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Workouts that PAY OFF – In More Ways Than One! has been cranking out thousands of insane LIVE workouts for a while now. My husband, Steve, has been teaching for them online (and now available on Roku) leading a variety of classes like kicboxing, cardio, treadmill workoutsbaseball workouts, football workouts and yoga – and has had a BLAST meeting new people and helping more people reach their goals!

playtime workoutLiveExercise pretty much has something for everyone – like workouts for kids ages 6-9 called Playtime, beginner workouts like Tx2, and Launchpad for people who need to lose a lot of weight. LiveX has workouts using bodyweight, dumbbells, bands and more stuff coming!! They even have 10-minute workouts called the 10-Minute Tornado for people who like the excuse “I don’t have time”. 🙂  (see a list of workouts)

launch pad workout program

live exercise All the workouts are taped live (no make-up, no scripting, no perfecting) – just RAW sweaty lean, mean workouts you can do in your living room for only $5.95/month (which is the lowest price online workout studio around!). Well, if that wasn’t already a pretty amazing deal already, now you can actually get PAID doing LiveExercise!

You are totally hearing me right! LiveExercise started an affiliate program where you can get paid a whopping 30% on all referrals you send. NOT JUST ONCE, but you get paid EVERY SINGLE MONTH each referral continues to stay a member. Insane, right?! That means, every month you make more and more money with each referral you send.

Just go to the Affiliate page and sign up. Then you can give all your friends a FREE 14-Day Trial so they can see if they like it. If they enjoy it and sign up, you get a big FAT thank you!

live exercise

There are 2 type of programs – the basic Affiliate Program and the Ambassador Program.

Who Can Be A Live X Affiliate?

You may be a candidate for our affiliate referral program if you are a…

  • LIVEEXERCISE MEMBER and would like to receive a commission when you refer your friends.
  • BLOGGER and are looking for a great way to help your readers get fit – and make money too.
  • WEBSITE OWNER and are looking to earn money online by promoting quality brands.

Who Can Be An Live X Ambassador?

Live Exercises’s Ambassador program is a more prestigious program with has many perks, including a FREE LiveExercise membership, a chance to be on the show, discounts on products, opportunity to be a featured Live X blogger and much more! The Ambassador program is normally by invite only, but you can always submit a request (and yours truly is the one who reviews applications). You may be a candidate for our ambassador program if you…

  • live exerciseAre a blogger who writes quality content about fitness, diet and healthy living, and are looking for more exposure.
  • Are looking for workouts, promotions and contests that your followers can do together, to boost your community.
  • You are a fitness leader or enthusiast with a large following, who trust your recommendations, and would benefit from LiveExercise.

Feel free to shoot me questions below! We’d LOVE to have you come on board and share the Live Exercise Love!! 🙂

3 Steps to Start Making $$

live exercise#1. Join Live Exercise Affiliate Program (or apply for the Ambassador Program).

#2. Choose a banner to promote on your website or social media platform.

#3. Use the Dynamic Link tool (pictured left) to personalize your link or banner code and point people to your favorite show, page or trainer – instead of just the home page. This is a LOT more effective and helpful.

#4. Share, Share and SHARE some more! Tell people what workouts you like the most, include the dynamic link in the post and invite friends to try 2 weeks free! They literally have nothing to lose but FAT! 🙂

Here’s an example of a boot camp workout you can try RIGHT NOW! If you like this workout, then you’ll LOVE having access to over 2,000 other great workouts too!! CLICK HERE to join.

15 Sweat-Your-Butt-Off-at-Home-for-Free Workouts

When it comes to cardio, most people initially think of hitting the treadmill or elliptical. And since many people don’t have kind of high-dollar equipment, doing cardio at home may not seem like an option. However, you don’t need a treadmill to get your sweat on.

If this is you, you probably have bought some kind of workout DVD in the past and subjected yourself to an hour of the worst music ever played in your house (or the planet for that matter). Fitness DVDs are notorious for having awful music and stale energy to boot. If the music wasn’t bad enough, you get to memorize every line they say whether you like it or not. Needless to say, the workout can get stale pretty quick.

Of course nothing beats the real thing – going to the gym and being led by a real live person. The energy of listening to killer high-energy music pumped out of giant speakers is enough to get your heart racing alone. However, if you aren’t able to get to a gym, you have another option.

This is where FitStudio comes in. Many of you know Steve and I are Fitness Advisors for FitStudio, powered by Sears. What does that mean? It means we help FitStudio design a site that helps people workout at home and reach their goals – FREE! One of our tasks is to design workouts and workout programs, like our BCx Express 30-Minute Workout and BCx Boot Camp.

Each workout has a list of all the exercises, complete with video instruction on how to do each exercise. After you learn the exercises, you can print the workout to follow on your own. The coolest part of this is you get to set your atmosphere, complete with your favorite music. With programs, like BCx, the faster you go, the quicker you get done – time being your trainer.

So, get your favorite music queued up and get ready to sweat to your favorite jams!!
Here are 15 FitStudio workouts you can do at home:

  1. The Lunge Hour Workout
  2. A Not-so-girlie Workout
  3. The Lean Jeans Workout
  4. Absolute 6-pack
  5. Superior Gluterior
  6. Fat-blasting Blitz
  7. Bcx Legs & Glutes Express
  8. Bcx Abs Express
  9. Lower Body Mission
  10. Cardio & Conditioning Mission
  11. The Thigh Jelly Jump-off
  12. March Madness Workout!
  13. Last Call for Weight Loss
  14. Be My “Valenfine” Workout
  15. New Ball, New Bod! (Fit Ball Workout)

Learn More About FitStudio & the FitStudio Team

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