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Mission Possible: Operation hhgregg

When I think of hhgregg, I think of refrigerators and electronics – but did you know hhgregg now carries fitness equipment? This was news to us, so we recently went on a “Mission” to a nearby hhgregg to check it out for ourselves so we could share any new intel with you. Enjoy our fun video!

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The New Reebok, Product Review: Should You Rock the Boks?

I recently had the privilege to try several new pair of Reebok shoes. Although I have not been asked to do a product review by the company, since I’ve had so many questions and they have so many stinkin’ styles, I decided to ‘learn up’ on the styles I had and pass along what I think about my new kicks so you could decide whether you want to Rock the Boks too.

First, before I begin. 2 things. One, I won’t tell you how great a product unless I think it’s great – period. If I don’t like something, I’ll tell you. Two, the Reebok I once knew is long gone. The once boring-and-behind company has taken a huge leap ahead, joining forces with CrossFit, and taking its products into the stratosphere of elite fitness training. So far, everything I’ve tried – shirts, tanks, capris, crossfit gear, socks and shoes, I’ve loved and been surprised by. Now, on to my shoe review! 🙂

Quick Product Review

ZigLite Electrify – $99

They come in 9 color combinations for women. I have the Gravel (charcoal grey) and Dynamite Pink ones.

Quick Review: They are great if you like a lot of support. The ZigTech sole is very cushiony. I normally run in a thinner, lighter weight shoe, but I ran in these last weekend and my body had no complaints. Although I don’t like for my foot to feel “strapped in”, I know many people need more foot support. Another issue for some is if you have big feet, these shoes will make your feet look even bigger. Girls with small feet look totally hot wearing them and they’re perfect for men with little man syndrome ;). I, myself, prefer less cushion, less material, less of pretty much everything. But, with that said, I also have worn these a lot because I’m a sucker for pink and they are comfortable shoes. I do get a lot of compliments when I wear them. (I think it’s the flashy pink zig design that draws people’s eye to them.) I prefer to wear these when I’m weight training because they match a lot of my gym clothes. But, like I said, I ran in them and they did do really well if you like all that shoe on your feet. No complaints, but not my favorite.

Learn More About the latest ZigTech Technology 

RealFlex Fusion TR – $99

They come in 12 color combinations for women. I have the Zinc Grey, Modern Blue & Charged Green ones.

Quick Review: I LOVE the color combinations they offer with these! Pink and green, killer pink and black ones and awesome electric green and black ones. If you look at the other colors, you can see they have a really cool pattern to them as well. As far as the how the shoe feels, they are actually one of my favorite shoes to wear. It’s almost like wearing a sock. They are insanely light and the material is super thin. The RealFlex sole of the shoe are made up of little cubes of rubber, which make the shoe flex in all directions. This is perfect for CrossFit training, plyometrics, running and pretty much any kind of training if you like the feeling of free movement, which I do. Bottom line, I love everything about these shoes. If I had every color, I would wear them every day. The only problem I have is I don’t have clothes to match them or I’d wear them more. Looks like I’ll have to go shopping. 🙂

Learn More About RealFlex Technology 

SmoothFlex Cush Run – $79

They come in 8 color combinations for women. I have the Black & Buzzed Blue ones.

These shoes are super comfortable. They have the same type of sole, with what they call “nodes” that look like miniature ice cubes to me, but their design is to improve flexibility in all directions, making it a great cross trainer. From what I understand the SmoothFlex Cush Run sole is designed to be more durable than the RealFlex Fusion shoe and are great for outdoor training. The added cushion and rubber makes sense as soon as you step on a pebble. 😉 I really love their info videos that helps you understand what each shoe is made for. They really helped me a lot when it came to choosing the right shoe for the right activity.

Learn More About the SmoothFlex Sole 

Bonnie’s Pick:

Which ones are my favorite? I have to say the RealFlex Fusion TR (seen below in various colors). I think I want all 12 pair!! I love how light they feel, how comfortable the are and I love the color combos they offer.

Here are some of my favorite colors:

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Product Review: Headphones That Actually Work(out)

When I say I’ve tried every headphone shape, size and brand, I am not exaggerating. I have wasted hundreds of dollars in search for headphones that don’t fall out of my ears while I’m running or working out at the gym. Here is what I’ve discovered on my headphone journey – the bad, the ugly, the frustrating – and, finally, the winner.

