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The Ultimate Off-Road Running Shoe

rampage-jackson-reebok-atv-shoeNOTE: This is a product review. Although I am a Reebok Ambassador, I am not obligated to say great things about the product if I don’t like it. It  just so happens I love about 99.9% of their stuff. I choose to work with brands I believe in. Reebok is one of them. 🙂

It was nearly 5 months ago Steve got his first pair of Reebok ATVs. I was SO jealous! They were rediculously cool! Promoted big by A-Team (Mr. T) star and MMA fighter, Rampage Jackson, the news of this off-road shoe quickly became hot news.

Well, FINALLY, I got to join the dirty fun! I have to admit, Steve was pretty skeptical at first when he got his. But, after injuring his knee last year, he said the ATVs were the only shoe he’d wear outdoors because of the insane stability. They just made him feel safer. Well, that went in one ear and out the other…until I hurt my ankle shortly after. Then I wanted a pair!

Reebok ATV LadiesNow ATVs are out for women and I am proud to say I was one of the first to give them a try – and I love them. Not only do they have a cool looking design to them, they have all kinds of perks. Check it out!

1.) No more pebbles. If you are tired of picking rocks out of your shoes, this shoe is the answer. The sole design is a lot more open, and the rounded edges and overall design doesn’t allow for stuff to get wedged between cracks. This makes them easy to clean – and less likely to bring your dirty run inside your clean house.

2.) No more slipping. They have a super-gripping sole that can give you traction on all kinds of surfaces – dry or wet.

Space craft3.) No more twisted ankles. The lugs (the round knobby things on the bottom) are like kickstands in every direction surrounding the center of the shoe. It’s nearly impossible to turn your ankle because of this support.They kinda remind me of a space craft or a tripod.

It’s that wide stance (like an ATV) that gives the shoe such amazing stability.


4.) No more slow runs. The 19 lugs dig into ground to give you better power and secure footing in sand, mud, snow and grass.

ATV 195.) No more boring runs. With the Reebok ATV, you are no longer confined to the sidewalk. You can run anywhere safely. Not only can you take more scenic trails, but they are great for nice leisure hikes too!

The hardest part of owning this shoe is getting it dirty! They are SO pretty – I have to admit, it hurt a little “breaking her in” BUT that’s why I bought Reebok shoe cleaner – and it worked like a charm! I took these puppies home, gave them a good scrub with the shoe cleaner (which has a built-in brush) and they came out as good as new. HOWEVER, if you plan on abusing these bad boys, choose your color accordingly!)

PS ladies, I have bought several pair of men shoes when I couldn’t find a color I liked and I couldn’t tell that they fit me any differently. So, it’s worth a try if you want one of the guy’s black pair so you can reeeeeally get them muddy!!

Here’s a great video explaining the technology of the shoe. 

Here’s a cool video of the shoe being put to the test.

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Top 10 Craziest Fun Runs & Obstacle Courses

SUPER HERO RACEWhat do zombies, paint, glow sticks, costumes, obstacles, mud, black lights, pumpkins and beer have in common? They are just some of the wild ingredients used in conjuring up some of the craziest runs around!

Traditional 5Ks are fun, but now there are SO many more ways to run for a good cause. Boring 5Ks are being overshadowed by entertaining runs and obstacle courses. Here are my top 10 craziest races, with the help of Blood, Sweat & Cheers – a site dedicated to finding fun active stuff to do.

The Zombie Run1. The Zombie Run – Run from the undead in this bizarra Zombie race. Beware – you can die. Every participant gets flags (like in flag football). These flags represents your health. The goal is to get out alive and well.

2. Cupid’s National Undie Run – Run in your undies in the name of Love. “Don’t get your panties twisted”, you don’t have to wear skimpy underwear, you can wear your favorite sleep attire to support the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

3. Rat Race Race pits team of 1-3 against each other on a while scavenger hunt through the city. Combining running, biking, kayaking, climbing and public transportation systems, this race transforms some of the nation’s greatest cities into a playground.

4. The Peeplechase – Based on the Steeplechase Olympic event (inspired by an equestrian race), this race will  test your speed and skill against world-class Metalists and local competitors. The race features 2 heats, and an optional 3rd heat for charity.

The Neon Dash5. Neon Splash Dash – Runners dash across this 5K night course moving through checkpoints to get splashed with neon U.V. Glow color revealed under black light.

6. Super Hero Scramble This race lets you live out your childhood fantasy and be the super hero you always wanted to be. Trade your Wonder Woman Underoos (yes, I had those) for your favorite costume and cape on this 4-6 mile obstacle race!

Fugitive Run7. The Doughman – A quadrathalon that combines eating and athleticism. One part cycling, one part swimming and two parts footrace. The relay race is for teams of four, and broken down by food type: Running: meat; Running: vegetarian; Bike: meat; Swim: vegan.

8. The Tap & Run – Replacing water stations with beer stations, this race is getting all the “buzz”. Not a healthy race, but a dream race for beer drinkers. They even have a belching contest – go figure! ha!

