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THE SIX-PACK: 6 Awesome Ab Workouts

IMG_5472C smIn a Crunch (Literally!)?

I know how easy it is to get bored of workouts, but there really is life outside of traditional crunches and sit-ups. It just takes a little imagination, knowledge or guidance from a pro like my hubby Steve. Over the last year Steve has come up with some great workouts – and ab workouts are always a fav! I mean, who doesn’t want great abs?!

Here are some of my favorite ab exercises that Steve put together for various brands and workout programs – and as you can tell in his pic, they work! Not only will they give you a great workout too, but you’ll learn some new moves to broaden your exercise library.

Give them a try and let us know which one you like the most!

#1 Four-Minute Abs

20 Rock Climbers
20 Figure 8 Ball Pass
20 Reverse Crunch
20 Ball Crunch

#2 Core & Cardio Workout

Left Handed 2-Point Stance
Right Handed 2-Point Stance
Left Elbow Plank with Pulses
Right Elbow Plank with Pulses

#3 Abs & Core Circuit with Balance Ball

25 Rotational Crunches
25 Dynamic Plank
25 Take It or Leave It
25 Oblique Side Bend

#4 Design Your Abs Workout

25 Sit Ups
25 Roll Ups or Toes to Bar
25 Oblique Sit Ups (25 on each side – 50 total)

Repeat 3 Times.

#5 Core & Glutes

Plank (10 seconds)
Upward Facing Dog (10 seconds)
10 Rounds

Sunbird Leg 3-Position Leg Lifts
10 circles per position (back, 45 degree, 90 degree)
3 Rounds

Plank + Knee to Opposite Elbow (a sit-through)
10 times on each side


#6 BCx Core

25 Sit-ups
25 Crunches
25 Obliques (Left)
25 Obliques (Right)
25 Bicycles

#GetAfterIt Giveaway: Reebok Plank Challenge

WIN A REEBOK TEE! We have 2 Reebok Challenges for a chance to WIN today: One was LIVE at Max Fitness Club today and the other one is right here, at the end of this blog. Check it out!

At LoseIt Boot Camp kickoff today, we ended class with a Reebok Plank Contest. After holding up the #GetAfterIt shirt, Michelle Ward says, “I WANT that SHIRT!” – and she was serious. A year and a half ago, she wouldn’t even been able to fit in the little fitted shirt we were holding up. But if she wanted it, she had to earn it.

The room was packed with bodies face down, on their hands and knees ready to plank their guts out. “Ready, Set, GO!” shouts Paula Feil, BCx Boot Camp Trainer – and it’s ON! The trainers, Steve Pfiester, Cristina McDaniel, Paula Feil and myself begin our motivational chatter.

To hold plank longer than one or two minutes is already challenging enough – much less the length of time these people ended up planking for.  Plus, you have to remember, this is AFTER an intense 1-hour boot camp class. Now, I should also mention that this was not a room of athletes. This was a eclectic group of individuals – from people who haven’t worked out at ALL, to people who have done multiple boot camps. Either way, it had been a few weeks since we’ve held boot camp so it was a new beginning for most. You can see just how challenging it really was for even people like our multi-boot camp goer, Robin Sullivan (as you can see by the look on her face).

One minute went by, then two, then three, four and five. Five minutes of plank is super challenging. After five minutes of planking, half the group was still hanging in there and really giving this all they had. Before we knew it, we were reaching 10 minutes of non-stop planking. Just look at Troy Wilson here, who is POURING sweat after 15 minutes of planking, and he wasn’t even moving. That just shows how hard your body has to work to suspend your body off the ground.

Finally, after 15 minutes of planking we were down to the final few: David Summerfield, Heidi Birchmeyer, Michelle Ward, Shelley Guilford and Ryan Capone.

The last 2 minutes seemed like the second hand was in slow motion. Over 16 minutes and it finally got down to 2 people: Michelle Ward (pictured right) and Heidi Birchmeyer. BAM! Heidi’s body finally gave way at 17 minutes, making Michelle Ward the Planking Super Star. Both girls were, but only one won the shirt! I guess she REALLY wanted that #GetAfterIt shirt BAD!!

The Old Michelle

This is a pic I snagged off Michelle’s facebook of when she was heavier, just to give you an idea of just how victorious days like today really are to someone like Michelle. At first glance, it would be easy to discount her efforts, seeing how tiny she is now. Although 17 minutes of plank is hard for anyone (specially after an hour of kick-butt boot camp). I bet she would have never guessed, back when she was heavy, that she’d beat a class full of people in a Plank Contest.

Here’s Michelle right after her body dropped to the ground in relief and exhaustion. Along with the photo of her barely holding her shirt up with her tired arms. Congrats Michelle!!


I have more shirts to give away!! So, I’m going to give YOU a chance to join the plank contest.


FIRST, Share and Like this blog. 🙂 Thanks! Now, let’s get to planking!! 

1.) POST A COMMENT: Hold plank as long as you can and post your time in the comments below. I will do a random drawing from everyone who at least tries it. I don’t care how long you hold it – remember, some people can’t even hold it for 60 seconds at first – but if it’s the first time you have every done it, that’s freakin’ awesome! (Click on the link to see how to do the exercise if it’s new to you.)

2.) POST A YOUTUBE VIDEO. Tape yourself doing plank for as long as you can – and add #getafterit in your youtube name and I will give the first 2 people to post a video a Reebok #getafterit t-shirt.

3.) LONGEST PLANK VIDEO: I decided to add one more way to WIN! If you can beat someone’s time, post your youtube video. The person with the longest plank on video will get a BCx Boot Camp tee!

GUIDELINES: Of course we are going on the honor system for #1, but to be fair, our rules are simple. You can shift your weight around, as LONG as you stay on your hands and toes only. No knees, no rest, no cheating. 🙂 

BCx Boot Camp:
Max Fitness Club:

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