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GYM BAG: Prissy, Practical & Pretty

Fivesse gym bag

I use my gym bag more than I do my purse! A matter of fact, I don’t even CARRY a purse during the week! A rely on my gym bag to carry all my belongings around. That is also why I don’t want to lug an ugly bulky manly bag from home to work to the gym or whereever!

So when I recently discovered Fivesse Home-Gym-Work Bag, I instantly fell in love! Maybe it was the soft pink accents. Maybe it was the cute tabs on all the pockets to help you organize your things. It could have been the pretty color combinations and patterns. When I try to pinpoint it, I simply can’t! I think it’s D: All of the above!

I got my bag with a matching garment bag for those times I need to have a nice change of clothes on a hanger instead of all bunched up in a gym bag. This was a super nice addition and perfect for any career woman or traveler. This bag would also be a fantastic carryon for those quick trips.

Here are some of the things I loved most about my bag:

Separate laundry pouch for wet clothes!

Vented Shoe Pouch

Straps to hold a yoga mat or towel

Clip for keys or gym key card

Cool little gadget in the shape of their logo to wrap chords, organizing headphones or USB chords for charging iPods or iPhones.

Not one, but TWO bottle holders!! This is great for me since I like to have a water bottle AND a spot for a travel mug, energy drink or protein shake!


Love all the pockets! It makes me feel SO organized!
101-02-01-15T 101-02-01-13T

Tons of storage pockets for: 

  • class schedules/ipad
  • dirty clothes
  • glasses
  • gym card
  • gym toiletries
  • keys
  • lock
  • music
  • earbuds
  • phone
  • shoes
  • valuables
  • water bottle

4 Different Awesome Patterns: 


Cost: $124
Garment Bag: $64


Gym Time! Are You Packed for Success?

Livewell360One of my favorite sayings is “if you fail to plan, plan to fail”, and it is SO true – especially in the fitness world. Proper diet and training takes preparation. And, as soon as you find yourself unprepared, it is easy as pecan pie to go off plan.

Eating on the go and going to the gym takes a certain level of preparation. Your food needs to be portable, and packed up in Tupperware with all the utensils you need. Also, your gym gear has to be loaded up and ready before you head out the door each morning. That means my Live Well 360 bag needs to be packed with all my favorite fitness accessories, healthy food and apparel ahead of time. I suggest packing everything up the night before so you don’t run out of time, and run into excuses to go off plan.

20 Items in my Bag RIGHT NOW!

  1. Tilapia, a sweet potato & a banana
  2. Shoes, shorts, tank and socks
  3. iPad (for watching TV on the elliptical)
  4. Yurbuds earphones
  5. Wrist Wraps (PR Wraps)
  6. iPhone Arm band
  7. Voss Water bottle
  8. Supplements
  9. Impact Energy Gum (new to New York – and now available at our gym!)
  10. Powder & lipstick (I never use it, but I have it just in case)
  11. Body Lotion (just in case I am smelly or dry! ha)
  12. Hair ties & head band
  13. iPhone charger (gotta have enough juice for my tunes!)
  14. Hoodie (stays in my bag just in case)
  15. Wallet (because I don’t carry a purse during the week)
  16. Speed rope
  17. Camera (yes, because you neeeever know when you’ll need to make a fitness memory!)
  18. Bath & Body Works Body spray
  19. Protein bars (I had Designer Whey bars in mine right now!)
  20. Macbook Pro (because it goes everywhere I do!)

Packing for the day is just one of the ways to prepare for fitness success. Check out my blog “5 Ways to Prepare for Fitness Success” at LiveWell360 for 4 more tips!

About My Favorite Bag

I have 2 LiveWell 360 bags. This is the CORE bag. Totally comfy and not bulky. My other bag is the Luxx bag, with a built-in padded laptop case!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

Million pockets! Ok, not really ..but a LOT! Yes, I’m TOTALLY organized!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

I plan to succeed with a well-packed bag! Take a peak of what I can fit inside!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

Built to last.

