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The Secret to Motivation

“Motivation doesn’t get you results, results gets you motivated.” 

So you want to get fit in 2012, but no matter how gross you feel from eating all the Holiday garbage you still don’t seem to have the motivation you need to actually start now? Sound familiar?

It’s surely not that you don’t want to be fit. The issue is we are too focused on our current condition. When we think of working out we think of “Gym shopping sucks. Great, I get to stuff my body into spandex when I feel my fattest. I’ll be the fattest one in the gym. I’ll be the oldest one in the gym. What if I’m the most out of shape one in the gym? I’m going to look like a total fitness tard. I’m going to BE a total fitness tard. I’m gonna sweat like an out of shape fat kid in gym class. I’m going to embarrass myself. I’ll breath so hard people will think I have COPD. Read the rest of this entry

Fast Forward to Success

The Reality of Time
It’s Sunday morning – the day we get an extra hour of sleep as we “Fall Back”. While procrastinating this morning, drinking my coffee extra slow before my morning run, I am reflecting on how we view time. Isn’t it funny how time seems SO LONG when you are talking about the future, yet it seems wickedly FAST when talking about the past?

One of my sisters was talking about her weight loss goals after realizing she was now in the projected month where she would be at her goal weight if she had stuck with her program. November seemed like forever when it was this summer but, now that it’s here, the reality that she could have been at her goal weight right now if she kept with it, hit her like a ton of bricks.

Whether it’s our education, career, family or weight – we must remember how fast time really does go by. 4 years of college seems like eternity, but decades of being in a job you don’t like is truly forever. One year counting calories and working out may seem like eternity too if you have a lot to lose, but living the rest of your life 100lbs overweight is definitely no way to live if you are miserable.

The Key to Staying Motivated
It’s time we put things into perspective. Compare the time it will take to reach your goal to equal time that has already passed you by. It’s a blip on the screen – a flash before your eyes. Just because you feel like it will take forever, doesn’t mean you should push it off any longer. Tackle it, chase it like you would the love of your life. Focus on it like it’s a loose diamond you just dropped and you can’t take your eye off it until you grab a hold of it tightly.

Don’t let life slip through your fingers. Think of how your life would be RIGHT NOW if you tackled what you KNOW you should have tackled last year. Weight, addiction, emotional issues, health, career, family, love, budget, marriage, friendships…they all have the potential to be better soon if you start working on it today.

Fast forward.
Before you can REALLY get a good grip on today’s step toward your goal, put yourself where you will BE once you reach your goal. Picture yourself – how you will look and feel. What you will do? What opportunities may arise?

If your goal is your weight, what will you wear? How will you dress? Will you change your hairstyle? Will you take some professional photos? Will you get out more? Will your lifestyle change? Will you feel more confident, powerful and in control? Will you walk with your head high? Will you be proud of the new you? I’ll answer that – Of course you will!

Instead of just focusing on the “job”, focus on the finished product. Don’t just focus on a pants size or weight. Focus on the reality of how that pants size will feel and how your new weight will affect your entire life. Every time you get off track, fast forward to the future of when you WILL reach that goal – because if you stay on track, you WILL reach that goal. No ifs, ands or buts!

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Scared Fat? Don’t let fear stand in the way!

How many things have you NOT done because you let fear or doubt take over your thoughts and actions? I can’t tell you how many people I have run into at the gym that let their insecurities lead their path. They never even have a chance at success because they don’t even give many things a try.

We have people that really need to attend an aerobics class that just don’t take it because they are scared of failing, sticking it out, not keeping up, going the wrong way, or doing the wrong thing. There are others who never go on the weight floor because they don’t like lifting their 5lb dumbbell next to beefy guys lifting 50lb dumbbells just one bench over. Then there are others who never even step foot in a gym because just walking in the door is scarier than a Halloween movie (Jason .

We ALL have our own ‘FIRSTS’
IF ONLY people would realize EVERYONE has those same fears. Everyone walks in a gym for the FIRST time, everyone has to take that FIRST class, and everyone tries an exercise for the FIRST time. Sure ‘FIRSTS’ are ALWAYS scary, but if you want to succeed you have to take that FIRST step – and the FIRST step is always the SCARIEST STEP.

Ironically, everyone around you is likely so worried about what they look like, they are too busy to even notice you or notice how much weight you are (or are not) lifting or how hard (or not so hard) you are working out. The gym is the ONE place you should be the MOST comfortable – it’s a place where EVERYONE is working to improve and every single person in that gym has that one thing in common.

Unfortunately, many people think they have to lose 10lbs before they can join a gym or they have to practice a certain class at home before they go “public” – but that is their pride talking. Some of you will buy every As Seen On TV fitness gadget and video so you can secretly workout at home when you can have much better instruction and much more fun at a gym but you let fear keep you hiding out in your living room using fitness junk and crappy fitness DVDs. Believe me, I understand the need to hide. I only want to do stuff I’m great at – which is pretty limiting considering I am not great at many things. There is a reason we call it an aerobics or yoga CLASS – it’s not an aerobics PERFORMANCE. Geeesh!!

It’s time we get over ourselves!!
Get over our pride, fear, insecurities and doubts. We need to start doing what we NEED to do and no longer only do what we feel comfortable doing. Whether it’s time to finally invest in the home gym of your dreams or join a gym – it’s time you take the plunge!!

What is the WORST that could happen? We try a diet and it doesn’t work for us – so what?! So we learned that diet doesn’t work so we can try another. So what if we workout everyday and don’t lose as much weight as we hoped – we are getting healthier. Really, there is nothing to lose when we just TRY, but we have EVERYTHING to gain! We gain experience and we make improvements – not matter how big or small.

What have you been avoiding?
Have you been wanting to take a yoga class but your fear has kept you away? Maybe you know you need a boot camp program to whip your body into shape but you are terrified it will be too hard (believe me – everyone is just as terrified as you that first day but the people who do it, get major results and NEVER regret it). Have you wanted to run a 5K or maybe even do a marathon but are scared of the unknown? You’re not alone. If you do any of these things you will be joining millions of others who are just like you, but they are doing it despite their fears.

Step outside of your comfort zone and take the first real step to success today.


Fitness: The Need for More than Motivation

I recently did a survey on facebook asking “What do you need most: Motivation or Education?” The answer was Motivation – hands down.

This speaks very loudly to me. As a girl who loves to motivate and encourage people to chase their fitness dreams and make it through each day, it made me wonder what I can do to help. Are my blogs and posts helpful? Do I make a difference? Can I encourage these people any more than I already try to do? What can people, like myself, do to motivate America? (Yes, I’m still working on world peace too) ha!

Well, one thing it does tells me is people know what they need to do. I know I write a lot of tips and educational blogs to help people “get” fitness, but the results of this survey tells me people already know they need to eat less and workout more. However, everyone overanalyzes things, searches for quick fixes, and waits for people to just ‘tell them what to do’, all to avoid the inevitable – actually WORK.  Read the rest of this entry

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