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Interview with IRONMAN Competitors with Team Chocolate Milk

build itThe following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Built with Chocolate Milk.

They DID IT!! Apolo & Jen with Team Chocolate Milk finished the IRONMAN! I had the privilege of interviewing Gold Medalist, Apolo Ohno, and the Fitness Director at Women’s Health Magazine, Jen Ator, before their incredible IRONMAN experience. But first, here is the last video footage before the race…

Apolo Ohno:

Apolo OhnoApolo Ohno: America’s most decorated winter Olympian, know for 40-second bursts on the ice, trains to go the distance in one of the most grueling mental and physical competitions…the IRONMAN.

Q. Of course your training has to be very different, what do you love most about the new training program – and what do you like least?

A. I love the intensity of IRONMAN training, but I have not enjoyed training for the run so much. I’m not exactly a runner!

Q. One of the biggest questions people have when training for an endurance sport is what to eat before the event. What is your favorite pre-workout fuel(food)?

apolo ohnoA. I’ll usually grab an energy bar, pre-race. On Saturday, I’ll be up early and having a bar before the race.

Q. People often talk about carb-loading before a distance sport, what is your meal plan, or key foods, you will rely on to prepare you for the IRONMAN days and hours prior to competing?

A. For dinner the night before I’ll have fish and salad or vegetables.  I’ll get my carbs in throughout the day, but I won’t eat them at night.

Q. After doing Dancing with the Stars, which relies heavily on the musical backdrop, what was your first thought when you were told the IRONMAN didn’t allow music or any electronic devices during the event? And do you have any tricks to keep your mind off the pain? 

A. I always train with music, so it’ll be tough without it on Saturday.  Especially the bike – that’s the longest hardest part – but no doubt there will be so many people on the course to talk to for distraction!

Jen Ator

Jen AtorJen Ator: fresh out of ACL surgery 20-something year old Jen Ator’s was thirsty for a life-changing challenge. Through her “day job” is Fitness Director at Women’s Health Magazine she learned about IRONMAN and wondered if she had it in her to compete.  Just a regular girl, competing on the world’s stage…she’s one motivating, inspiring athlete!

Q. Out of all the training you’ve done over the years, and for this event, what is your favorite type of training – running, cycling, swimming, weight training, yoga…?

Jen AtorA. I used to be a lacrosse player and have also done a lot of weight training in the past.  For this, I’ve really enjoyed getting outside on the bike and running around Manhattan (West Side Hwy and Central Park, specifically).

Q. Since most women are interested in shaping their physique or controlling their weight with exercise, how has training for the IRONMAN affected your weight or physique?

A. I’ve gained weight because I’ve built so much muscle, but I’m a little more toned that I was before, that’s for sure!

Photo Credits:
Larry Rosa

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New Fat Burner Boosts Results: ThermoHeat Product Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Thermo Heat. 

boost buttonSometimes I feel like I need a little boost to help me reach my goals. While I don’t normally take a lot of supplements aside from protein, vitamins and creatine, I do occasionally add a fat burner to the mix to give me that edge I need when I’m starting a new diet or I’m just kinda feeling blah. So, when I got the opportunity to try ThermoHeat, I jumped right on it – because NOW was one of those times!!

Being a fitness professional, I hate when diet pills claim to help you lose weight, get ripped, get your man back and fix all your problems (because you know some companies do make crazy claims like that!), however ThermoHeat just says it like it is – no fluff, just science (Click here to see clinical studies). It says it’s boost metabolism (and it DOES), helps manage your appetite (and it DOES!) and enhances energy and alertness (and it most definitely DOES).

Natural Boost

fitness rxYou might have seen the ThermoHeat feature in Fitness RX. Basically, ThermoHeat is made up of a variety of nature’s best antioxidants, herbs, extracts and supplements. For instance, ThermoHeat has capsaicin in it, a chemical found in red chili pepper used to make paprika which reduces appetite & increases metabolic rate. Read more. While I’m no dietician or chemist,and can’t explain all the ingredients, I can tell you what this product does for me – or doesn’t do I should say!