You can find bags cheaper, but I promise I will still be using my Core bag after you go through your next 3-4 cheapos! If you are a gym rat, it’s worth the investment to buy a gym bag that is perfect, high quality and that won’t let you down!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

Fit Gifts: The Best Gym Bag

photoMerry Christmas to Me!
I got an early Christmas present and, not only do I absolutely LOVE it, because it’s unisex, now Steve wants one too. It’s the Core gym bag by Live Well 360.

There are a ton of gym bags out there, but most of them are pretty generic and less than exciting. When I have shopped for gym bags in the past, they are always the same. Boring. Boring. Boring.

Then I discovered Live Well 360 bags and I discovered gym bags with purpose. Innovative design, well-thought out, good looking and very functional.

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 9.55.48 AM

Here are 5 things I love about this gym bag:

1. Streamlined design – Most gym bags are so bulky they should come with a WIDE LOAD sign – but this bag has a slim design and lays nicely against your body when you are carrying it so you don’t knock someone out when you walk by someone. The triangular shape (wide at the bottom and narrow at the top) makes this bag seem smaller without compromising space. It carries more like a big purse than a canvas suitcase, so it was the perfect bag for shopping all the vender booths at this weekend’s CrossFit “Clash of the Fittest” competition. In the picture below, you can see how slim the footprint of this bag is in comparison to Steve’s last gym bag.

bags8 bags5

2. Pockets galore – The Core bag has a large interior compartment for the bulk of your gear, a separate large vented pocket for your stinky shoes or wet clothes, elastic pocket for a water bottle or protein shake, and many smaller pockets for organizing wraps, headphones, gloves, make-up and whatever else your little heart desires. All the pockets not only help you to keep your gear organized, but it helps you take better care of your gear, including the soft fleece-lined pocket which is perfect for holding your nice jewelry.

bags bags4

3. Quality – Gym bags are notorious for canvas fraying, zippers breaking, straps breaking and plastic clips cracking. When you get a Live Well bag you can immediately tell the difference in quality to know this bag is built to last. The strap is made out of smooth durable seatbelt material. Live Well doesn’t use that cheap thin canvas material. Instead, they use super thick handmade ballistic nylon that’s soft to the touch, but incredibly durable. Also, instead of plastic clips and hardware, they use heavy duty satin nickel. They stand behind their product so much, they offer a Quality Guarantee – if there is a problem or defect, they’ll fix it or replace it.

Live Well 360 Bags bags14

4. Inspirational – You know I’m a sucker for motivation, so when I saw that the entire bag is lined with motivational words, you know I was in heaven. It adds style, and it refocuses your mind every time you open the bag.

bags13 bags10

5. Roomy. I don’t like a big bag, but I do have a lot to carry to work (which happens to be the gym) with me every day. I don’t like carrying a purse, a laptop bag AND a gym bag SO, the right bag for me has to carry it all. To show you what my bag looks like on a typical day, I emptied all the contents out to show you how much this bag holds – and that’s without even stuffing it. I had plenty of space left to pack more stuff in there. 🙂


Here is what was in my bag today:

1 Workout Outfit 
Socks & my new favorite Shoes – the Nano 2.0
15″ Macbook Pro
iPad (for watching TV on the elliptical)
PR Wraps
Yurbuds Headphones
Speed Rope
iPhone arm band
2 Designer Whey bars
Camcorder (for shooting video)
Camera (always on “duty” for my brands)
Lotion & Perfume for a refresher if needed
Powder, foundation, Lipstick, lipliner & hair ties
Hand sanitizer 
and a partridge in a pear treeeeee 🙂

Those are all the reasons the Core bag made my Top 25 Fitness Gifts for Your Fit Friends. It would be a perfect Christmas gift that will get a ton of use! The Live Well Core comes in Black, Purple and Grey.

Top 25 Fitness Gifts for Your Fit Friends

In order to create one of the best fitness gift lists online, I reached out to people like you! I asked you what YOU wanted for Christmas, searched the web to find some of the coolest gadgets in the industry, and thought of all the fitness toys I can’t live without. Unlike many articles, no one has paid me to add them to the list. This is just a list of the top 25 fitness gifts, from $9 to $199, that I either have myself and love, or would love to have under my own tree.

