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The Incredible Flexible Washable Reebok Skyscape

reebok skyscapeReebok Skyscape

Reebok did it again! They came out with the cutest, lightest (5 OUNCE!) , seamless, super comfy and totally machine washable (DID YOU HEAR ME???? I SAAAID MACHINE WASHABLE!!! how COOL is THAT?!) tennis shoe, perfect for daily wear! It’s call the Reebok Skyscape.

Sometimes you just want a cute minimal shoe that is cozy but doesn’t look like an athletic shoe for those days you want to be comfy but you don’t want to look like you are going for a run. If this is YOU, then you might want to try out this cool new pair of kicks.

The material is wild! It’s smooth, soft and stretchy material makes this shoe like nothing else I’ve ever put on my foot. Plus, it has a pillowy tongue with extra cushion so tight laces don’t cut off circulation or irritate the top of your foot. Basically, comfy was their focus and they nailed it. I wore it to work yesterday, knowing I was going to have to stand on my feet for several hours straight, and they didn’t let me down.

Check ’em out!



Next on my list are the purple ones! So stinkin’ cute! I’ll be sure to instagram & tweet out more pics, with the hashtag #livewithfire!

reebok skyscape


Reward Yourself with Confidence, Not Food

reward yourselfMany times, when people are on a diet, they reward themselves with a nice dinner out or “cheat weekend”, but what about rewarding yourself with nice clothes that support your fitness goals? We would easily blow $50 on dinner without blinking an eye, but why not invest in your confidence and goals?

When I first got married and fell off the fitness train, I dreaded going back to the gym – as the fatter version of me. I felt fat and ugly, and knew people would notice how I had “let myself go”. I wore crappy workout clothes because I didn’t have any cute ones to fit my heavier body. As I lost weight, I began to reward myself with cuter tops and accessories. The closer I reached my goals, the more goodies I got – and the more excited I was about going to the gym.

Changing the way you reward yourself is one way to help boost your self-esteem to help you feel your best as you are working toward your goals. It worked for me – and it can work for you!

Ellie XOXOIf you like fitness and working out, but you want to do it in style, you need to meet Ellie. Ellie is a monthly subscription program where you get a new outfit each month for half the cost. You can stop it any time, or you can even just order pieces you like, but the monthly subscription is the most affordable way to get a killer high-quality outfit each month for less. Here are some of the items I have and really love. As you can see, each piece has a unique design and fun cuts that not only pretty, but are flattering too.
Ellie medium_201306-PERFECTCATCH_RISEANDSHINE_LITTLEBLACKLEGGING_BACK Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 7.05.05 AM medium_9backScreen Shot 2013-08-06 at 7.05.48 AM medium_peek-a-boo-back
medium_201306-outfit-UPALLNIGHT_HEATWAVE_BACKScreen Shot 2013-08-06 at 7.06.13 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 7.06.24 AMmedium_3back

Here is a sneak peak of Ellie‘s Bon Voyage Collection, the newest monthly collection.

10 Tips for Goal Setting:

  • Set clear defined goals each week – this can be based on attendance, diet or weight
  • Set clear defined goals each month – this should be results based
  • Decide what has to be done to reach those goals
  • Determine a specific reward for each goal or task met
  • Reward yourself weekly with something small – like a fitness magazine or new music
  • Reward yourself monthly with something bigger, like a new outfit or fitness accessory
  • Create a “consolation prize”, like a smaller reward for those times you missed your goal, but didn’t give up or backslide, so you don’t get discouraged
  • Share your goals with friends for added accountability
  • Constantly remind yourself where you will be if you reach your goals each week.
  • Keep your eye on the prize! Post your goals, pictures and motivation where you can see it multiple times through out the day.

New Chic Fitness Clothing Line

Ellie Workout OutfitMy New Find!

I just recently got this little outfit (LOVE! by the way) from The bottoms are killer quality, steel grey with a black stripe down the side. They fit awesome and hold me in nice and tight. The top is like a cover up. It’s a cool flowy mesh top with an open back to expose whatever cool bra top you want to let peek through.

The whole outfit is classy and looks super sharp on – especially for someone like me who is in the fitness business and should never look like a sloppy sweaty ragamuffin. Even if I wear to have a KILLER sweat-your-butt-off workout, this outfit wouldn’t show it. Totally one of my new favs!


Together, this outfit WOULD have cost me $104.90 – BUT Ellie offers a really cool new way to get you new clothes for HALF the cost! It’s a clothing subscription. For only $49.95/month, you can get a whole new outfit every month – and unlike other subscriptions, you get to choose what you want! It’s SUCH a great idea!

Don’t want to commit? It’s OK! You can cancel anytime OR you can just shop for what you want! It’s totally flexible. CLICK HERE to get 20% off your subscription and learn more!

