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Motivation Monday Show: How to Fuel Your Kids for School

Motivation Monday: How to fuel your kids for school on the Sideline Show on WTTB 1490
Today I share tips on how to make sure you kids are eating healthy at school. We talk breakfast, lunch and snacks – and packing a lunch vs lunch money. Tune in every Monday for more tips live from 7am-8am on Monday morning or at your convenience on USTREAM.

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Monday Motivation: Tips to Making Fitness FUN!

Monday is the biggest day in the fitness business. It’s the day we start our diet and workout program after we completely blew it over the weekend. It’s a new day to claim a new attitude – and motivation is priority one. That is why The SideLine Radio Show has dedicated each Monday to fitness motivation, bringing you Motivation Mondays with yours truly.

Today’s Show: Today is the first of many motivating Mondays to come. Each show will start with 15 minutes of sports news & chat, and then it’s ON! – Nothing but diet and fitness tips, tricks, trends & motivation!!

Today’s Topic: The “Tips to Making Fitness Fun”

Football Season Kicks Off: As football practice season kicks off for many of our youth around town, our adults need to kick off leading by example – and not just telling our kids what to do and how to eat. So, I’ve decided Derek & Jason need to lead the leadership pack, and start getting their fitness on. In today’s show, we’ll be talking about how Steve plans to kick their sports fan tails! Listen to the Ustream below to find out how YOU’LL be able to join them!

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