I did all the work for you! Now shopping for your bestie is easy as clicking on any of the links below! Have fun making your BFF’s Christmas one of the best yet!

Top 25 Fit Gifts for Your Fit Friends

1. 6 Pack Bag – A deluxe 3 or 6 meal lunch cooler designed to organize meals, protein drinks and more. Finally, being prepared can be easy – and look nice too! The Foil lined back has 5 meal compartments in the 6-pack, 3 meal compartments in the 3-pack, a top organizer for supplements and vitamins, side slots to keep drinks upright, and ice packs to keep it all cool. $49

2. Yurbuds Inspire for Women – Music to my ears, these awesome earbuds, made specifically for women, are made to fit smaller ears and stay put while you move, sweat, lift, plyo and run. Don’t fret guys, they also have Yurbuds for men too! These earbuds are no joke. If you’re sick of earbuds falling out while working out, you will be thrilled to get these for Christmas, because they fit the ear like a custom fit hearing aid – and they ain’t going no where! $29

3. The Jawbone – I honestly have NO idea how it does it, (maybe I’ll get to try it myself and give you an in-depth review some day), but evidently, this incredible bracelet literally is like a healthy spy that tracks your every move. It intellegently tracks your sleep (light and deep sleep), tracks your activity (calories burned, activity and inactivity), reminds you to move when you’ve been still too long, tells you when to wake up with a smart alarm feature than knows the optimal time to wake up to feel refreshed in your sleep cycle, gives you the best power naps (waking you up at the perfect time to be recharged), and more. Waterproof, comfortable, crazy cool, good looking and a great healthy fitness tool any fitness peep would LOVE! $129

4. NXE Active Sleeve – After tying this myself, it quickly became one of my favorite ways to hold my iphone while working out. This slick stretchy fabric iphone arm sleeve is not only comfortable to wear, it makes it easy to slip the iphone in and out for quick access, unlike most armband cases that lock your phone in and are hard to view while the armband is on. So if you find yourself always trying to access your phone, or you like to tweet between sets, this is a great option for your smart phone. Comes in a 2-pack (one white, one black) at Radio Shack. $20

5. LiveWell 360 Core – The Core bag is not only WAY sleek and stylish, it has 9 perfectly designed pockets, complete with separate vented compartment for stinky shoes or sweaty clothes. With an interior mesh pocket for your water bottle, and slip pockets for your phone, wallet and keys, there’s no need to take your purse in to the gym with you. This bag does it all. The fabric is thick, soft, comfortable and durable. The hardware is all satin nickel hardware that looks pretty, and also will withstand the test of time. This bag is totally unlike any gym bag I’ve ever seen in stores. At first glance, you may think it’s a little pricey, but when I think of all the gym bags we’ve gone through – I would have come out cheaper if I just bought one LiveWell bag. Available in 3 styles. $187

6. Wahoo Fitness BlueHR Heart Rate Monitor – Say goodbye to Bulky Heart Rate monitor watches and hello to Wahoo – the world’s first wireless blue tooth heart rate monitor. This handy dandy device syncs to your iphone for easy tracking and works with other popular Apps, like RunKeeper, MapMyRide, 321Run, Cyclemeter and endomondo. Even if your connection is interupted, the Wahoo heart rate monitor continues to record data. It’s even waterproof up to 5 feet – perfect for our triathlon peeps! You can even use the Blue HR while using bluetooth headphones so you can track your heart rate while listening to your favorite motivational tunes. Yes! This is on MY wish list!! $75

7. Design Your Own Reebok Gift Card – Get the gift of individuality. This totally fun and unique gift lets your bestie choose the style and their favorite color combination to create their one-of-a-kind shoe. Choose from a variety of patterns, colors and styles to create a totally unique pair of shoes that’s as unique as the designer. Lack creativity? That’s OK, there are over a million custom designs created by other people that are available for purchase, or for a starter template to get the designer going in the right direction. Totally fun and totally awesome! (Another one on my list!) $100+

