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2 Biggest Fitness & Diet Mistakes

insanity#1 INSANITY – The first big mistake is doing what Albert Einstein defines as insanity – Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” As ridiculous as this may seem, people do it all the time. They workout for YEARS with absolutely no change. I understand this problem because many people simply don’t know what to do different – but the next mistake…oh my!

#2 STUPIDITY – (Please forgive me using the word “stupid” but I’m not pointing the finger – I’ve done it too). The second biggest mistake is (to me) the dumbest one of all. It’s when you get an amazing result with one formula – and then you try a new formula expecting the same result. This person KNOWS how to get success – but they keep searching for an easier way. Or, they keep trying to find someone who will tell them what they want to hear, ultimately wasting precious time they could be just doing what they know already works.

We are going to dig DEEP into this one because this one is the most unnecessary mistake of all.

Wash, Rinse & Repeat

best shape of your lifePeople often say  “I was in the best shape of my life when I __________”. They tell me they used to compete, they used to play sports, they used to do boot camp or they used to run… What I want to know is this: If you were in the best shape of your life when you “use to _________”, why aren’t you doing it now?

I often see this after boot camp. We get someone in the best shape of their life in our BCx Boot Camp program, and then they quit or start something new. I understand change is good, HOWEVER, if it’s not KEEPING you in the that state of being “the best shape of my life” maybe you need to rethink your fitness plan.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It?

Quit trying to fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with. You did something that worked, now do it again.

Sadly, people want to try to do as little as possible in hopes of getting the same result as doing as much as they have in the past. We do the same with eating. We see how much crap we can eat and get away with without gaining weight – and we normally fail.

You get OUT what you put IN. You can’t expect to gain muscle running. You can’t expect to burn serious calories lifting weights. You can’t expect amazing conditioning when you never tax your heart and lunges. And you can’t expect to easily pass up a donut if your workout was easy, because we all know the harder we work, the more protective over our calories we become.

BCx Boot Camp

Programs, like Boot Camps and sports conditioning (like CrossFit), combine different exercise methods to work strength, stamina and cardio all in one workout – as well as we make it tough enough that you think twice about blowing your hard work on crappy food choices. It’s all in the design of our programming – and the same goes with having a personal trainer, training for a show or doing other intense style training programs.

I’m not saying our BCx Boot Camp program is the only program to deliver results. (Here’s a sample of what someone can do in 6 weeks of Boot Camp.) What I’m saying is, unless you continue that same intensity of training with the same type of dieting that once delivered you amazing results, you can’t try something totally different, or cut back, and expect the same result.

It doesn’t mean you have to workout 6 days a week and beat your body up the way you might have to lose weight and get in shape, but once you hit maintenance, you shouldn’t just quit – and unfortunately, that’s exactly what people do. They join a gym and do a program for 4-6 weeks and then you never see them again.

You should be in “get fit mode” or “stay fit mode” – never just “off”. 

If you have been missing the fitter version of you, I encourage you to think back to what you were doing when you felt your best – and just simply repeat it. There’s no need to try something new. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Do BCx

Don’t have access to a program like BCx? Get the same workbook our Boot Campers follow online, and follow our killer 4-week online training program.  For those of you who aren’t local, or haven’t done our BCx Boot Camp programs online yet, here’s video footage of our program here in Vero Beach, Florida.

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DAMAGE CONTROL: 7 Weight Loss Tips to Help You Bounce Back

How do you jump back on the right track, after a totally blowing your diet on Holiday weekends like Thanksgiving? Here are the steps we take at the Pfiester’s, to get us back in the groove.

Purge the crap. No, I’m not promoting bulimia. I’m saying get rid of the junk in your house. For example, Steve bought a pint of ice cream Friday weekend. Sunday night he said “my diet starts tomorrow. Do you want to know how serious I am?” And he proceeded to take the ice cream out of the fridge and toss it in the trash. It’s hard to eat clean when you are surrounded by junkfood. So, like Steve, if there is food in your kitchen you know is something that will tempt you, get rid of it. If you feel guilty for throwing food away, get over it. Keeping it doesn’t help solve hunger – and giving it to your friends or family is like passing along a disease. Do you really want to make someone else fat? Just get rid of it. No one needs that stuff.

Stock up. Once you purge all the crap, it’s time to replenish and do some healthy grocery shopping. Many times we eat poorly because we don’t have anything healthy handy. If you want to eat healthy, you have to shop healthy.

Prepare. After a weekend of feasting, I cooked up all our healthy food for the week. Grilled zucchini and squash, grilled fish, new potatoes, slow cooked chicken, and a whole roasted turkey is what’s on this week’s menu. Now that we’re stocked up, there’s no reason to go off plan.

Shrink the tummy. The first few days of getting back on track is all about portions. I eat several small meals and snacks, without ever filling all the way up. I also do a lot of watery, low-calorie density foods like soup, fruits, vegetables and smoothies to keep me full while reducing calories. In a matter of days, my stomach flattens back out and the smaller portions are perfect portions.

