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Run After Your Dreams (literally)

chase your dreamsSeriously, this is SO ME!  As I lay in bed, I think of all the things I should have done and need to do the next day. I think of what I will do better and what I will quit doing. I reflect on both my failures and my successes. Since snacking at night is always a struggle, many nights I think “I blew it”. Sometimes it’s me fussing over 100 extra calories, sometimes it’s 500! Either way, as I lay there, I begin to imagine me burning them off.

I imagine waking up more motivated, strong and disciplined. Honestly, if I could run at night (Yes, technically I can run at night, but I don’t like running in the dark, and it IS bedtime, etc. Just humor me here!)… If I could run at night, I would bolt out of the house like lightening. (Of course this is just my imagination. I’m sure it wouldn’t look like I picture it in my head. Needless to say, I fall asleep thinking I will make it all better in the morning. My pulse even increases. I get excited. I get motivated. I picture myself extra determined and really disciplined. I remember how great it feels to run and how awesome I feel when I stay disciplined. I decide right then that I will start my day off right and I will erase those dang calories tomorrow! Yessss!!!

Now that I have a solid plan in place, I can rest. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Then I wake up. Ut Oh! Where did that girl go!? Where’s the girl that was ready to leap out of bed right into her running shoes? Yes, that girl! Where is she? Have you seen her? Maybe I’ll have a cup of coffee and give her some time to show up. Still no where to be found? OK, maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee. Hmmmmm. Maybe she’s waiting for me outside.

Time to put my running shoes on and go find her. Yes, I must search for her. She is out there somewhere. I can’t wait on her to show up. My results can’t depend on her. I must find her. I will go. I will chase her down. And, every morning I will search for her. Eventually I will find her. Eventually she will show. But until then, I’m running – with or without her!!

Fitness Freaks Freak Me Out! (and make me laugh…HARD!)

There are people who workout and then there are “fitness freaks“. You know the kind. They don’t just workout, they live it, breath it, eat it, preach it, live for it and have no life outside of it. OK, before you start to point the finger at ME, consider I am a fitness professional – it’s kinda my job to “represent”. BUT, although I do tweet it, facebook it and write on it – I live a relatively pretty normal fitness life. Meaning, I jog and workout a few days a week – that’s about it. I eat normal food, I live a pretty normal healthy life.

On the other hand, some people dive into fitness and get in so deep they scare everyone away. This video, put together by part of the FitFluential team, is a perfect example of those types of people. They often are misinformed and narrow-minded. They try every diet gimmick and believe every new fitness fad they see. They are full of excuses (and just full of IT) and have all the answers. They are basically self-absorbed obsessed people with a warped view on what fitness and eating healthy really is – BUT they aren’t the norm, so don’t let them scare you away too! Get ready for a laugh! Enjoy!

PS: Can you spot Steve Pfiester in this video? (He’s kinda hard to miss! hahaha)

What do YOU think of when you think of a “Fitness Freak”? (and don’t say ME! haha)
I want to hear from YOU!

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