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30 Days of Motivation: Don’t Let the Work Overshadow the Reward

Steve PfiesterIn Steve‘s blog yesterday, “Hello 2013. What Now?“, Steve talks about the reality of how you feel before you start working on your goals, during the process and once you reach your goals.  “Reality” is the key word here – in order for us to successful, we have to be more realistic. His words were simple, but so powerful and true.

Today, we’re going conquer our worst enemy – our mind.

Today’s Mantra:

2013 I will be

No Pain, No Gain

wish i could lose weigh

I think some people live in a dream world (or maybe a “wish” world). I blame advertisers for pushing a message “no pain, and have gain anyway” – but that is a lie. That’s just not life. As a result, we wish our way through our workouts and diets. We wish that we could take a pill and sit on our but and lose weight. We wish walking the dog would be considered cardio. We wish that counting calories wasn’t important. We wish our halfhearted effort would pay off. We wish it didn’t hurt so bad. We wish it wasn’t so hard to get to the gym. e wish, we wish, we wish. Before you know it, you’ve wished your way out of results. Then, when we don’t get the results we wished for, we wish we never even wasted time trying.

fight the mindIt’s time to come back down to reality. To accept what you are in for, and also embrace the fact that it will all be worth it. Unfortunately, the reward often gets overshadowed by the work – to the point the works is all we can see. And for most of us, it will take a few purposeful steps (note: I’m using that word “purposeful” a lot this year). In order to reach our goals we must be very strategic and purposeful in our planning. Just like an army prepares for battle, we have to be prepared for every attack imaginable – and our biggest enemy is our mind.

But the End is SOOooooOOOOOoooooo Far Awayyyyyy

tired-womanIn order to succeed this year, you have to be in control of your thoughts. You can’t let the thoughts that face you today, like pain, struggle, doubt and a goal that seems almost too far away to ever reach, fill that pretty little head of yours up and sabotage progress.

It is SO easy to let the “now” paralyze you instead of push you. But, as you plan your attack this year, you can be ready. You can use those thoughts to trigger a productive response. You can remind yourself that it IS worth it. You can tell yourself that your pain will be replaced with power. Will it be difficult? Yes, it very well might be. Will it be worth it? Yes, it totally will be.

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CAUTION: Fitness Can Be Misleading

Fitness is a lot of things to a lot of people. However, people can be so focused on the small stuff, they lose focus of all the right stuff. Some people get led astray by specific aspects of fitness that tickle their fancy in the moment. Others get turned off by the obsessed fitness freaks who treat fitness more like it’s a cult than a healthy lifestyle, shaping their bodies into something that looks more like a cartoon character than a picture of health. Then there are the people who really have never experienced fitness, so the only impression of fitness maybe a self-absorbed coworker mocking them at the office every day.

Fitness: Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

It’s more than a trend.
Fitness is cool and everyone knows it. People don’t look at fat, lazy people and want to grow up to be that guy. They want to be the guy or girl they see running the beach in the morning or hitting the weights religiously in the gym every day. They want to be the celebrity in the tabloid shot  leaving yoga or doing a quick workout while on vacation, like Matthew McConaughey from Magic Mike.

Fitness is cool, but we need to remember the impact it can make on people’s lives. People who live the fit lifestyle are leaders, whether we like it or not. People are watching us and we have the opportunity to use that cool-factor to encourage others to get healthy. We can ACT cool and turn people off, or we can BE cool and turn people on to fitness. Just think, you may be the only flesh-and-blood fit person someone comes in contact with. Are you going to attract them to fitness or make them run back to the couch and ice cream?

It’s more than a sport.
It’s not just one sport, fitness has a ton of sports and games. Bobybuilding, Figure competitions, Crossfit Games (#CROSSFITGNC), Marathons, Triathlons, Mud Runs, 5Ks, Power Lifting…you name it. Then there’s the competitive side outside of actual sporting events like the P90x Challenges, Biggest Loser contests at work, 90 day challenges, etc.

It can be easy to get so deep into the sport of it, you forgot why you started the whole fitness thing to begin with. Some people get so focused on the sport, they become judgmental toward others that don’t take their fitness to the competitive level they have chosen. Before you know it, someone can focus so much on their particular sport, they  begin to neglect their actual health and let other areas of a healthy lifestyle slide.

Yes, it’s a sport, but it’s not just about winning and losing. We need to make sure we don’t get so caught up on our performance that we forget our improvements – and where we are headed.

It’s fixes more things than you think.
Although most people depend on fitness to fix their waistline, no one should expect fitness to be a quick fix – or just fix one specific problem. It fixes a lot of problems – and if you realize that, you will feel even more successful in your fitness journey than you would ever feel if your only concentrating on finding your six-pack.

Sure fitness can whip your body into shape, but it improves (and can completely fix) many ailments and physical issues like heart disease, obesity, cardiovascular health, diabetes, asthma, poor flexibility, body pain due to weak or tight muscles, and many other issues that can make life pretty miserable. Not only that, it helps our mood and is scientifically proven to drastically improve, and sometimes completely eliminate, depression.

Remember, there are no quick fixes, but there are REAL fixes – and fitness shouldn’t be about just fixing only one of them.