Unlike many other thermogenics, ThermoHeat doesn’t make me jittery. Since I have heart palpitation issues, this is super important for me. Some fat burners make me feel very uneasy, but ThermoHeat is energizing without freaking me out. I can actually FEEL the warmth of the ingredients, warming me up from the inside – which is just plain cool (or hot, I should say). Increased body temperature results in more calories burned throughout the day.

Not only am I burning more calories at rest, the energy ThermoHeat gives me makes me want to burn even more calories. This is the edge I need to get my butt going on those days I’m not “feeling it”. Let’s be realistic. I would be lying if I told you to pop this pill and you’ll lose weight. While you will burn a few more calories a day and you may not be as hungry through the day, you will miss out on its benefits if you aren’t exercising and eating clean. What I love about ThermoHeat is I’m not only burning more calories, but I have the mental boost (more energy and alertness) to WANT to workout more. That’s the boost I’m talking about. 

Boost Energy

BCx Boot CampI have taken ThermoHeat before a run or before a class and LOVED the added energy! I don’t suggest taking it right before exercise (especially if you haven’t eaten) simply because the warm feeling feels more intense to me when I am huffing and puffing too, but if I take it with food or an hour before exercise I feel SUPER-FANTABULOUS! Seriously, the other day, I was SOOOOO DEAD! I really, REALLY didn’t want to go to the gym, but I popped some ThermoHeat (I know, it’s not a pre-workout pill, but I figured what the hay!) and DRUG my lazy bones to the gym – and ROCKED it! I totally left the gym feeling 10 foot tall and bullet proof. ThermoHeat is energizing indeed! Just ask Steve, who accused me of taking crack on the last BCx Boot Camp show on LiveExercise! lol After taking ThermoHeat, I was quite the energizer bunny! 🙂

Reduce Appetite

Healthy-Appetite-Suppressant-300x300Lastly, ThermoHeat is also an appetite suppressant and I DEFINITELY noticed I am not near as hungry now that I’ve been taking ThermoHeat. I do NOT condone going long spans without eating (we need to boost our metabolism by eating ever 2-3 hours), however, the other day I realized it was 6:45pm and I hadn’t eaten ALL day. I completely forgot – that is NOT like me! When I finally did eat, it wasn’t from hunger, but just because I knew I NEEDED to eat.

The Verdict

Basically, my take on ThermoHeat is this. If you want a little kick in the pants and need more energy without the jitters and heart racing, you should try ThermoHeat. I’ve actually never been so good and consistent about taking supplements. With ThermoHeat, I’ve been extra good about taking it on a regular basis like a good girl! Why? Because I’m comfortable taking it and it works! (oh yeah, and I have a lost a couple pounds too!)

SO thankful I got to try this product. I definitely give it 2 thumbs up!



Finally, Free Obesity Help Coming

launch pad projectWhat if there was FREE help online to fight obesity? Not random tips or information, but true guidance from personal trainers, nutritionists and physiologists? This is exactly what the team at LiveExercise is working hard to do.

With your help they can create The Launchpad Project, a free health program designed to assist people with obesity and limited mobility. The Launchpad Project will be a series of daily videos focusing on exercise, nutrition, and mental health, while also being a safe place for people to talk freely about their issues and progress.

Many people look at obesity as a simple case of eating less and exercising more, but overeating and sedentary lifestyle are only a small part of the problem. Poverty, lack of education, and underlying mental health issues such as anxiety, addiction, depression and abuse are all contributing factors. That’s why The Launchpad Project is not a weight-loss program, it’s a healthy lifestyle movement – with professionals to help people tackle all aspects of obesity.

