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You DON’T have to be RICH to get FIT!

Many people blame a lack of cash for not being fit, but getting fit doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money. Sure, it’s much nicer to workout inside an air-conditioned gym, more comfortable to use nice gym quality equipment, and more fun to burn calories in a class with friends – but you don’t have to join a gym to get fit.

This past fall, my husband and I were in Wellington, Florida leading a boot camp at Ultima Fitness. Steve, known for using creative fitness tools, shared his fall spirit by leading participants through a workout with pumpkins instead of medicine balls. At first, everyone giggled at the idea of doing squat trusts with pumpkins but, once their muscles started burning, Steve was the one who got the last laugh.

Fitness tools can be very expensive when setting up a home gym. One Kettlebell or a Medicine Ball alone can be $70 each and free weights typically run a dollar a pound, which adds up fast. Even used equipment can be insanely over-priced in my opinion.  Read the rest of this entry

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