Members Get:
Free Shipping – Comes in 5-7 business days
Priority Access (so you get first pick of the new stuff! This outfit is sold out – if you are a member, you get to buy it before everyone else! But don’t worry, they still have a ton of nice stuff left.)

PLUS, if you tell a friend and they buy something, you get $20 toward a new purchase for YOU! 

My New Outfit!

Ellie Clothing

5 Ways to Stay Fashionably Fit for Less

Steve’s newest blog “My Secret Superpowers” is surprisingly true. Like getting new clothes for school, it was not like I really NEEDED new clothes and was going to go to school naked. I had plenty of clothes, but did I have the “right” clothes? The clothes that were cool and perfect for the new year, new season, the new me. My mom knew how important new clothes were for the new year, and the same goes for fitness – new clothes for the new you!

There is no doubt apparel gives you added confidence. You walk a little taller, you hold your head a little higher – and in the world of fitness, there is no exception. Even when I don’t look my best (naked) I can attempt to look a little better in nicer clothes.

When I go to the gym in old or sloppy clothing, I feel old, sloppy and fat – and just want to get out of there as fast as possible. BUT, when I go to the gym feeling good about what I’m wearing, I feel more energized, more confident, and work a little harder. To me, apparel really does affect my workouts.

Now, admittedly, I get to try out some of the newest clothing and shoes in the industry. But, with that experience, it made me realize how much more I look forward to my runs and my workouts when I’m dressed for success.

5 Ways to Stay Fashionably Fit for Less

If you are getting fit on a budget, here are some fitness fashion tips to boost your workouts without bottoming out your bank account.

1. Basic on Bottom. Invest in several black, navy or grey bottoms to be staples in your fitness wardrobe. People are less likely to notice if you wear the same dark colored shorts often if they are solid with no flashy accents.

2. Flashy Up Top. Instead of buying complete matching outfits, shop for tops. Once you have your basic bottoms, you can create a whole new look with one new top. If you stick with basic bottoms, and keep the fun up top, you will stretch your money and diversify your look for half the cost.

3. Shop Sales & Outlets. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy nice things. If you can’t buy the newest pair of shoes or apparel, you can always hit the sale racks and outlet malls to get some new goodies. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross and Lohman’s are just a few great stores where you can find killer deals on workout clothes. Major brands, like Reebok, make it easy for us to shop our favorite brand for less in one convenient location at their outlet malls. They even have great sales online! For the longest time, I never paid full price for anything – but it was still new to me, and gave me the mental boost I needed.

4. Treat Your Gear with Care. What do you do with some of your most valuable possessions? You baby them. You wash them with love (separating the darks and lights boys!), you put them in safe places, and you protect them from harm. There is something to say about treating your fitness apparel the same way. Like you save certain clothing for special occasions, save your best workout clothes for your workouts. Don’t dare mow the yard in your running shoes or wear you new tank to clean house. Reserving your fitness apparel for your workouts will make these particular pieces of clothing more special and positive – plus it will make your threads last a lot longer.

5. Treat your Shoes like Tires. Sometimes you have to spend a little money to save a lot of money in the long run. Although you can buy really expensive cool shoes, just like you can buy sweet low-profile tires, or big knobby Mickey Thompsons, both tires and shoes are necessities for your safety. And like tires, we often dread spending the money on them. But, as with driving on bald tires, running in worn out shoes could cause a serious blowout that could wreck you and ultimately cost you even more money.

Like tires, shoes are only good for so many miles before they need replacing – and you just have to suck it up and spend the money on them when that time comes. Investing in a good pair of shoes is investing in your health, preventing unnecessary knee, foot and hip issues. You may dread dropping the change on a new pair of shoes, but I promise, it’s a LOT CHEAPER than doctors’ visits and physical therapy. Don’t take short cuts when it comes to shoe shopping. Your body will thank you and save you money in the long run. And, of course, you’ll enjoy wearing cool kicks too!

TIP: Shoes are typically good for 300-400 miles, depending on your weight. If you run 3 miles a day, five days a week, you should replace your shoes every 5-6 months. If you take a 1-hour aerobics class or a hi-impact boot camp 5 days a week, you’ll likely need to replace them even sooner since the average person runs 3 miles in approximately 30 minutes and most group fitness classes go for any hour. Take good care of your sweet feet. They are literally the foundation of your fitness.

Just for laughs:“Sweet Shoes”

This clip was part of some behind the scene “day-to-day” footage for a production company who was looking to do a reality show on the fitness business after Steve was trainer for ABC’s Fat March. Like most reality shows, this clip is meaningless, but entertaining. This is truly what it is like to live in our house with Steve Pfiester. He’s always making me laugh. Enjoy 🙂

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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