Health shouldn’t have a price tag

LiveExercise is raising money so they can provide this program to everyone. They believe The Launchpad Project needs to be free to reach as many people as possible. Studies show that obesity and poverty are closely linked, often making gyms, and food such fresh fruits and vegetables inaccessible. This is why it’s more important than ever to provide accessible health and nutritional programs for low-income families.

They need $60,000 to pay for studio & production time and pay for the trainers, nutritionists, and psychologists to produce 6 months of free daily videos. BUT, (THIS IS REALLY COOL!) even if they don’t make it all the way, they will use what they have raised to produce as many shows as possible within the budget! That means every penny HELPS!! 


If obesity has touched your life, this is your chance to make a difference and help others.
CLICK HERE to learn more about this program.
CLICK HERE to donate and choose your perk (your gift for donating from

Can’t afford to give?

Give the gift of sharing – sharing this message so others can learn about the program and give.


If you have any questions or feedback, you can email them at and they’re always listening on Twitter and Facebook!

Top 20 Exercises You Love to Hate, and Hate to Love

Fitness requires going out of your comfort zone. This means you will have a love/hate relationship with some exercises. You will hate to do them, but you will love what they do for you! 

choresSome Exercises Are Really A Chore

Seriously, I’d be lying if I told you I love every exercise. People need to be realistic. You may like a clean home, but that doesn’t mean you enjoy cleaning toilets. While you might not mind wiping down the counters, there will be some things you don’t like to do – but you sure are glad when they are done. In the same way, everyone has that exercise they really would prefer to skip, but you don’t want to skip the results.

No! Anything but THAT!

For most of us, it’s the exercise that takes the most work we hate the most. If only we could spray ourselves down with bleach to melt the fat away. Nope, it’s going to take some elbow grease I’m afraid! The fact is, if it’s an easy exercise, it probably isn’t as effective as the tougher ones.

box jumpsIf you want an effective exercise, you will probably need the exercise that works you where you need it most (normally working your weakest areas). It will be that dreaded exercise that gets your heart pounding out of your chest to the point you think your heart is going to explode. Or, maybe it’s the exercise that burns so much you are convinced your muscles are going to spontaneously bust out in flames. You probably are already thinking of a few exercises that fit this category. It’s OK, we all have a secret list of most-hated exercises. We don’t have to love every exercise we do. We can just love the results!

The Eight I Hate

wall sitsPersonally, my most hated exercises are Big Ax Jacks and Stomps. Oh yeah, I almost forgot wall sits, all yoga and push ups. Oh wait, and there are pull ups and Mary Catherines. OK, maybe I could make my own top 20 list, because I have enough hated exercises to fill up the list on my own. However, if I’m honest (and you know I am) I have to admit most of these most hated exercises are exercises that works my body in ways I need it worked the most. So what does that tell me? I need to do those exercises even MORE. Ughhhhh. The truth stinks!! But you know what they say, the will set you free! 🙂

As I pondered the most hated (and secretly loved) exercises, I decided to set out and find what other people HATE to do, but LOVE the results. Since we all have different strengths and weaknesses, I fully expected different opinions. At the same time, I also knew there would be a few top picks that almost everyone would agree on. The comments were awesome!

Top 20 Most-Hated Exercises That Work

Below, are the top 20 responses – from awful to worst (I wonder what THAT could be! lol The Hint is in the screen shot from facebook below. haha)!  TIP: Click on the link to view video instruction.

burpees suck20. Thrusters
19. Jump Squats
18. Rope Climb
17. Manmakers
16. Double Unders
15. Pistol Squat (Single Leg Squat)
14. Wall Ups
13. The Gauntlet (Step Mill)
12. Tuck Jumps
11. Wall Sits
10. Pull Ups
9. Stomps
8. Mary Catherines (Plyo split lunges)
7. Push Ups
6. Planks & Side Planks
5. Running
4. Lunges (all types of lunges!)
3. Big Ax Jacks (minus the football stomps in the video)
2. Mountain Climbers
1. Burpees

Add Your Most-Dreaded to the List!

