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The Scoop About the Polar Loop

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Many of you asked me what I thought about my new Polar Loop and, as promised, here’s my review!

Polar Loop


Let’s be honest. Some of the activity trackers are not that pretty. The Polar Loop looks nice on and, with the silver accents, looks more like a piece of jewelry than a sports band. Another thing I like about the Polar Loop is that it tells time. I mean, if you are going to wear something in place of your watch, it might as well tell time too right? That is something my last activity tracker didn’t offer, and I really enjoy that simple feature.

Polar Loop Simple

If you are looking for a ton of options and fancy features, this isn’t your band. This activity tractor is super simple and focuses on covering the basics. The band syncs easily with the iPhone via bluetooth, which I love. No special adaptors or cables needed to see your updated activity.

Once you have synced your band with your Polar Loop app, you can view just one screen that shows everything you need to see at one glance.

The circular graphic displays activity from light to dark blue:

WHITE: Sitting or passive behavior
GREY: Medium activity – walking or moderate activity
LIGHT BLUE: Resting or lying down
BLUE: Low activity, standing work or light choirs
DARK BLUE: High activity, jogging, running and intense activity.

polar loopClick on the circle and it will display your activity in real time so you can see your movement and rest patterns. That’s my favorite screen, because it doesn’t look as bad as allllll that white and light grey! ha! BUT, it’s good to see the reality of how inactive even an active person like me is!

Polar loop

polar loop

The Polar Loop gives you goals and displays where you are for the day. You can see here, above (at the top of the screen), that I was 254% of my goal. If you scroll down on this same screen, you will continue to see more information including:

 Calories Burned
 Steps Taken
 Active time
 Sleep Time

The Polar Loop shows I received one inactivity alert to remind me to get moving! It also has some motivational words about your activity to make you feel like a super star! …AND, if you need some help getting moving, you can click on the “i” (information) button and it will display ways to reach your goal.

The most exciting thing to me about the Polar Loop is that it’s the only activity band that connects with a heart rate monitor – so this bracelet will track calories burned and activity even more accurately than any other exercise band. This is something I’m still working on how to learn, and use.

Polar LoopI wore it on our LiveXFit show yesterday and I traced my calories burned in one of Steve’s kickboxing classes – where it showed I burned over 500 calories. I LOVE knowing how many calories I’m burning when I exercise!! It makes me love those darn burpees a little bit more! I’ll share more as I learn it. I still have a lot of playing to do!!

Check out this cool video showing all the features!

Technical features:

  • Waterproof for swimming
  • Custom-fit bracelet
  • Time of day
  • Display texts in English
  • Data transfer via custom USB cable or Bluetooth Smart via Polar Flow mobile app
  • Memory capacity 12 days activity data
  • Rechargeable battery with 5 days continuous use
  • Web service compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, or later, and PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or later
  • Mobile app compatibility with iOS 6 (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPod touch) or later

Bottom line, if you really love fitness and tracking calories burned, get the Polar Loop, as well as the chest strap heart rate monitor, for the most accurate calorie and activity tracking around! I’ll share more as I learn more!! Now, I better get ACTIVE!!

5 Surprising Fitness Tools You May Already Have

You don’t have to have expensive weight equipment to workout. There are many household items you can use for added resistance in a home workout routine. Here are 5 household items that can enhance your fitness program.

1. A Gallon of Water

Workout with waterOne gallon of water weighs 8.33lbs. Pick up 2 gallons and you instantly have a set of eight-pound dumbbells. Exercising with two gallons of water not only adds 16lbs to your workout routine, but it also challenges your balance as the weight of the water shifts around with each you movement. Since you can pick up a gallon of water anywhere, getting familiar with working with water gallons can give you more options when on the road or away from the gym.

2. Stair Step

Athletes have used stair steps for cardio and conditioning training for years. Running stadium steps proved to tone the legs and glutes, burn a ton of calories and challenge the heart and lunges like no other exercise. Even if you don’t have a few flights of stairs available, you can do a lot with just a single step. Performing a Step up lunge on one leg, for 15-20 repetitions each, is great for toning the glutes and thighs.Box jumps can be performed on a stair step to increase power production, as well as READ MORE

FIT Pros Favorite FIT Toys

“People want REAL products recommended by REAL people that REALLY work!”

Everyone is looking for the next cool gadget or fitness tool to buy to boost their workouts. Sure, you can click on a banner ad or buy some “As Seen on TV” fad if you want to waste your time and money, but the REAL way to find out if something works or not is to ask the pros! As you may know, between my fellow Fitness Advisors for Sears and fellow Fitness Ambassadors with FitFluential, I rub shoulders with some very cool fitness leaders across the nation.  So I decided to ask some of my fit friends what their favorite fitness gadgets were and share their favs with you! Here are 25 fun fitness twitterific replies!

Fit Pros Favorite Fit Toys: 

Bob Harper
@BonniePfiester I would have to say my kettle bell
…it’s my favorite piece of equipment

Follow MyTrainerBob on Twitter: I want to #challenge you to make #SmarterChoices! Working from the #InsideOut, you can achieve your goals. No more excuses, make the change TODAY!

Bonnie Pfiester
My Fav Fit Toy is a Pair of 15lb Dumbbells
I do walking lunges with them, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, abs – LOVE my 15lbers

Follow @BonniePfiester on Twitter: FITNESS: ADVISOR/WRITER @SearsFitness TRAINER@DoBCx Boot Camp at @FitStudio AMBASSADOR@FitFluential BLOGGER WEB

Kelly Olexa


TRX is so awesome for core moves but I also love it for back. We’ll be doing it on the @FitFluential fitness tour 

Follow KellyOlexa on twitter: CEO, Founder: @FitFluential. Fitness Fanatic, Starbucks Addict, Social Media Cupcake: Ford Fiesta Agent, FitStudio Partner, Polar Ambassador. Show me the sushi.

