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Fitness Motivation: The Hardest Step is the 1st Step

front doorIn my opinion, the actual run (or workout) is not the hardest part. It’s getting there. It’s putting your workout clothes on, and stepping away from the computer, kids, and responsibilities to START your workout.

Once I’m “there” (whether on the road or in the gym), I love it – but it’s like there is an invisible forcefield at the front door that makes it so challenging to step through that door and transform into the fit girl I love to be.

May the Force Be With You

runner startlineFor some people, there is an evil forcefield that seems to block them from going to the gym. It comes in the form of work, kids, laziness, fear, embarrassment, procrastination, guilt and many other forms.

BUT, once you have made a commitment to show up, the forcefield is broken. The same way Snow White could be woken from the curse with the most simple task, with true love’s kiss, YOU can break the curse by an equally simple task. You just have to show up.

Don’t Think So Much

gym excusesI think we overcomplicate things. We spend too much time worrying about what we are going to do when we get there, what we are going to wear, what our kids are going to think when we stick them in day care, what we have to cook for dinner, how we will squeeze it all in, what we are going to look like when we are floundering around the gym as a newbie, or how we are going to feel – embarrassed, fat, weak or out of shape.

Some people even think they need to lose weight BEFORE they go to the gym! That’s like trying to get well before going to the doctor. All these silly thoughts do is allow that forcefield to go up.

Just Show Up

GO TO THE GYMIt’s time to tear down the walls of intimidation, fear, laziness, and excuses – and just focus on one thing: Show Up. Day after day, just keep showing up. Once your feet hit the pavement, it’s golden. Once your body walks through the gym doors, you are set. The rest is easy! Most people would agree that they enjoy the feeling they get when they workout, they just have a hard time with the “starting” part.


I love to run but...

The shoes in this pictures are the Reebok DMX Sky.  They are really cool shoes that use air as cushion. I’ve been having ankle issues and I wore these yesterday and had the first day in several days with no pain. So, if you need extra support and like extra cushion, I’d definitely give these shoes a try. Very cool kicks.



FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I’m A Winner Every Day I Show Up

Motivation: I am a winnerIt’s that time of year when life is hectic and when I find it hard to shift gears, and get my head into my workouts. It’s hard enough to just show up, but then to actually have a good workout when my mind is thinking of all the things that need to be done, it can make any workout a challenge.

Then I got to thinking. I need to just focus on one thing and one thing only – just showing up. Even if I’m just going through the motions and I’m not “feeling it”, it doesn’t matter. Consistency is the most powerful aspect of fitness. Inconsistency will always be the biggest obstacle. So, if I can just keep showing up, I can be a winner no matter how I perform.

Every workout doesn’t have to make magic, it has to make movement. I just need to keep my body moving and keep my routine going. Yesterday was the perfect example of this. I was in no mood to workout. I wanted SO bad to just run home and curl up on the couch and pout after a crappy day.

When Life Happens, I Have 2 Choices:
1.) I can let life affect my workout OR
2.) I can let my workout affect my life.

As badly as I didn’t want to workout, I put on my new Bose headphones from Reebok (1st time every using them!), cranked my music, and hit the weight floor.

I’d like to say that was the end of my bad mood, but it wasn’t. I started my workout with lat pull-downs. Here is basically how my workout went First Set: “Not feeling this”. Second Set: “This is going to be a crappy workout”.  Third Set: “I hate working back”. Fourth Set: “I wonder if I should just blow this whole thing off”.

Then came bent over rows, then a crummy phone call that almost had me packing my bags. Instead, I walked back out on the floor to finish. Off for some Hammer Strength pull downs, “Why am I here?”  then lat rows. “Ok, Back done. Glad that’s over”. Now on to chest. Bench press begins. I feel strong, but at least I’m over the hump and I’m not stopping. I continue on with 3 other chest exercises – all less than amazing. Finally, I decided I should get in a little cardio too. It was slow and lame, but at this point I realized I am a rockstar for just showing up and doing it despite how I felt. THAT’s when it hit me. Just showing up can be pretty impressive on a day like that.

Who really cares about how fast you run or how much you lift? Not many people. However, someone that shows up day after day, dedicated and determined to get, or stay, fit no matter what life throws their way. Now, I think there should be a gold medal for that!

So in the end, I walked out of the gym a champion – and you can too. Keep Showing Up.

What To Do Before Victory Comes

How many great things would you have missed if you didn’t show up?

Photo by Cherie Wren

How many times have you worked hard and done all the right things, for what seems like a lifetime, with little to no results? We may admit to making some improvements – but no matter how far we have come, it is so incredibly easy to get discouraged. It’s so easy to focus on how far we have to go, instead of far we’ve come.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but some topics just need to be addressed over and over again – and this is one of them. Whether we’re talking about the last 5lbs of fat or losing 100lbs – the end goal can seem like eternity when you are focused on a goal. Sometimes, quite frankly, I’m often tempted to just give up – and yesterday was one of those days for me.

Then it hit me. Have I become obsessed with my goal or am I just determined to get there? And what is the difference? I concluded that when you are determined, you are focused on a goal without losing focus of the rest of your life. However, obsession is focusing on a goal to the point you lose focus of everything else. If you are determined, you should become more disciplined and in control – not lose control.

Even though I feel it’s important to keep your goals within site, the main focus should be what you are able to do now. I believe you can get so overwhelmed with what needs to be done, it can paralyze you. This happens in marriage, work, fitness, relationships and in life in general.

The answer? Just Keep Showing Up! That was the answer a guy gave his coworker when asked how he’s stayed married so long – and honestly, it is so true. Sometimes the answer to success isn’t some majorly complicated philosophical response – sometimes it’s “just show up”.

If you are tired of being stuck at a plateau in your weight, or maybe you feel your job or marriage is not meeting your expectations, let me encourage you to keep showing up. You can’t win a race unless you show up – and you surely can’t experience victories in life if you don’t show up. There are so many wonderful things that happen to those who show up.

Just Keep Showing Up Photo: by A Misty Moment.

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