What is your nemesis? What exercise do YOU hate to do, but love the results? Comment below!

live exerciseJoin us on LiveExercise and learn how to incorporate these exercises in your workout. Steve and I lead a cross training workout show each week where we use some of the most hated (and loved) exercises to get you the results you want. We’d love to have you!! Click on the LIVE logo and get workout with us for 2 weeks free! We have 32 LiveXFit workouts you can do, plus over 2,000 other workouts to try too including kickboxing, yoga, chiseled bands, chiseled cardio, dumbbells, toning and more!

8 Ways to Spot Crappy Fitness Advice

NEW content is not always GOOD content. I’ve seen fitness brands, sites and publications settle for any kind of content, as long as it’s new. They also will post things people WANT to hear, not what they NEED to hear. SO, as much as you may wish alcohol is good for you, or you can eat more and still lose weight, you can’t trust everything you see in print – or online. (makes me think of this commercial)

stack-of-magazinesHere are the facts. Brands and publications don’t always use fitness experts to write articles and blogs. Oftentimes they recruit bloggers with no experience or education to get more content for less. Then, for the brands who do hire experts, they often tell the expert what they want the expert to write on to get more hits, readers and subscribers.

I’ve experienced this firsthand. I have been asked to write about stuff I would never tell someone. So, I decline or make another suggestion because I refuse to write a blog for the sake of a catchy title and a good paycheck.

Quality vs Quantity

quality not quantityUnfortunately, I know that a blog entitled “5 Healthy Benefits of Chocolate” will get more hits than something like “Be as Disciplined in the Kitchen as You Are in the Gym”, but oh well. That’s just how the internet cookie crumbles. But, honestly, knowing about some of the health benefits of chocolate isn’t as helpful as understanding the need for portion control. I prefer talking about what will make the most difference.

The problem is, a lot of big companies don’t really care what they put out there, they just want the numbers. I personally think they need to rethink their business plan. People need help and our fitness leaders and publications need to be dedicated to providing help by providing quality, not just quantity.

8 Ways to Spot Crappy Fitness Advice

eating chocolate1. If it sounds too good to be true. Seriously people, if someone tries to say you aren’t losing weight because you are not eating enough, you have to ask yourself “does that make sense?”. Believe me, if we dropped you off on an island or locked you in a closet, you WOULD lose weight. The problem is there is a little truth to that statement, but taken out of context, it really is misleading. The media will often take a small truth and make a whole article on it, without explaining the rest of the important details. For instance, on this topic, someone must still eat less than they burn to lose weight, but they may need to eat more OFTEN – not MORE. However, people want to hear that they can eat more so “Eat More to Lose Weight” ends up making the headlines, when that isn’t what the experts are trying to say.

Mayo Clinic2. Check to see if the information lines up with the pros. Fitness leaders, like ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and the Mayo Clinic publish tons of research and quality content full of nothing but information based on science. If you question an article’s content, google it and see if reliable fitness experts have anything to say about it. Nine times out of ten, you will find enough content to compare the topic to so you see if it is correct information or not.

Steve Pfiester before & after3. Look at the author’s physique and personal experience. I’m not just saying that if someone is ripped and hot that you should trust everything they say. Unfortunately, there are some people who are gifted with amazing bodies who can eat pizza and still win a trophy. That doesn’t mean you can eat pizza. There are other people, like my husband (pictured left), who have to rely on science to get results. This means he knows how to manipulate his body’s physique through specific purposeful training and nutrition. With 6 years of exercise and nutrition education, and a degree in Physical Therapy, he has tested his knowledge on himself, as well as his clients. With that said, when someone tells you how to eat or train, look at their physique first. Some of the most opinionated and critical people often times are people who have not successfully sculpted their own physique, or never experienced weight issues. While I’ve never competed like Steve, I’ve gone from a size 2 to a size 12 – so I understand the challenges of dieting and weight fluctuations.