8. FitBit Aria – This extraordinary scale not only records your weight, BMI and body fat, but it uploads all the information to your computer so you can track your progress and set calorie goals. It’s also family friendly, with automatic recognition for up to 8 people. There is even a community option to share your progress with family members and friends, for added accountability. The FitBit Aria syncs with their matching free iPhone app and computer so you can view graphs and progress no matter where you go. $129

9. Camelback Glass Eddy Bottle – If you are like me, you don’t like that nasty plastic taste of cheap water bottles, then you’ll love this PBA free glass water bottle. Simple, clean, healthy & yummy water making bottle comes with a pretty protective silicone sleeve! A simple gift that will get a lot of use. $22

10. Wordlock – OMG, can I just tell you how I wish I had this in high school. For people who can’t remember their darn combination code, this lock makes keeping your valuables safe easy. With many colors and styles to choose from, including bike locks, cable locks, pad locks, luggage locks, utility locks, sports locks, discus locks and even commercial locks, you can choose the perfect lock for your perfect fit friend. $9

11. iPod Shuffle – This itty bitty music maker comes in 8 colors and lets you have all the musical fun without the weight and bulk of an iphone or ipod. With up to 15 hours of playtime, runners and triathlon athletes can enjoy music for miles and miles. With the voice over feature, it’s easy to find the right playlist or find out the name of the band playing at that moment because it talks to you. Cute, convenient, portable and smart – you can’t go wrong! Just clip it to your clothes and go! #49

12. Smartwool Arm Warmers – Most of you know I’m a sucker for accessories (like knee high socks!), but these are not just stylish, but have purpose too – they keep you WARM (in style of course!). Perfect for your active friends who like to play outside in the cold, this is a great gift for a bestie who likes living life in the great outdoors. $25

13. Reebok Compression Arm Sleeve – You don’t have to be a CrossFitter to love this gift. More than an accessory, this arm sleeve not only keeps your arms warm in the cold, the UV protective and heat reflective material prevents you from overheating in the sun. Compression gear also helps aid in recovery, making it a must-have for athletes and performance driven fitness fanatics. And can I just add that they toootally look ridiculously cool too?! WANT! $44

14. GymBoss – This interval timer turns into a trainer that tells you when to work, and when to rest. Adding a timed component to training majorly boosts intensity. Trade sets and reps for a predetermined time of work and rest, like 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off. A great tool to add to anyone’s fitness tool box. Just clip the GymBoss to your clothes and get ready for muscles to burn – and your body to sweat! $19.99 and up.

15. Lose It! Premium App – The Lose It! app is free, but the premium app has a slew of handy features to help your friend reach his or her fitness goals, like syncing to their favorite fitness app like Nike+ and RunKeeper, Withings Scale, Fitbit Aria, Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and Zeo Sleep Monitor. Set more detailed goals than the free app, including body measurements, blood pressure, blood glucose, sleep and exercise. Lastly, with Premium users, Personal Trainers and Nutritionists using Lose It Connect can monitor their clients meal plans and activity for added accountability and support. $39 $29/year (on sale!)

16. Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii – Zumba instructors always make Zumba look so easy – and so good! However, doing Zumba takes a little talent and skill to perform to actually look like you know what you are doing. So, now you can practice in your house. Whether you use it as a prep course for a live class, or you use it to get your dance and sweat on without the gym, this is a great buy for someone who loves to dance – whether they look good doing it or no! $39

17. TRX Suspension Trainer – A great gift for fitness tool collector who loves the toys that bring the pain. The TRX isn’t for beginners in my opinion, it takes a bit to learn all the moves, but the TRX is a great gift to enhance any workout routine and it was on several people’s Christmas list this year. Suspension training develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. A little pricey, but a fun toy and a good adjunct to any training program – especially for those who train at home. And yes, I have one in my own fitness collection! $199

18. iPhone 5 – Everyone knows the iPhone is not just a phone, but to a dieter or fit fan, the iPhone is an essential tool to help them reach their goals. That’s why the iPhone made the top 25 list of best fitness gifts – it’s truly an essential tool in the diet and fitness arsenal. The iPhone offers hundreds of helpful tools to get fit, lose weight, explore exercises, check your heart rate and so much more. With apps like iFitness, LoseIt!, Fooducate, RunKeeper, Heart Rate, Fitness Buddy, Nike+ Running and Pedometer.