Fitness is a lot of things to a lot of people – what does fitness mean to you?  – B –

Success isn’t WINNING. Success is IMPROVING!

I may not be the STONGEST
but I will get STRONGER.

I may not be the FASTEST
but I will get FASTER.

I may not have the BEST BODY
but I will get a BETTER BODY. 

Success is not about WINNING, it’s about DOING!

Don’t let your pride stand in the way of making improvements. We can all get frustrated at our weaknesses, but we need to get excited about our progress. Quit focusing on what you aren’t and focus on what you are becoming. I may never be a champion, but I sure can train like one – and so can you.

Do YOUR 100% and never, EVER give up! That’s all that matters: You becoming a better you!

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Fitness: Conquering Your #1 Enemy

We don’t always want to do the work,
but we always want the reward.

Have you ever flipped through a magazine, gazing at an amazing physique and thought “This is who I want to be”. But no matter how motivated you are in that moment, you skip your next workout? Or maybe you’ve been i n church and thought ” This is who I want to be”, but as soon as you leave, the fire in your heart dies leaves also?

It’s so easy to be focused one day and off the wagon the next. Why? Our flesh wants what our flesh wants – and our flesh never wants what is good.

When I looked up the definition for “flesh”, I had to laugh because the first definition described our flesh as soft. This is so incredibly true. Our flesh is easy to penetrate, it’s not firm or strong at all. It also referred to it as the surface. Again, so true. Our fleshly desires are always shallow, based on what’s on the surface of reality – not what is deep and lasting. Lastly, it describes the flesh as our body opposed to our mind and soul – the physical or carnal nature of mankind. Our flesh, literally the opposite of our soul, is our own worst enemy.

Your #1 Enemy
I hear people say “you should be able to eat what you want” or “you need to live”, as if doing what is good for you is dying. If you think of your fleshly desires, can you ever think of it wanting something good for you?

Think of the Seven Deadly Sins: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lustenvy, and gluttony – they are all led by our flesh. Even if they weren’t considered a sin, there is not one of those things that are actually good for our health. And whether you like it or not, you will constantly battle your flesh for the rest of your life so you might as well learn how to battle it.

1. Keep your head in the game. You may not be playing for a national championship or a gold medal, but you have your own goals and they are just as important. The same way a coach would warn you to keep your head in the game, you need to do the same. Do everything you can to avoid distractions, and keep your mind and heart focused on the things that are important to you.

2. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Unfortunately, we all have friends that aren’t “good for us”. They are the first ones to talk us into going out for Pizza or the first ones to invite you to a party. Life is so much easier when your closest friends are also actively battling the flesh too.

3. Keep yourself in check. Ask yourself “will I feel good about this decision tomorrow?” If you feel like skipping your workout, verbally ask yourself how it will make you feel tomorrow. Or how will you feel tomorrow after having that bowl of ice cream? We all know the guilt that comes when you follow the flesh, it’s important you remind yourself of that. Living by our flesh will always lead to disappointment.

4. Invite others to keep you in check. This could be a spouse, a friend, a workout partner, a trainer or even an online friend. Everyone needs the added accountability.

5. Constantly and purposefully refocus. Our flesh constantly reminds us of what we want, so we have to constantly remind our body what WE want. What are you doing every day, and possibly several times a day, to help you stay focused? We need visual cues and text to remind us what is truly good for us.

6. Just do it. Everyone wants to be a winner but few people want to do what it takes to become one. Whether you are just wanting to lose weight or you are a professional athlete, it takes discipline and dedication. If an athlete woke up everyday just thinking about the training, it wouldn’t take them far. They aren’t focusing on the training, they are focusing on the triumph. Train with a purpose. Eat with a purpose, Live with a purpose. And even when you don’t feel like doing the work, remember you will always feel like getting the reward.

As Nike Says: “Make It Count

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Fitness: How to Stay the Course, Weather Storms & Reach Your Destination

Are you in control of your ship or are you lost at sea?
We have the opportunity to steer our bodies and lives into the right, or wrong, direction – and if we choose NOT to steer our lives, then the world will steer it for us.

Who’s in control of your vessel?
Our lives are not much different than a ship in the ocean. Waves and winds can toss us around IF WE LET IT orrrrr we can take control of the direction we are heading. This doesn’t mean storms may slow us down or redirect our path for a period, but it DOES mean we don’t have to just float around letting life dictate our progress or final destination.  YOU can be in control of your vessel or the world can.

Sure, the world can throw you Burgers, but do you really have to eat them? You can let friends pull you away from your goals or you can pull THEM to YOUR goals. People are easily influenced – both for good and bad. The bottom line is YOU have a choice to influence or be influenced.

Can you stay the course?
I think many people on a healthy journey of losing weight and getting fit let life’s storms and outside influences toss around a bit. It would be tough paddling a boat in the middle of the ocean toward land you can’t see – and that’s how many of us feel when working on fitness goals.

You can be making SERIOUS progress and getting MUCH closer to your goal, but feel defeated and lost. This is why we need to keep tools in our life to help you navigate and stay the course. Tracking weight loss, journaling how you feel along the journey and having a pair of “skinny jeans” to measure progress can Read the rest of this entry

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