Fat Fitness Instructor4. Does the author practice what they preach? This poor woman has been plastered over the internet for being an overweight fitness instructor, but we don’t know where this person came from or how much weight she has lost. However, it did raise the question, “do you expect your instructor to be fit?”

Here are my thoughts. Would you listen to a preacher if he didn’t practice what he preached? So why would we listen to a fitness expert who did not apply what they are suppose to believe in? Does that mean that person can’t cheat on their diet or take a few days off from the gym? No. BUT, what I am saying is, overall, they be applying what they know to their own life. It doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be shredded all the time, but they should be fit and healthy. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix or catchy trend. Fitness leaders should be leading themselves first before leading others.

cancer_coke5. Beware of articles that major in the minors. What I mean is, we can’t focus so much on the small diet tweaks that we miss out on the big picture. The media often plasters news about an ingredient that could give you cancer, or slow your metabolism, because it gets attention. This is sad to me because there are people  are at a higher risk of major health issues from being overweight than they are getting cancer from a color additive. Don’t get me wrong, avoiding these things are great, but the major issue in America is calories in vs calories out. Obesity is the #2 cause of preventable death in the US, greatly outweighing death by diet soda. When it comes to weight loss, don’t sweat the small stuff YET. Focus on the biggest issue FIRST, which is losing weight and managing your macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fat). THEN, once you have mastered that, start improving the quality of food you eat, and working to improve your health on a micro-nutrient level. Otherwise, you can get information overload, which can sometimes do more harm than good.

beer develops muscle6. Read the WHOLE story. Titles are there to suck you in so you read the article. Sometimes titles are exactly opposite of what the story is about because they want to grab your attention. Here is a perfect example. This article was titled “Beer Can Strengthen Muscles“, but if you don’t read the fine print you’d miss the part about it being physically impossible to drink enough beer to get enough of the ingredient that is linked to muscle growth – and that you’d probably die of alcohol poisoning before you’d actually experience the benefits. Interesting story, yes. Helpful? Not so much. The truth is, it was very smart marketing while still offering quality factual content. BUT, if someone didn’t read the whole story, they could have been totally mislead.

chocolate pretzels7. If it sounds too good to be true, you are probably right – it’s probably too good to be true. I will not name names, but a major fitness publication posted an article on healthy snacks earlier this year that totally frustrated me. One of the first things on the list was Wheat Thins and string cheese. While I understand that may be healthier than Doritos, it was misleading. They suggested a single serve bag and string cheese, which is nearly 300 calories. 210 calories for the Big Grab bag (which is what was pictured in the article) and 80 calories for regular string cheese (they didn’t suggest low-fat string cheese). 300 calories, in my opinion, is too many calories for a snack for a dieter. 100-150 calories is what I shoot for. I can eat an entire meal for 300 calories! Also on the list was a bag of chocolate covered pretzels and bagel and cream cheese. Really?

Quinoa8. Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean you can eat all you want. Many articles will single out a food item and tell you how healthy it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s calorie free. For instance, Quinoa is super healthy, but it still is high in calories compared to vegetables. We must eat it sparingly and treat it like any other carbohydrate, counting calories and watching portions. The problem is, many people will hear that something is healthy, and they think that gives them the OK to eat all they want. I’ve got news for you – you can still get fat eating healthy. The only way to manage your weight is to manage calories. The way to manage how you FEEL is to chose to get those calories from the healthiest foods possible.

Listen, I could write a book on this. I personally have had hundreds of people come up to me over the last 20 years asking me about the most bizarre diets, workouts and weight loss gimmicks – most based on something someone read or heard. I caution you to use your noggin and to be on alert. The media preys on people desperate to lose weight. Desperate people make easy targets unfortunately. Just remember, just because it’s on the internet (or in a magazine) doesn’t make it true. 🙂

New Chic Fitness Clothing Line

Ellie Workout OutfitMy New Find!