Joyce Cherrier
the fooducate app is my fav tool & my polar HR monitor fav gadget
U scan barcode on an item, it grades it & tells u why. Also gives options in same category. My kids love it 2! Scan everything!

Follow joycecherrier  on Twitter: Misplaced Maui Girl 1st life: Health Food Store owner & Pro Windsurfer 2nd: Mom, bass player, ocean, eco & organics. Sears® Fit Studio Expert, Attune Foods Am.

Steve Pfiester
25lb Slam Ball

I have clients do Slam Ball, overhead walking lunges, squats, abs, thrusters & all kinds of stuff with it.
(You can see Slam Ball 36 seconds in this BCx workout)

FollowStevePfiester on Twitter: BCx Boot Camp Trainer, Sears Fitness Expert, Trainer for VH1’s Bridal Bootcamp & ABC’s Fat March, Longevity Fitness Clubs owner. CrossFit & TRX Trainer

Franklin Antoian
Oregon Scientific Strapless HRM

I love that it’s strapless and reliable!

Follow iBodyFit  on Twitter: Fitness Writer l Founder of the Online Workout site l Fitness Expert for If you can Get Online, you can Get in Shape!

Leslie Goldman
Not a big gadget girl
I love my Nalgene H20 bottle, yoga mat, padded spin shorts (tho they r hideous-looking!)
BONNIE’S NOTE: Seeeeeee people, gadgets are necessarily necessarY to get or stay fit! 🙂 

Follow LeslieGoldman on Twitter: Women’s health guru. Body image diva. Write 4 Women’s Health/O/Fitness/Self/Runner’s World/espnW. Beyoncé once touched my elbow & my grandpa invented jogging.

Alfonso Moretti
Burpees with a Kettlebell Snatch & Press

Follow AngryTrainerFit on Twitter: Sears Fitness Board Member, Mens Fitness / Discovery Fit & Health Writer, Fitness Authority, Fierce Sagittarius

Heather Frey
 love bands for shoulders and all things upper body.
BONNIE’S NOTES: Get a set of Bodylastics for $45.

Follow SmashFit  on Twitter: Founder of SmashFit! Fit-xpert on TV’s Miami Moms_Writer_Speaker_CPT_Artist_Figure Comp My outside’s a reflection of my inside xcept u cant see all the laughing

Danny McLarty
I’d have to say my foam roller.
With the foam roller I like “McLarty Rollouts” (video: and soft tissue work all over the body!

Follow DannyMcLarty on Twitter: Fitness writer, Fitness Coach, and Basketball Skills Coach. Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee. Sears FitStudio Partner.

Sarah Kay Hoffman
I take it w me everywhere. Lance is motivating. Goal-oriented!  (Nike Plus review at Sears)

Follow sarahkayhoffman on Twitter: Senior Brand Manager at @singleymackie. digitally-addicted country girl w/ (gluten-free) foodie-fitness flare – Community Leader w/@TheLaughingCow (e)SKH

Shari Fitness
Stability Ball

Stability ball pushup into a knee tuck is my fave 🙂

Follow ShariFitness on Twitter: Fitness Professional | Atlanta Personal Trainer | Nutritionist | Social Media Consultant | Author | Speaker | Website http://FitTalkNews.com

More Fitness Trainers & Enthusiasts’ Twitter Replies:

katieRUNSthis Katie M. Key
I love, love, LOVE my @garminForerunner 405! 
Really want the new 610!

SweetSoaps Ellen Cagnassola
My Nike sensor
It talks to my iPhone live it #pedometer

trainingdaiz Nick Hurst
ezy curl bar!! 
i use it for curls, rows, shoulder press, triceps…

pagandgoo david goodwin
ipod touch with nike plus trainers(sneakers)
plus you have a timer too for those minute planks and toons! X

XrsizeAnn Ann E. Fishman
Right now it’s TRX!
Love variety of planks w feet in stirrups & using Bosu, ball side down

sunkistdaisy Shelby
I love the @valslide by @ValerieWaters 
I find it increases the difficulty of my exercises & makes me work much harder than without it. Using it in plank, mountain climbers etc is killer. I really feel it in my abs.

FitChickNYC FitChickinTheCity
If I have to pick one I’d say my Garmin 405cx. 
Fav feature: tracks mileage so I don’t have to follow a specific path.

ChrisMrFitStacy Christopher Stacy
Has to be #KBs (Kettlebells) or #StabilityBalls.
Fav exercises are #Swings & Stability Ball #TwistPlanks

PBFingers Julie
The Garmin 305
Learn more on the Garmin 305 GPS with Heart rate monitor

MyFitCoach Jenn Mitchell
I love good resistance bands with a door attachment.
Great for travel. Amazing how much you can work!

Ally_Sutherland Ally Sutherland 
pro fit iron gym
I LOVE my Pull Up bar that slots nicely onto door frame

blondeponytail Blonde Ponytail
my fav fitness gadget is @GYMBOSS interval timer
Use it 4 my HIIT & Ab Blast classes! BONNNIE’S NOTES: Get your Gymboss

debroby Deb Roby
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BodyLastic band system.
Best in the market.

allenintulsa Allen Cook
A product called “the slingshot”.
It helps you keep a perfect form for bench press while increasing the weight u push.


I have too many favorites to list. Here are ALL my personal Favorite Fit Toys:

1. Bodylastics bands
2. Gymboss Interval Timer
3. RunKeeper iPhone app 
4. TRX (juuuust got it & can’t wait to use it!)
5. Pandora on iPhone
6. ClipE earbud clip to prevent earbud tugs
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