Coach was the first to tell people to write stuff down. ha! God knows we get easily side-tracked (He created us – duh! I think He knows us best! ha!), we get lazy and we often just plain out get lost. Whatever your vision is, it’s NOT going to be something you “want” to chase every day. You will have to force yourselves to be obedient to moving forward. Just remember, to keep your vision close and clear, and continue striving for it daily whether you feel like it or not.

If you feel like you are losing your vision, getting lazy or need a boost, try getting refocused. Draw your goals close, post them for all to see, and remember to be patient because it will surely come!


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“Wisdom is doing NOW what you will be satisfied with LATER“, Joyce Meyer.

This statement rings true, especially in fitness. Think of all the times we say “I shouldn’t have eaten so much” or “I should have gone to the gym”. We all make bad decisions from time to time, but many people are rarely making good ones.

So often people live in condemnation and regret because they continue to make decisions they regret later. Then they lay in bed at night thinking of all the things they did wrong, and the changes they need to make, only to wake up the next day to repeat the same self-destructive behavior.

A person who acts without thinking of the future often lives bogged down with regret, guilt, depression, discouragement and even hopelessness – and that’s no way to live!

If you want your life to change, you have to make changes. Although there’s nothing you can do to change your past, you can start taking steps to change your future.

By procrastinating, you are wasting precious time you’ll never get back, leaving you with less and less time you could be living thin, energetic, strong, confident and healthy lives. Sadly, some people wait for years.

Mom & Dad

My parents waited until they were in their late 50s to get fit. Granted they love their new lives, but I’m sure they wish they would have gotten their act together earlier in life.

We live at such a fast pace we practically don’t even allow time to make decisions. Instead, we do things without even thinking. Then we act surprised when those decisions lead us away from where we want to be.

If we were honest, this one simple question would prevent many poor choices: “will I regret this later?”  Even simple tasks like skipping a workout or ordering French fries can cause regret.

It’s time to break the cycle. Someone once said, “The future has no room for the past”. It’s time to quit making the same mistakes and time to start living a healthy life you can be proud of.

My new mottoNo more regrets.

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