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Bikini Leg Workout

bikini leg workout

The above workout is the abbreviated version. Here’s the FULL version of this workout Steve did with his Bikini Competitors recently. Click on each exercise to view video demonstration.

5-Minute Warm Up: 6.0 on the Treadmill

leg workoutCIRCUIT #1

20 Dumbbell Lunges (or kettlebell pass-through lunges)
10 Sumo High Pulls


X 5


15 Hamstring Curls
20 Knee Repeaters (left)
20 Knee Repeaters (right)

X 4

swingsCIRCUIT #3

30 3-Position Leg Press (10 Each: Feet Wide, Middle, Narrow)
15 Kettlebell Swings
15 Leg Extensions

X 3


15 Straight Leg Dead Lifts
10 Kettlebell Snatches

X 3

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Swing & Sweat Kettlebell Workout

Swing & Sweat WorkoutTake your training up a notch with kettlebell training!! Kettlebell training is strength and cardiovascular exercise wrapped up into one awesome extremely effective style of training. Because it trains both the heart and lungs, as well as our muscles, it also saves times.

Kettlebell exercises also burn more calories and fat than traditional training with dumbbells- AND it works more muscles, including your core. For example, where a shoulder press isolates your shoulder muscles, a kettlebell snatch or one-arm press challenges your core, works your legs when you add a swing or squat, AND works your shoulders and arms too. Bottom line, you get more bang for your buck!

Sweat and Swing Workout:

Click on the link to see video instruction of each exercise.

Repeat 4 rounds for time to amp up the intensity. Get your towel ready and be prepared to SWEAT!

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

MORE KETTLEBELL! 14 Ways to Use a Kettlebell

Kettlebell Yesterday, I asked you guys what your favorite kettlebell exercises were! Thanks to Ana Farr , EddieTheBarsteward, Dannii from Hungry Healthy Happy, Astrid from BetterBelieveIt, Alfonso “The Angry Trainer“, Lisa from Kettlebell Bombshell and my very own Steve Pfiester from BCx Boot Camp, who shared some of their favs, I have 10 awesome exercises and 4 awesome workouts to share with you!

Give some a try – and share more of your favs below in the comment section! Now, let’s grab a kettlebell and get to work!

Top 10 Kettlebell Exerices!

Kettlebell WomanClick on the exercise to watch video demonstrations.

1. Turkish Get Up

2. Kettlebell Swing

3. Kettlebell Hip Drive

4. Goblet Squat

5. Kettlebell Presses

6. Figure 8s

7. Snatch

8.Kettlebell Clean

9. Kettlebell Woodchop

10. Kettlebell Crunch

4 Kettlebell Workouts!

#1 4-Step Kettlebell Workout with BCx trainer, StevePfiester 

CLICK HERE to get the whole workout at!

#2 Kettlebell Blast Workout by AngryTrainerFitness

#3 Check out Astrid’s latest kettlebell workout from  BetterBelieveFit 

#4 Kettlebell Workout by Kettlebell Bombshell (Lisa Balash)

more kettelbell
Stay tuned for more awesome workouts and tips at
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