19. Reebok Adjustable Speed Rope – An affordable gift that can help take your friend’s workout up a notch. Jumping rope has quickly become a staple exercise in any conditioning workout and athletic training, like CrossFit and BCx Boot Camp. It’s a simple gift, but will be an appreciated gift for anyone serious about their workouts. $18

20. Adidas MiCoach Speed Cell – A great gadget for the athlete, this performance tracking tool captures time, distance, speed, speed zones and number of sprints. The device instantly uploads it to your iphone or computer so you can see your results, like TopSpeed, Burst Speed, Total Distance and gametime stats help you improve your game. A totally cool gift for athletic training. $70

21. Bodylastics Resistance Bands – This one never goes out of date. It was on my list last year, and it stays on the list because it’s tried and true. Bodylastics bands are a great alternative to weights that are more affordable – and very portable. These bands are not only strides ahead their competitors, more durable, and heavy duty, they stand behind their product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime defects warranty. Since they take up less space than weights, you can throw them in your gym bag while on the road or on a vacation, and not miss a workout. The Bodylastics kit comes with a variety of strength resistance bands, door anchors, handles, ankle straps and a how-to guide (not to mention a whole list of online workout shows to follow at You may think I’m just biased, because Steve leads a few of the online fitness shows – but we wouldn’t even work with them if we didn’t think they were a stellar company – and really love their products! $28.95

22. Yogamatic Custom Yoga Mat – This is the Yoga mat Jennifer Aniston had custom made for Oprah (of Oprah’s dogs). This is the perfect gift for any yogi and a way to make your bestie’s yoga experience even more special! Totally a fun gift that will be the talk of the class! $89+

23. Go Sport ID Bracelet – Customize one of these cool ID bracelets – perfect for running, cycling and triathlons. They not only look cool, but they are a great safety precaution in the event of an accident. Believe me, I know! Several years ago, my mom fell on dark early morning run, broke a rib and got knocked out. You can never be too careful – and with a custom engraved Go Sport ID, you can do it in style! Choose from seven different styles, including bracelets, shoe tags and necklaces. $16.95+

24. RealFlex Neoprene Workout Gloves – These are my favorite workout gloves of all time. They are comfy, washable (leather gloves can STINK in a hurry!) and they don’t bunch up like worn material or leather. The glove has a durable rubber pad (like a paw) that makes handling heavy weight much more comfortable, and adds more traction for better gripping. The velcro strap and overall style of these gloves make it super easy to take on and off. Plus they are super cheap – you gotta like that! $9

25. EatSmart Nutritional Pro Scale – I personally own this scale and love it. Although I use it mostly for weighing items to enter in my Lose It! app, it has some SUPER cool features that makes tracking calories even easier, and more accurate, like an internal database of over 1,000 foods. Simply key in a 3-digit code and weigh your food to get nutritional information, including calories, fat, protein, carbs, fiber, sodium, and several other nutrients. $69


Is your fitness wish not on the list? Post your items below! You never know who it may help – and who’s watching (like Santa Claus!). 🙂


Serious Gym Bag for Serious Gym Rats

When I go to the gym, I look I’m moving in. Members and staff have always teased me when they watch me lug my purse, laptop bag, gym bag and lunch bag in to work everyday. And I don’t blame them, it really is ridiculous.

As you know, I like to tell you about products I’ve discovered (both good and bad), and occasionally I do product reviews. Well, I recently discovered a really KILLER gym bag that solved all my problems and I just HAD to share! It’s called the LUXX gym bag by I have to admit, at first glance, they looked similar to other gym bags, but the more learned, the more features I saw that could really help me out.

