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Interview with IRONMAN Competitors with Team Chocolate Milk

build itThe following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Built with Chocolate Milk.

They DID IT!! Apolo & Jen with Team Chocolate Milk finished the IRONMAN! I had the privilege of interviewing Gold Medalist, Apolo Ohno, and the Fitness Director at Women’s Health Magazine, Jen Ator, before their incredible IRONMAN experience. But first, here is the last video footage before the race…

Apolo Ohno:

Apolo OhnoApolo Ohno: America’s most decorated winter Olympian, know for 40-second bursts on the ice, trains to go the distance in one of the most grueling mental and physical competitions…the IRONMAN.

Q. Of course your training has to be very different, what do you love most about the new training program – and what do you like least?

A. I love the intensity of IRONMAN training, but I have not enjoyed training for the run so much. I’m not exactly a runner!

Q. One of the biggest questions people have when training for an endurance sport is what to eat before the event. What is your favorite pre-workout fuel(food)?

apolo ohnoA. I’ll usually grab an energy bar, pre-race. On Saturday, I’ll be up early and having a bar before the race.

Q. People often talk about carb-loading before a distance sport, what is your meal plan, or key foods, you will rely on to prepare you for the IRONMAN days and hours prior to competing?

A. For dinner the night before I’ll have fish and salad or vegetables.  I’ll get my carbs in throughout the day, but I won’t eat them at night.

Q. After doing Dancing with the Stars, which relies heavily on the musical backdrop, what was your first thought when you were told the IRONMAN didn’t allow music or any electronic devices during the event? And do you have any tricks to keep your mind off the pain? 

A. I always train with music, so it’ll be tough without it on Saturday.  Especially the bike – that’s the longest hardest part – but no doubt there will be so many people on the course to talk to for distraction!

Jen Ator

Jen AtorJen Ator: fresh out of ACL surgery 20-something year old Jen Ator’s was thirsty for a life-changing challenge. Through her “day job” is Fitness Director at Women’s Health Magazine she learned about IRONMAN and wondered if she had it in her to compete.  Just a regular girl, competing on the world’s stage…she’s one motivating, inspiring athlete!

Q. Out of all the training you’ve done over the years, and for this event, what is your favorite type of training – running, cycling, swimming, weight training, yoga…?

Jen AtorA. I used to be a lacrosse player and have also done a lot of weight training in the past.  For this, I’ve really enjoyed getting outside on the bike and running around Manhattan (West Side Hwy and Central Park, specifically).

Q. Since most women are interested in shaping their physique or controlling their weight with exercise, how has training for the IRONMAN affected your weight or physique?

A. I’ve gained weight because I’ve built so much muscle, but I’m a little more toned that I was before, that’s for sure!

Photo Credits:
Larry Rosa

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Workout & Eat Like Bret Lockett: Bret shares his workout routine & more!

bret7One of things I see more in the gym, is people training like professional athletes. Gym goers are doing more than just lifting weights and walking on a treadmill. They are doing conditioning exercises like plyos, sprints, olympic lifts and agility drills to take their workouts to a whole new level.

Whether you are working to improve your athletic performance, or your waistline, I think we can all learn from the pros. So, I asked former Patriots’ and current NY Jets’ safety Bret Lockett about his training program. If you saw him in his recent PETA campaign, you clearly see he’s in great shape – so let’s see what he does to sculpt that bod!

Here are some of the questions I asked him in my totally fun, candid and honest interview this week about how Bret trains, eats and stays motivated.

Bret LockettWhat is your favorite exercise? 

Overtime, I’ve grown to love doing different forms of training whether its been Olympic lifting, CrossFit, or UFC training. However, my favorite exercises to do are field specific drills that relate to my position on the football field. 

What is your LEAST favorite exercise, workout or body part to train? 

I’m not a huge fan of conditioning even though it’s the most vital part of football but I’ve learned to embrace the pain and turn it into motivation. (Don’t worry Bret, it’s not my favorite either! I need to learn to “embrace the pain” a bit more!)Bret Lockett

What is your weekly workout schedule? 

I workout mornings four days a week, with three days off. I lift first, and then I go out on the field and run. Mondays are speed focus days, Tuesdays are endurance days, Thursdays are Defensive Back specific drills, and Fridays are speed as well. 

What does an average day’s diet look like?

I usually try to eat between 3,500-4,000 calories a day. (Can I say WOW?! I thought Steve ate a lot!) So in the morning I’ll have something like oatmeal, egg whites, orange juice and a banana, after I work I’ll have a protein shake, for lunch I’ll have a big salad, in between lunch and dinner I’ll have a snack or protein shake depending on if I’m on the go or not, then for dinner have something like chicken, rice, and steamed vegetables. Before bed I’ll have another protein shake.  

Thomas-vs-Lockett5How many grams of protein do you get a day?

Usually 250-350 grams a day. (No wonder you have all those muscles!) 🙂

What’s your favorite “cheat” meal?

I love steak quesadillas with guacamole and sour cream. (ME TOOO!! But let’s not forget the chips and salsa! Ok, when’s the next cheat meal?! I’m ready!)

What’s your favorite healthy food?

Salmon and rice always does it for me. 

On those days you totally don’t feel like working out, what motivates you to show up anyway?

I know there’s always someone else in the world that would love to take my position, whether it’s on the field or in life. So me not wanting to better myself as an athlete and a person won’t get me to where I want to be in life. That’s what motivates me every morning. (SO TRUE! Love this!! I think this applies to SO many of us no matter where we are. We have to not only work to get where we want to be, but we need to work just as hard to STAY there. Great reminder! Don’t miss “Motivation with Bret Lockett“)

Bret LockettWho has been the most influential person in your career & training?

My parents primarily. They instilled the work ethic and the never die attitude I carry with me through every facet of life. I’ve met and worked with a lot of other coaches, teachers and mentors that have helped me along the way as well. 

What fitness tool can you not live without? 

My rehabilitation bands. They are amazing and I take them everywhere I go.

What is your favorite workout routine? We want to try it so we can look like you!! 

Bret LockettMy favorite workout routine is an ab circuit I came up with. (CLICK ON THE LINKS TO WATCH VIDEO INSTRUCTION)

20 Jack Knives  w/ 25lb. (plate in hands)
20 Second Static Leg Hold (6-8 in. off the ground)
20 Toe Touches w/ 25lb. plate (legs straight in the air, 90 degrees)
25 Plate twists w/ 25lb. plate (touch both sides and that counts as 1)

For beginners: Do once. Advance: Repeat twice and feel free to up the weight!

What is your mantra or favorite quote?

You must be willing to die, resurrect yourself from the dead, and die all over again to overcome every obstacle stopping you from achieving your goal.

And finally, can you put together a quick and simple (but totally kick-butt) workout plan that you use each week?

Warm Up (Bike for 7-10 min)

4×8 Pause Squats (pause and the bottom for 1 sec then explode up)

Super Set:
4×10 DB Bench Press

4×10 Push Ups

Super Set:
Lateral Pull downs
3×10 Lateral Lunges 

Bicep 21’s (7 reps half way up starting from the bottom, 7 reps all the way up, 7 reps starting from the top half way down)

Ab Circuit:
20 Jack Knives  w/ 25lb. (plate in hands)
20 Second Static Leg Hold (6-8 in. off the ground)
20 Toe Touches w/ 25lb. plate (legs straight in the air, 90 degrees)
25 Plate twists w/ 25lb. plate (touch both sides and that counts as 1)

For beginners: Do once.  Advanced: Repeat twice and feel free to up the weight!

Learn More About Bret Lockett at

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