Naked Pumpkin Race9. The Fugitive Run – Prison Break Themed Obstacle Course where prison guards try to catch you, fellow inmates try to lead you off course and different paths lead you to freedom or back to prison.

10. The Naked Pumpkin Run – This race is filled with running human (naked) jack-o-lanterns. Brave runners (or stupid! You’re call! Ha!) run the entire 5K with a pumpkin on their head. At least no one knows who’s pink parts they are seeing. Wow! I need to wash my eyes out with bleach. ha!

Blood, Sweat & Cheers

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More Obstacles, Less Jogging

Mud Runs = More Fun. Why America is so willing to get dirty.

Running five plus miles may seem plenty challenging to most people, but add over 25 obstacles, like mud pits, barbed wire, tires, 30-foot stacks of hay, water, 8-foot walls, 45˚ hills, 30-foot inclining and declining monkey bars, and rows of fire, and you’ve got yourself a Savage Race.

Savage Race, with the motto “more obstacles, less jogging”, is just one of many popular mud runs popping up across the country – and people are flocking to them like bears to honey. Why? Maybe it’s because many of us are still kids at heart and enjoying jumping in puddles. However, I think there is so much more to these insane challenges that keep people coming back to get dirty – and if you go, I think it will be love at first site.

With the rising popularity of more challenging workouts comes the desire to put it to the test. Over the last few years, people are trading running on flat boring pavement for muddy windy paths that make burning calories seem more like game than a workout.

Mud runs do more than just test physical strength and stamina, but they test the mind as well. Obstacles like diving in Shriveled Richard ice bath can be scarier than the highest climbing wall. And, I doubt very seriously anyone is tallying calories burned while army crawling under barbed wire.

Just a few of the Savage Obstacles

  • Back Scratcher –  series of wooden walls, hay bales, and barbed wire crawls
  • Rubbers – uphill sea of tires
  • Thor’s Grundle – ducking under walls through muddy water
  • Nutt Smasher – long wobbly balance beam course
  • 96″ Stiffie – 8 foot wall that requires a teamwork to clear
  • Swamp Trail – thick shoe sucking mud (tie shoes tight!)
  • Lumberjack Lane – heavy carry
  • Big A** Cargo Net – need I say more?
  • Davy Jone’s Locker – high jump into deep weather
  • Mach 7 – huge fast water slide
  • Barn Doors – climbing slat wall
  • Hay Stacks – 30-foot piles of hay
  • Evil Bars – long steep monkey bars on steroids
  • Colon Blow 5,000 – long dark muddy pipes
  • Incline Wall – challenging slippery 45˚ wall
  • Tire Pendulum – run through over 200 tires swinging around us
  • Flaming Savages – leap over rows of fire
  • Mud & Guts – army crawl under barbed wire

Although Sam Abbitt, Vice President of Savage Race, said anyone can skip an obstacle if they choose. He also explained that the Savage Race encourages teamwork. Some obstacles, like the 96” Stiffie 8-foot climbing wall, require someone to give you a boost. That’s one of the many reasons Sam loves their race so much. People who don’t even know each other help each other through the course and cheer each other on.

While mud runs often have live bands and venders, some of the best entertainment is off the stage and in the crowd. Since many participants make their experience even more fun by dressing up for the race, creating team themes, participants can enjoy some of the most entertaining people watching – so don’t forget your camera.

In order to help people prepare for the race, Max Fitness will be leading a 5-week Savage Training Camp starting September 17th. Even though you don’t have to do the race to participate, this training will definitely help people who let the fear of the unknown prevent them from giving this mud run a try. Savage Training Camp is also perfect for people that don’t like traditional boring exercise. Physical tasks and obstacle training makes burning calories a lot more fun – and when fitness is fun, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Don’t be left “Behind” 

Savage Race will be held at Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City on October 20th. Visit for more on Max Fitness’ Savage Training Camp and the Savage Race.

Savage Training Camp at the Max:

Savage Training Camp Kick Off & Orientation:
Saturday, September 15th 9:00am
Camp Cost: $299
Registration: $50 deposit due by Sept. 13th
Training: Less weights, more obstacles & fun!

Savage Training Camp:
September 17th – October 20th
5:30am, 8:00am & 5:30pm Mon – Thu at the Max
9am Saturdays off location

Fun Pics from Max Members




Photos by Photography by Angie, the folks at Savage Racevarious Vero peeps and Max members including Vivian Walter, Kristen Schmidt, Holly Kramer, Eva Savage, Kathleen Morgan, Jason Morgan, Melissa Wolfe, Sam Lecher, Jeff Langlois, Jaimee Hartnett, Calise Munne, Susy Bryan, Wendy Gardiner, Charity Gruwell and Jason Tull. 


More Fun Details!

CLICK HERE to sign up for Savage Race and join the Max Fitness Team.
Join our Savage Team & get $5.00 with this code: DoBCx
The more people that join the team, the bigger our rebate. Savage will credit your card $5, $10 or more the bigger our team gets.

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