Burn it off. After falling off the wagon, I not only get back to my routine but I do double duty. I do 2 cardios a day to help boost my turn around. It helps erase my mistakes and gets my head back in the game.

Count calories. Even though I know what to eat, I always go back to tracking calories (I use the Lose It app) after going off my regular routine. It helps me stay focused, as well as get results quickly. Without calorie counting, my bounce back is normally slower and I’m not as strict. Accountability is key – and nailing the diet is essential to success.

Stick with it. To prevent going off my diet too soon, I stick with a plan and set goals for how long I will stick to my routine. Consistency is key, so I don’t let myself cheat until I’ve either fulfilled the time, or hit my goal (which is normally a goal weight).

Diet Tip of the Week: Calorie Density

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Get Fit with 5-Minute Workouts

Got 15 minutes? How about 5?
Sure you do! You waste that amount of time creeping people’s facebooks. Well, I have good news! Steve Pfiester created a 4-week workout program for Designer Whey made up of simple fast and effective 5-minute workout segments.

Although we have a lot of people who jump right into an intense workout program without even blinking an eye, many people would rather ease their way into a program. Basic Training does just that – it builds in intensity and time each week. Plus, Basic Training is truly a basic program, meaning it’s built on simple exercises you can do at home.

Scared to commit?
Just give me 3 days!!  This week’s workout is only three 5-minute workouts: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Below is the first 5-minute workout, Alpha. Complete the following exercises for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off, counting each repetition as you go. Write your reps down on this Basic Training Tracking Sheet. Follow the video to get further direction.

  • Push Ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Burpees
  • Air Squats
  • Jump Rope


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So You’ve Gotten Out of Shape Again?

This blog is for all of you who have slipped away – the backslidden gym member, client, runner, athlete or dieter. 

You’ve probably heard of the return of prodigal son. It’s a story of a son who, after making a ton of mistakes, comes home to his father’s open arms. The same way people backslide in life spiritually, people backslide in fitness. You may have once been that girl or guy who was doing all the right things. Then life happened, and it pulled you away from your ideal way of living. The question I ask is not how you got there, but what you are going to do about it now.

Definition of Backslide: 1.) Drop to a lower level, as in one’s morals or standards. 2.) Lapse into bad habits 3.) To revert to wrongdoing

You Can’t Hide Forever
I run into people all the time, who were once members of our gym, or did a boot camp, and the first thing they do is explain why we haven’t seen them. They begin vomiting excuses and beating themselves up for their weight gain, as if I am judging them for backsliding. Puhlease! If this is you, I will NEVER judge you for gaining weight or not going to the gym. I’m no better and I struggle just like anyone else. It’s not my job to judge, it’s my job to encourage you to return and embrace you when you come back.

Quit Beating Yourself Up
Most people have already beat themselves up for so long on their own – they don’t need other people to do it too. It’s a waste of time and energy on past decisions. People need to be received, encouraged, loved on and reminded that they succeeded once before, so they can do it again – and most people will be so excited to see you “back”, they will take you any way they can. This is especially true in positive environments like a gym or church. They are both in the healing business.

Stop Running
Unfortunately, it seems people will avoid the people and places they need the most during these times. Maybe it’s fear people will “remember when” they were more fit, but that is your own guilt haunting you – not their condemnation. You know good and well, they’d LOVE to see you back in the gym and support your decision to get back on track. The past is the past, and all that matters is what you are doing this very minute.

The fact of the matter is you know what’s best for you. You know when you were the happiest and healthiest. You even know what needs to be done to get back there. The only thing that maybe holding you back now is pride.

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11:2

Maybe it’s time to suck it up, put your pride aside, and go back “home”. Whether that is a gym, trainer, workout program, running routine, or diet support group – NOW is the time. Don’t say “tomorrow”. Don’t say “next week or next month”. Don’t say “when my son/daughter is…”. Don’t say “when I can…”. NOW is the time. NOW is always the RIGHT time.

*Thank you Rich Chaffin for inspiring my blog today. As always, scripture has the ability to hit home in more ways than one.

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You Can’t Hit High, If You Aim Low – Rethink Your Fitness Goals

“A person may aim high and hit low, but he never hits high if he aims low.”

Do you think Aimee Mullins (pictured left) aimed low? It’s obvious she set her sites high and it paid off. She easily could have slipped into depression and allowed her disability to define her. Instead she defined herself and has been named as one of Esquire’s “Women We Love,” one of Jane magazine’s “10 Gutsiest Women,” one of Sports Illustrated’s “Coolest Girls in Sport,” and was celebrated as the “Hottest Muse” in Rolling Stone’s annual Hot List.

As I read the “aim high” quote, one of my grandmother’s favorite quotes in her handwritten book of quotes, stories & scriptures she gave me on my wedding day, I was inspired and perplexed all at once. How dangerous is it to aim low? It sets you up for failure, slows success, sabotages true happiness, causes depression, suppresses hopes and dreams, and literally causes people to be physically unhealthy – especially when their dreams are to BE healthy. So, why do so many people choose to aim low at all? In the fitness world, I think this answer is easy:  Read the rest of this entry

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