I just recently got this little outfit (LOVE! by the way) from The bottoms are killer quality, steel grey with a black stripe down the side. They fit awesome and hold me in nice and tight. The top is like a cover up. It’s a cool flowy mesh top with an open back to expose whatever cool bra top you want to let peek through.

The whole outfit is classy and looks super sharp on – especially for someone like me who is in the fitness business and should never look like a sloppy sweaty ragamuffin. Even if I wear to have a KILLER sweat-your-butt-off workout, this outfit wouldn’t show it. Totally one of my new favs!


Together, this outfit WOULD have cost me $104.90 – BUT Ellie offers a really cool new way to get you new clothes for HALF the cost! It’s a clothing subscription. For only $49.95/month, you can get a whole new outfit every month – and unlike other subscriptions, you get to choose what you want! It’s SUCH a great idea!

Don’t want to commit? It’s OK! You can cancel anytime OR you can just shop for what you want! It’s totally flexible. CLICK HERE to get 20% off your subscription and learn more!

Members Get:
Free Shipping – Comes in 5-7 business days
Priority Access (so you get first pick of the new stuff! This outfit is sold out – if you are a member, you get to buy it before everyone else! But don’t worry, they still have a ton of nice stuff left.)

PLUS, if you tell a friend and they buy something, you get $20 toward a new purchase for YOU! 

My New Outfit!

Ellie Clothing

The Rise of the Fitness Cult

Snob Alert

Fitness SnobThey may not say these exact words, but some people’s actions say….

I’m better than you.
My training is harder than yours.
My gym is cooler than yours.
I have more trophies than you.
I run faster than you.
My class is the more popular than yours.
I’m stronger, faster, better…

hans & franzI’m seeing a nasty trend in the fitness industry. It’s this new elitist mentality. I know professional athletes that are more humble than some of these people. Their puffed up heads (and bodies) make them a very easy target for office jokes. While we can all laugh at Hanz & Franz, this growing issue is no laughing matter at all. It’s serious business that deserves a serious warning.

While I might not be able to help the people who have joined whatever fitness cult they are a member of, and are in so deep they don’t even realize it, I sure as heck can help prevent new potential cult followers by warning you to not fall in this yucky trap.

Welcome! (or Not)

fitness cultWhen it comes to fitness, most of you know I often compare gyms to churches. There is a really good reason for that. Church and gym members have a very similar characteristics. Both are there to help people. Each one provides education, support, guidance and an opportunity to socialize with likeminded people. Because of this, you see a lot of changed lives, which is very powerful.

However, since both churches and gyms are made up of a bunch of humans – none of them are going to be perfect, and people will make mistakes. All it takes is a few bad apples to ruin the happy pie. These people can either INFECT the entire group (and the entire group can take on those bad traits or beliefs), or the group can AFFECT them (in a positive way) and they can remain solid and grounded.

I’s all about how the people interact with each other. Are they welcoming, do they make you feel comfortable? Do they act better than “non-members”? Do they make you want to come back? Since both churches and gyms can be very intimidating places for a newbie, it’s super important to be aware of how we may come across to the “unbeliever”.


fitness intimidationUnfortunately, many people are under the impression they are super friendly, welcoming and comfortable to be around, but that’s because they are too comfortable in their own environment to notice how anyone is feeling or acting. My Great Dane was the same way. He had no idea how big he was so, when he wanted to visit our neighbor’s chiwawa, Nikki, he had no idea why she would freak out at the site of him. He just wanted to play, but she was scared to death of him.

With my personality, I am constantly looking at how people react after they walk in the gym. I watch how they look at our staff, at the equipment, at our trainers and even our members.  Do they look scared? Are they overweight? Do they appear uncomfortable? Is there anyone in the gym that might scare them like my Dane scared Nikki? How can I set them at ease and let them know we won’t bite?