1. Eleven Awesome Pockets. Oh my goodness, how I love pockets. A girl’s gotta have her pockets! A pocket for my phone, gotta hold my water bottle, one for my headphone and arm band, another for supplements, and don’t forget one for make-up! The list goes on. That many separate pockets TOTALLY ROCK in my book – and this one has enough to organize even MY world!

2. Stinky-Shoes Solution.  Yep, you heard me. There is a separate vented pocket for your tennis shoes. So no more stinky-feet smelling clothes, or sand in with your nice outfits and dirty marks on your light colored clothes. You now can keep them separated – and that’s how it should be.

3. Padded Computer Compartment. OK, this one feature alone sold me!! No more separate laptop bag!!! OMG! Freeeeeeeeedom!!!! My Macbook Pro slips in nicely in the back padded pocket and the inside has plenty of space for any computer accessories I may need.

4. Yoga Mat Holder. Whaaaat? How cool is THAT! Honestly! Saturday I went to yoga and if I didn’t have this bag, I would have juggled a purse, gym bag, brief case AND a yoga mat. Instead, I proudly walked in the gym with just this one bag. Yes, I felt very cool. ha!

5. No Need for a Purse. I’ve always brought my purse AND my gym bag with me to the gym. However, with the large side compartment boasting 4 super easy-access pockets, I don’t need my purse. The only reason I used to carry it is because I didn’t want to toss all my stuff into a big gym bag. Now I have my make-up in the zipper slot, my iphone in the 2nd slot, my camera in the 3rd slot (yes, I always bring a camera every where I go), and my perfume/body spray in the 3rd slot (which, right now, is LaVanilla Laboratories Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Passion Fruit). Then I put my keys on the built in lanyard (also great for your locker key and/or gym membership card) and I toss my wallet into the spacious side compartment and I literally have a built in purse. I feel so organized it’s not even funny!

6. A Bag that Inspires. Every time you open this bag, you will see inspirational words to keep you going. A nice touch for sure!

7. Incredible Durability. I’ve spent anywhere from $49-$99 on a gym bag. They are normally thin nylon or canvasy bags that never last. The stitching comes lose, zippers bust, or the bag rips and frays. Although this bag is on the pricey side in comparison to mainstream brands, there is absolutely no comparison. As soon as you touch and feel it, you can tell this sucker is going to go the distance. And if you are like me, and your gym bag goes with you everywhere, it pays to have a gym that won’t fall apart on you. They are so confident in their quality, they offer a quality guarantee. They will fix or replace it in the event you have an issue. How’s that for service?!

8. People love them. When push comes to shove, what really matters most is what their customers think – and they’re getting rave reviews. Live Well 360 bags have been featured in top publications including Oxygen MagazineExperience Life Magazine, the German edition of Shape Magazine, LiveStrong, FitSugar, and SparkPeople – and of course, now  🙂

Bottom line, this bag is worth the investment! And, although I’m a pretty girly girl, it’s simple design makes this bag great for both men and women.

The only thing I would add is some bling for girls like me. If you know me, you know I like flash. So I look forward to seeing if the line gets fancier as it grows. I’d love to see some cool prints, Swarovski crystals, or Gold accents appear on these bags in the future. I’ll throw a penny in a wishing pond and see if it comes true! And if it does, I’ll be the first to write about it! 🙂

Until then, I guess I better order a some Inspriational Charms! Happy Gym Bag Shopping! Let me know if you decide to try one!! You’ll LOVE IT!     – B –

Sleeper Fitness Apparel: Looks Can Be Deceiving

Have you ever heard of a “sleeper”? It’s a car, like a grocery getter or family car that, at first glance, looks like many other cars – until the driver punches it. What you don’t know is what’s hiding under the hood. Well, DA Active  fitness apparel is a sneaky sleeper fitness line that has more punch than it seems at first glance. Here’s my story of my owner personal encounter…

Sure, I’ll Try Anything
I’ve had the pleasure of trying some of the best sports apparel in the industry, so when DA Active approached me about trying some of their clothes, I can’t say that I was that excited. I looked at their site and the clothes were simple – and I’m not that simple. I like wild, fun, hip and different. I have to admit, I didn’t expect what was about to come in the mail. I greatly underestimated this company. (let me emphasis GREATLY).

