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40 Fitness Gifts for the Last-Minute Shopper

40 fitness giftsIf you had a week like I did, where your husband is shot (yes, that actually happened!) and you had emergency surgery that left you on your back for 5 days (yes, that happened too!), you may be in a total frenzy to do last minute shopping the day before Christmas!

Here is a list of fit gift ideas for your fit (or hope-to-be-fit-in-2014) friends:

  1. Fitness Clothes (I love Reebok of course! I also just got some really pretty Lorna Jane stuff!)
  2. Gym Bag (I love LiveWell 360)
  3. Workout Gloves
  4. Wrist Wraps (I like PRwraps, great for heavy lifts)
  5. Activity Tracker (I like Polar Loop, which connects with a Polar heart rate monitor)
  6. Fun Socks (You know how I love me sum socks!)
  7. Compression Socks or Arm Sleeves (I like Zenzah)
  8. Colorful Shoe Laces (Target & shoe stores often have them)
  9. Sporty Head Bands or Hair Ties for the girlies
  10. Gym Membership (at the Max of course if you’re local!)
  11. Gift Certificate for a Massage
  12. Gift Certificate for a Boot Camp or Personal Training
  13. Protein Smoothie gift card at your local gym or smoothie shop
  14. Gift Card to GNC (who wouldn’t LOVE that?!)
  15. Sports Bottle
  16. Straps (to help grip support for heavy lifts)
  17. Weight Belt
  18. Gift Certificate for an annual LiveExercise membership (online workouts)
  19. Shoe Freshening Balls (put in shoes or gym bag)
  20. Tennis Shoe Cleaner (I love Reebok’s cleaner)
  21. iTunes Gift Card for new music
  22. Yoga Mat
  23. Yoga Blocks & Straps
  24. GymBoss Interval Timer
  25. Balance Ball
  26. Yurbuds Earphones (the BEST! at Best Buy)
  27. iPhone Arm Band
  28. Bodylastics Resistance Bands set
  29. Protein Shake Mixer Bottle (at GNC)
  30. Food Scale
  31. Blender (for protein shakes)
  32. Juicer
  33. Smoker or Grill (a protein eater’s must)
  34. Dehydrator (for making homemade beef jerky & dried fruit)
  35. Diet cook book (shop Books-a-Million)
  36. Reebok Nano 2.0 shoes for cross-training (my favorite!)
  37. Gym Towel
  38. Water Bottle Belt (for long distance runners)
  39. Lunch Sack & Tupperware for dieters
  40. Fitness Magazines (great for motivation & stocking stuffers)

twas the night before christmas 2014

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts

There are a lot of great gift ideas, but healthy gifts keep on giving for days, weeks and months to come. With the New Year around the corner, there’s no doubt most people are already regretting consuming all the Holiday Fare and are already thinking about their New Year Resolutions.

Here are 10 healthy Holiday gift ideas to help your special someone take a healthy step into 2012:

1. iAnything – Whether it’s an iPod, iPhone or iPad – they all can make a workout more fun. Listen to the workout station on Pandora or watch the latest episode of your favorite ABC show (this is the ONLY way I do cardio indoors!!) on your iPad while doing cardio. Plus, get access to amazing diet and fitness apps!

RunKeeper, LoseIt, Spotify, IntervalTrainer, Motion Traxx Podcast (customized music for Runners), and SleepMachine (yes, we have to get REST too!!)

2. Gym Membership – Gym memberships can be like undergarments. You need them, but you hate to spend money on them. A gym membership can be that special place where your loved one can go to work on how they look and feel. Everyone needs a little “me time” and what better place to have that time than in the gym.

BONNIE’S TIP: Try before you buy! 
Many gyms will let you “try before you buy”. Ask for a day pass or if they offer a free week trial membership. Read the rest of this entry

Memorial Day = Fat Day? NO!

When someone has been really training hard and dieting, a day like Memorial Day can be as scary as a horror flick. No matter how great you’ve been all week long, one bad meal can blow the whole week. BUT Memorial Day can be one of the healthiest holidays of the year if you want it to be.

Think about it. Valentine’s Day is normally a fancy dinner out with high-cal gourmet foods and wine, Mother’s Day is often a buffet lunch after church, Thanksgiving is the biggest meal of the year with the most side dishes and desserts, and Christmastime is filled sweet treats. What makes Memorial Day have the advantage? It’s a grilling day!

Many other holidays are filled with casseroles and complicated recipes but Memorial Day is all about being simple. Grill up some meat and add a couple of simple side dishes and you are good to go!

Also, while many holidays are normally centered on laziness and food, Memorial Day is an active fun day. It’s a day that is normally filled with beach parties, parades, pool parties, boating, going to the park and just enjoying the great outdoors.

Cut calories on your Memorial Day:

1.) Grill white meat. Skip the steaks, grill marinated turkey, chicken or fish to get the most protein with the fewest calories and fat.

2.) Keep sides simple, using whole foods. Make skewers with green pepper, onion, mushroom, pineapple and tomato. Grill asparagus or corn, and throw in a simple salad.

3.) Make fruits and veggies your finger food. Trade chips for carrots, celery, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower, and spice it up with a nice greek yogurt dip or hummus. Fresh fruit always is refreshing on a hot summer day too. If you MUST have some salty snacks, throw in a few pretzel thins and nuts – but leave the chips at the grocery store because if you buy them, they WILL be eaten!

4.) Don’t drink your calories. There are a lot of misconceptions about alcoholic beverages. Just know that 1gm of alcohol has 7 calories, compared to a carbohydrate or a gram of protein having 4 calories per gram. It is VERY easy to consume a LOT of calories when you drink, so be wise. If you want to have a drink in your hand most of the day, choose a sipper – like a glass of Merlot. Avoid beer on a hot day because you will likely drink a lot of it because it’s cold and “refreshing”. Instead, drink a TON of water or sparkling water with lime. If you plan on drinking something special, drink one water for every beer or soda you drink to help you stay hydrated and to help cut calories.

5.) Keep a tally. If you haven’t been dieting – you can skip this step. BUT if you’ve been dieting hard and training even harder – this step is a MUST. Keep a tally on your calories to help you hold  yourself accountable. If you don’t, you’ll likely eat twice as much. Look at labels, look up calories on your iphone and keep a running total for the day. You’ll be amazed how much this helps keep your eating under control.

6.) Eat first. So you have no control over what you will be around because you are going to someone else’s house? I have an easy answer – EAT! Yep, you hear right – eat or have a big protein shake before you go to their house. You’ll be much less likely to eat their garbage and you’ll be less focused on food.

7.) Don’t feel sorry for yourself. If you are at a party and you see everyone else eating and drinking whatever they want, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Instead, realize everyone is looking at your discipline in admiration. They see a determined, focused and controlled person. If people would be honest, most of the people around you would probably admit they envy your dedication. Remember, you never know who YOU’LL inspire. Stay focused and don’t give in like anyone else. You aren’t just anyone other Joe-Schmo! You are a success story in the making! And when you reach your goal and get that rockin’ body, I don’t think anyone will be feeling sorry for you then – and they’ll remember the time you stuck with your guns on Memorial Day. (and you’ll be hoping the next holiday party is a pool party so you can show off your new hot bod!)  🙂

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

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