It doesn’t matter how great your workouts are if you if you can’t make people feel comfortable. People HAVE to feel comfortable, confident, proud and successful (no matter how big or small the success) or they will never come back.

Why Can’t We All Get Along?

fitness variety

Think of various types of fitness activity as different denominations. You have powerlifting, bodybuilding, figure & physique competition training, boot camp, CrossFit, spinning, yoga, Zumba, pilates, step class, running, circuit training, TRX training, Bodylastics band training, kettlebell training, triathlon training…the list goes on and on. For some reason, people will find something they love SO much, they treat everybody else like total morons if they aren’t doing what they are doing. I guess it’s their way of trying to convince them to join their groupies, by bashing everyone else so they eventually will try it “their way”. This is where the snob-like mentality comes in. In the church, we’d say someone was acting “Holier than though” – and I’m seeing this in the fitness industry way too much.

one size fits allIf your foundational beliefs (like being active and living healthy) are the same, you are all the same team. Realize, there has to be different strokes for different folks. We are all very different, our needs are different, we are motivated by different things, we have different strengths and we need different workouts to fit our different personalities and goals.That’s why there is a church on every corner, and that’s why there are ton of gyms. Fitness is not one-size fits all.

We’re All Winners

Motivation: I am a winnerShouldn’t we be excited someone just works out? Shouldn’t we be happy that someone found something they like? The answer is YES! And the honest truth is, people should never be so narrow-minded. Thinking “your way” is the only way is legalism – and we need to break free from that. Fitness is supposed to be a healthy lifestyle – not prison. Gyms are not a country clubs for the rich, strong, fast and best. They are a place for people to make improvements and get positive support and reinforcement, not judgement.

I honestly believe this type of mentallity happens accidentally. When something changes someone’s life, they want EVERYONE to try it. Like a born-again Christian can go overboard and come across judgmental or pushy, so can a new fitness fanatic. Their heart might be in the right place, but they totally lose sight of life outside of their little world. They come across judgmental, preachy and obsessed. Then it gives the whole group, or brand they are promoting, a bad name.

Are You A Turn-Off or Turn-On?

Fitness-FreakWe need to be careful how we live fitness in our life. We may be the only fitness representative of our gym, or workout program, someone sees. It’s best to lead by example rather than with our mouth. If we live it right, people will be dying to try what we’re doing – but if we don’t, we might be a complete turn off, and people will never want to step foot near our gym.

There are SO many great fitness facilities and programs out there. Although I may personally like some more others,that doesn’t mean any of them are better – they are just different. Remember, they have one awesome thing in common; they are ALL getting people healthy and making a difference.

Quick Test:

If you are curious how you, your trainer or your gym is doing, don’t ask the members or staff – ask an outsider. If you get a lot of guests, but they don’t return – there is something wrong. OR, if members don’t bring guests, there is something wrong. It could be they know their guest won’t be comfortable. If you can make guests happy, you can make everyone happy – and really make a positive impact on your community!

Check Yourself?

Is your training a turn off or turn on?
Are your peers attracting people to fitness, or steering people away?
Do you speak a different language? Using words only “your peeps” understand?
Do wear different clothing to fit your “fitness lifestyle”, as if you live in a different country?
Do you like to show off your strength/size/flexibility/abilities, etc? If so, how do you think others respond?
Is your gym welcoming? Are your friends encouraging to newbies?
Can you remember what it was like the first day you walked in your first gym, or class?

These are just a few questions that I encourage you to ask yourself. The world of fitness is already intimidating enough, so let’s work hard to make fitness as warm and friendly as possible so we can keep making a difference!

Mission Possible: Operation hhgregg

When I think of hhgregg, I think of refrigerators and electronics – but did you know hhgregg now carries fitness equipment? This was news to us, so we recently went on a “Mission” to a nearby hhgregg to check it out for ourselves so we could share any new intel with you. Enjoy our fun video!

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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