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Product Review: GenetixHD – Ignite, Sculpt & Burn!

A week ago I started GNC’s GenetixHD. Now I have to tell ya, I am not very good at taking supplements. Fat burners make me freak out and I’m awful at remembering to take pills. So, with that said, let me tell you what I’m attempting.

Lucky for me, the women’s line body sculpting line only has 3 products. A META-IGNITE™ (a thermogenic) Pro-Sculpt (pre-workout drink) and a Physio Burn Stimulant Free (Metabolic Amplifier Complex) which you take with your largest meal.

Getting in the Fat Burning Groove
So I don’t forget to take my pills, I placed the Physio-Burn right next to my bathroom sink. Since my biggest meal is normally my dinner, I remember to take it when I brush my teeth and take out my contacts after dinner. As for the Meta-Ignite, that stays at work on my desk. I normally take that around lunch time since I drink coffee in the morning and didn’t want to risk freaking my little poor heart out. 🙂

The last item to attend to was the pre-workout drink. This one was a challenge for me since I don’t normally like pre-workout drinks. They normally taste horrible, but this one wasn’t bad at all. I started with just half a scoop. After I had that with no negative side-effects, I gradually increased my serving. It didn’t freak me out like NO Explode and some others. I felt energized, and besides feeling just a slight bit of flushing, I felt great.

Bad Bonnie
I think I became accustomed to the added energy, because I skipped a few days this weekend and BAM! No energy and I felt yucky. OK, I admit, it probably had to do with my crappy workouts and poor diet because we were slammed getting ready for a boot camp, but then I realized I had slacked on my GenetixHD.

I started back yesterday and I already feel SOOOO much better today. Bottom line, I think this is great for someone who may struggle with energy and the drive to get to the gym. Once you begin getting the results, the results will keep you going after that, but I do believe this is going to be a great kick start for my new workout program!

I’ll continue on this system and keep you posted on how I do and how I feel. All in all – So far, so Good! Definitely suggest it!

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