The Evolution of Headphones that Work(out)

The Ear Bud

I have no idea why anyone thought this would be a good idea. Unless you are sitting on a plane, crammed between 2 people so you can’t move at all, these things fall out as fast as I can eat their tiny bag of nuts. For me, iphone style headphones are made for sitting still …very, very still. Unless I want to blow a gasket, these things should never travel to the gym with me.

The Ear Plugs

Since the hard plastic headphones would easily slip out of my ear, you can imagine how enticing the headphones that claim to have this cool expanding memory foam that molds your headphones to your ear, like ear plugs. Honestly, I have to believe these things work for some people because surely brands can’t continue to put out millions of these little guys a year if they don’t work. However, they sure as heck didn’t work for me. After I put them in my ears, the foam expanded them right back out. I tried the little foam attachements, the BIG FOAM attachments and even tried no foam at all. That should have taught me a lesson, but it didn’t. I bought another half a dozen pair, all claiming to be “better” and, although I now own a variety of really cool looking colorful headphones, not one of them actually works in my ears.

The Hanger

I’ve tried every ear-wrapping headphone imaginable, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the plastic piece that wraps around the top of the ear is there just to catch the headphones when they pop out of your ears. Half the time the top of the plastic ear “hanger” doesn’t even touch the top of my ear while the headphones are actually in my ear, no matter how small it is – of course, unless they fall out, which they are guaranteed to do. I even tried the adjustable plastic-coated medal wraparound kind that supposedly mold around you ear. Another big fat disappointment. The loop was either too big or stuck out too far – and if I finally got the loop right, then the earbud didn’t line up in my ear right. Either way, the Ear Hanger was a big fat FAIL!

The Dial-On

For several years, this was the only kind of headphone that wouldn’t fall off my ears while running. As you swivel each headphone on your ear, turning it like a dial, they basically make an earlobe sandwich. One piece slides behind your ear and another piece slides over the front. Were they ideal? No. The foam wrapping had little to be desired after sweating your butt off in them day after day. In addition, since the headphones sat on the outside of your ear, the sound was always distant from your ear canal. I would crank the volume all the way up and it still wouldn’t be loud enough to drown out other noise. And if I ran by landscaping crew, which basically happens every day, I couldn’t hear my music at all until I passed all the weed-eaters, lawnmowers and blowers. Unfortunately, at that time, they were my only option for me and the only thing that kinda worked.

The Neckband

After my last pair of dial-on headphones finally bit the dust, I went to Radio Shack to see if I could find a replacement. That’s when I discovered the neckband headphones. I was out of town on vacation and didn’t want to spend a load of money on another set of headphones that would likely not work, so I tried their Auvio headphones. To my surprise, they actually stayed in my ears and they were usable. So, these became my new headphones for almost a year. Were they ideal? Once again, no. They stay on because they basically pinch your head like a big clamp. It’s not like they were tight, but that little bit of pressure sometimes made my ears ache. The other issue was, although they stay put, they weren’t ever really “in” the ear. So, outside noise and wind would drown out my music, which is frustrating for a girl who lives in a gusty beach town where wind and waves make a lot of noise.

The Miracle Ear

As a FitFluential Ambassador, I get to try out a lot of fun, new fitness products. A couple weeks ago, I received a shipment of sports headphones called Yurbuds. I have to admit, my frist thought was “great, another set of earphones that won’t work”. As I opened the fancy packaging (they had a really awesome gift pack put together for me), admittedly, I started to get my hopes up. The headphones looked cool and were a pretty color (gets me every time). I proceeded to pull them out and immediately saw the unique shape of the earbud piece. Of course, they claimed to have a new technology of a custom fit, but I wasn’t buying it quite yet. Then I opened them up and put one of the earbuds in my ear – and O.M.G!

Not only did they fit, they FIT – like a GLOVE. I mean, it was like someone custom made them for MY ear canal. Honestly, I imagine this is what a custom fit hearing aid or CIA ear bud feels like. It completely filled in my ear opening, funneling the sound of my music into my ears for incredible sound. After blowing out my eardrums (from having my ipod always turned all the way up), I turned my volume down to half what I normally set it on. It’s not that these headphone were louder, they were just clearer because they were all the way in my ear. Not only did they sound great, but they stayed put. I flung my head around like a Metallica-loving headbanger and those suckers weren’t going anywhere.

