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2% Fat vs Non-Fat Yogurt

Chobani YogurtMany people grocery shop with the best intensions, searching for low-fat low calorie items. However, just because an item is low calorie or low fat doesn’t mean it is the best choice. A great example of this is Greek Yogurt.

Before you can decide which yogurt to purchase, you need to ask yourself “what type of fuel do I need?” and “what are my goals?”. What do I mean? When I added my yogurt into my LoseIt app, I realized my yogurt was one of the small things throwing off my goals. I was getting more carbs than I wanted and I noticed my protein wasn’t quite as high as I expected (especially at breakfast). As I looked a little closer, I discovered the difference was my yogurt. I had gone from plain greek yogurt to vanilla (and had no idea it was non-fat).

Non-Fat vs. 2% Fat Greek Yogurt

As I compared the 2 yogurts, I was surprised to see how different their profiles were. See for yourself!

greek yogurt nutritional information photo 1

The non-fat vanilla yogurt has zero fat, but a whopping 20g carbs (and 20g SUGAR!) – and only 14g of protein compared to the 2% which only has 7g carbs and 17g protein. Don’t boycott non-fat vanilla yogurt just yet though. There’s more to this story than just choosing low-cal, low-carb foods.

While the 2% plain yogurt is ideal for a breakfast, snack or meal, there is one time of the day the non-fat vanilla yogurt would the perfect fuel for you – after a workout. You see, after a workout you want protein and sugar (to help push the protein through your system quickly). You also don’t want to have anything that would slow digestion in it (like fat). So, the non-fat vanilla yogurt would be a great fuel for those times you can’t get a post-workout protein shake. Since you can buy yogurt in small containers, this makes a great alternative to a shake if you are traveling or in a pinch.

When it comes to breakfast, stick with the 2% plain (unsweatened) greek yogurt. The fat will help the yogurt stay with you longer, keeping you full and energized. You get more protein and also less carbs, which is great for all of us trying to limit carbs and sugar while building or maintaining muscle mass.

Yoplait_Original_Blackberry_HarvestRemember, not all yogurt is created equal. If you have some regular yogurt in your fridge, you need to compare labels. For instance, plain Yoplait yogurt has 33g carbs and ONLY 5g protein! That’s MORE calories, MORE sugar, MORE carbs and much less protein and nutrition for the fit peep.

Even Yoplait Lite has double the carbs and sugar than Chobani’s plain Greek yogurt. This means you will be hungry about 30 minutes after you eat the stuff, and that’s not what any dieter wants to hear!

As you track calories and learn more about nutrition, take your time studying labels and shopping for foods for fuel. Dieting isn’t just about choosing low-calorie foods, it’s choosing healthy foods that give you the nutrients you need without the extra riff-raff (sugar, fillers, etc). When you eat like this, you’ll discover you aren’t really dieting at all, you are just eating smarter!


pFIT TIP: Healthy Breakfast Tricks

If you’re like me, and you like cereal, you are always looking for healthy low-cal ways to get it in without ruining your diet. Unfortunately, cereal and granola can be extremely high in calories – and in fat. On top of that, we use WAY more than the ridiculously small portion sizes posted on the box. As if I’d only eat a 1/2 cup of anything! Really?

I’m all about getting the MOST food for the LEAST calories. Then, my next mission is to make sure the calories aren’t all coming from carbs and/or fat, so that means it needs to have a lot of protein.

What if we didn’t rely on the actual cereal itself to boost our protein, but actually changed the way we ate cereal altogether? This is how I’ve changed America’s #1 breakfast.

Goodbye Milk
If I were to make my favorite Back to Nature Granola, and used the serving sizes as suggested, I’d be less than satisfied. 1/2 cup of granola is a tease –  and with one cup of milk, my granola would be so lonely floating around with all that white liquidy room. I’d be more than unsatisfied.

The Ole Switcheroo
This calls for the pFIT pFOOD Switcheroo! When you’re eating cereal, you’re relying on each morsel of crunch to fuel (and entertain) you instead of the milk you put it in. What if we reversed roles and we relied on the white stuff for the fuel and the crunchy stuff for the fun?

Why switch it up? The primary reason is cereal with fat free milk doesn’t stick with me. When I eat a meal, I don’t want to be hungry in 30 minutes, so I strategically plan my meals to have a nice balance of fat, protein and carbs so the meal not only tasty, but it lasts.

Trade 1 cup milk for 1/2 cup Chobani Greek Yogurt
Cut granola portions in 1/2, from 1/2 cup to 1/4 cup
Making these 2 changes cut calories and doubled the protein! AND I bet it stays with you longer! Check it out:

Regular Granola & Milk:
270 calories  & 10 gms of protein

Granola & Chobani:
260 calories & 22gms of protein

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20 Ways to Cook with Chobani

It’s easy to rack up the calories when you are cooking. Creams, oils, butter, dressings, dips, toppings and condiments are rarely healthy and almost always high in calories and/or fat. However, we can still enjoy our saucy extras without all those extra healthy calories if we just think outside the box – or container cup, I should say.

Greek Yogurt is not only a great snack, it is great for cooking and baking too. Every fit household should have a big tub of Chobani plain Greek yogurt in their fridge ready to enhance your favorite recipes – without enhancing your waistline!

Use Chobani in any recipe that calls for high-fat ingredients like heavy cream, mayonnaise, sour cream, milk, buttermilk – and even oil!  Experiment with using it to thicken salad dressings, soup and sauces. If you aren’t creative, then visit the Chobani website and check out their killer recipes. Not only do they have the recipe, the fitness-conscience company has the nutritional information posted right there on their site! So no excuses calorie counters!

20 Ways to Cook with Chobani

1. Fruit Dip
2. Chobani Wasabi Sauce for Salmon
3. Frozen Fruit Pops
4. Stuffing
5. Smoothies
6. Chobani Cilantro Sauce
7. Turkey Pot Pie
8. 3 Layer Mexican Dip
9. Spinach Quiche
10. French Toast
11. Tzatziki 
12. Asparagus & Hollandaise Sauce
13. Keylime Pie
14. Coleslaw
15. Potato Gratin
16. Cucumber Feta Chobani Dip
17. Stuffed Shells
18. Chipotle Dip
19. Vanilla Cup Cakes
20. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Cooking Tips:

1. Butter: Replace 1/2 Butter with 1/4 portion of yogurt
2. Oil: Replace half the oil with 3/4 the amount of yogurt
3. Sour Cream: Even swap
4. Milk: Replace a 1/4 of milk or water with yogurt to make recipes creamier.
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How do YOU use Chobani in your kitchen?

Send Chobani your recipes and ideas and share your creations with other Chobaniacs.

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