Special Delivery
Even if you aren’t quite sold on a company, there is still something exciting about Fed Ex & UPS arriving at your door. It’s like Christmas! In my case, it was more like my birthday (my birthday was June 25h)! I ripped open the box as if there was bars of gold in them. Low and behold, bright colors flashed before my very eyes. This was already looking a lot more exciting than I was expecting!

Their website simply did not do this line justice. The colors were vivid and almost electric (in a good way). Every single piece not only looked sharp, but fit like a glove (and not the skin-tight “I’m uncomfortable” glove). I’m talking, this line’s fabric was amazing, colors were fun, and fit was perfect. Pants and sleeves were long enough (which is hard to find) and, out of all the clothes they shipped, I literally loved every single piece of clothing (unheard of for me).

I will say, I did pull out the removable padding, but the built in sports bra was plenty for me. To be honest, there was nothing I didn’t like about this line except for the removable padding – and it’s “removable” so I was good to go!

Besides the amazing fit, the great colors and the awesome fabric, here’s the best thing about the line – the PRICE!  Their line is half the price of many of the lines I shop. So, I get all the quality for half the price? YEP! I sure do!

The capris I loved were only $61 – compared to my typical $100-$120 workout pants. My braided top (above in green) was only $44 – again, half what I have paid in the past). This may still seem steep at first glance, but let me tell you – pants of this caliber will last YEARS! I still have pants I bought 8 years ago that are made with similar material and they are just as pretty and black as they day I bought them. Yet, I have other brands that didn’t last one season. So, for people who live in fitness clothes, it’s well worth the investment.

No, I’m Not Getting Paid
I should make one other thing clear. I am not paid by DA. I have no obligation to them. I am not getting compensated for this blog. This is purely me telling you about a really awesome fitness line because I genuinely love it! I pride myself on offering honest information and will never sell out for a paycheck – ever. I only promote brands I truly love so you can continue to trust my experience and suggestions.

Here are my favorite pieces!

#1 Energizer-Bra – fitted awesome V-cut spaghetti bra top. LOVE!

#2 My Light (bright) Green Braided Tank – fitted in the chest, loose and long in the waist – and an AWESOME braided back! LOVE! LOVE – and so did everyone else!

#3 Super cozy, yet sharp Running Tank – Loose fit that flows over the body nicely and still has nice shape without strangling you. Light, comfy and LOVE this color! I got TONS of compliments on this top.

#4 My matching Do It Again Capri – Great fit, love the wide colored waistband and material. I wore this complete outfit with a jacket and it looked SHARP!

#5 DA Hoodie – This hoodie makes me wish it was fall! I love the thumb holes and the fit. When I paired this with black bottoms, I looked like a total fitness pro. There is nothing sloppy about this hoodie! Another fav!

#6 DAJacket – Quite possibly the sharpest jacket I’ve ever had. I swear, I could wear this with matching pants and look like I’m weaing a sportswear suit. Totally amazing for fitness professionals. I will wear the HECK out of this come fall! It’s fitted in all the right places – awesome fit and look! (PS – LOVE the lavender! I think I may have to get one in every color!)

Next on my list is to try the long pants. Ok, I’ll be honest, that’s not the only thing on my list. I want everything in every color! ha! You can’t go wrong with this line – I promise! 🙂


I liked it so much I asked them if they would give YOU a discount! Yep, you get 20% OFF if you use my personal discount code: PFITNESS when you order before August 31st. If that isn’t cool enough, they are doing a contest right now and you could win a %500 shopping spree!!  CLICK HERE to learn how to win the $500 shopping spree!

Next Review: LiveWell 360 “The Luxx” Gym Bag

This awesome bag has 11 pockets, including a separate pocket for your stinky tennis shoes & socks, straps to hold your yoga mat and a surprise compartment for my most prized possession. Let’s just say, you won’t need ANYthing else if you get this bag. CLICK HERE for my full review to learn more!  – B –

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