I made every single person I know try them on. I stuck them in Steve’s ear first, the my mom’s ear the next morning on our walk, and then made my BFF try them too when she met me for our workout. I took them to work with me and showed them to members. I felt it was my duty to let the world know there is actually a set of sports headphones that do what they say they will do. Finally, my search for headphones has come to an end. Finally, I have SUCCESS!


Here is a photo of me at the top of Barber Bridge overlooking the Indian River in Vero Beach during this weekend while Hurricane Sandy was blowing by us. The wind was ripping so hard it almost blew my hat off, yet my earphones stayed put for my 4-mile windy run. Thank you Yurbuds! You Rock! However, I do have one suggestion. Yurbuds fit me so well I think they should be called MYbuds. 🙂

Yurbuds are available online at and at Best Buy. 

Yurbuds action-packed video demonstrating how awesome these bad boys are!

Supplements: Don’t Waste Your Time & Money

Some of you are probably all ready to LASH out at me just after reading my title alone! Get your panties out of a wad. I don’t mean supplements are a waste of time and money. What I mean is they CAN be! YOU can easily waste your time and money on supplements if you aren’t doing YOUR job.

Supplements Require Team Work

“If you aren’t ready to work, you might as well take the money you want to spend on supplements and flush it down the toilet. You’ll end up just as poor, with less work, and get the same results: the same old out-of-shape body.”

I’m currently on GNC’s GenetixHD, which I love. However, just because I’m popping some pills and gulping down a re-workout drink doesn’t mean I’m going to get results without doing my part.

This is a partnership. My supplements have a job and I have a job. We are working together for the same goal. If I don’t do my share, I can’t expect results.

GNC’s GenetixHD products rock – if YOU rock. 

  • How can you expect increased energy to result in fat loss if you sit on your butt?
  • How can you expect CLA to support a healthy body composition if YOU aren’t working to improve your body composition?
  • Why work to protect muscle cells when you aren’t training muscle cells?
  • Why take Meta-Ignite to boost calorie burn before, during and after a workout if you don’t actually “workout”. 
  • You can’t expect to start seeing abs if you aren’t sculpting abs, and burning off the fat covering them, with cardio. (I could go on and on) 

Time to Supplement

Seem like common sense to you? I would expect so, however, MANY people are looking for that magic pill or easy way out – and I’ve got news for ya: “It doesn’t exist”.

When is it time to incorporate supplements in your routine? When YOU are ready to do the work you need to do to get the MOST out of those supplements. Otherwise, stick to vitamins, because that is piratically the only pill you can pop that doesn’t require work to get results!

“Supplements are made to SUPPORT your program, not BE your program.”

Supporting Results with Diet:

My Rules: 

  1. Stick to 100-150 calorie snacks
  2. Aim for 300-400 calorie meals
  3. Eat 5-6 times a day
  4. Eat no closer than 2 hours apart (seems easy until you finish dinner and find yourself staring in the pantry 30 minutes later! ha!)
  5. Get a minimum of 100gms of protein a day
  6. Limit drinking calories (coke, alcohol, coffee (creamers), high-cal shakes)

My foods:

White meat, dark green vegetables, oatmeal, grits, long grain rice (sparingly), Chobani greek yogurt, Designer Whey protein bars (for snacks), Smart Ones Satisfying Selections steamers (they ALL are high in protein), Uncle Ben’s Basmati Rice (this is the only 90-second rice that doesn’t taste like it’s drowning in preservatives – plus basmati is one of the lower-glycemic grains), almonds – and my absolute favorite night-time snack, 100-calorie popcorn. 🙂

Supporting Results with Exercise:

Cardio: No less than 30 minutes of cardio, at one time, as often as I can squeeze in. Ideally 5 days a week. (being careful not to REPLACE the calories burned with food)

Weights: Lift heavy and hard a MINimum of 4 days a week. The more I can train, the more results I can expect. (being careful to support muscle development with supplements)

My supplements: Everything I’m currently taking and enjoying!

Designer Whey Protein or
Amplified Whey 60 Protein
GNC GenetixHD™ Physio-Burn™
GNC GenetixHD™ Pro-Sculpt™ – Fruit Punch
Kre-Alkalyn 1500

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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