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Quit Treating Fitness Like a One-Night Stand

 If you treat fitness like a one-night stand you will fail. However, if you treat it like a life-long commitment, you and fitness will live happily ever after.

In many ways, fitness is like dating. Success requires “playing the field” so to speak, and many many dates. You can’t just make one attempt and give up, but people give up on fitness every single day.

Think about it. We date many people until we find that special someone. And, we’re not surprised when we find out our ex walked the aisle with someone else. We know good and well that relationships are complicated and that, just because someone was’t right for you, doesn’t mean they aren’t perfect for someone else. So, we just keep searching for our perfect mate – and we search and search until we find what we are looking for. If only we had that kind of dedication when it came to fitness!

Diet and fitness is also complicated, and a lot is required to find our perfect match. If you treat fitness like a one-night stand you will fail. However, if you treat it like a life-long commitment, you will live happily ever after.

Healthy living is like a healthy relationship:

1. It requires research. Most people don’t just dive into just any relationship without knowing something about that person. There is a certain level of research most people do to find out if a date is someone they might like and trust. Research is also suggested with fitness. Whether you ask mutual friends, or look at product reviews, it’s good to do a little research before you try anything new.

2. It requires fun. One of the first things my mom would ask me after a date was “did you have fun”? Fitness also should be fun. A long-term fitness relationship must be centered on things you enjoy. Whether that means enjoying the results, or the actual activity itself, your relationship with fitness can’t be miserable or it won’t last.

3. It requires time. Once I found a guy worth investing in, I knew it would take some time to get to know each other – and the same goes with fitness. Just like some guys surprised me, some workouts and healthy foods have surprised me too. It’s super important to give fitness a good solid chance and invest quality time in your fitness plan.

4. It requires money. Every guy knows dating cost money. When Steve was young, he knew exactly how many hours he’d have to work to afford to take a girl out on a date. Each date was valuable to him – and you should know how valuable you are, and know you too are worth the investment. Don’t be stingy with spending money on your health. Instead, be stingy with throwing money away on things that can prevent good health. Although fitness doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s worth investing in.

5. It requires honesty. We’ve probably all had dates we weren’t completely honest with. How unfair is that?! If you are going to give something a solid try, you need to be honest to yourself and everyone involved. Lying to your trainer doesn’t help anything, and lying to yourself just pushes your goal further away.

6. It requires change. Even the best relationships require change. You can’t expect to get married and go on living life like you’re single, no more than you can expect to live your new healthy life like you were when you were fat and out of shape. Going back to your old ways is not an option. If you want to succeed you have to be willing to make some permanent changes.

7. It requires perseverance. You have a choice to give up on anything you do. You can give up on your loved one, your job, your finances, and most definitely your health. Like a marriage, some things are worth fighting for. Great things rarely come easy. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll be on the path to victory.

Be a Fighter

I can tell you that marriage requires a lot more work than any diet and exercise program. Sometimes it’s just so tempting to give up, but I’m SO glad I never allowed myself to give up on Steve – or myself. We are far from perfect, but all that hard work does pays off and I promise all your hard work trying to live healthy will pay off too. Plus, it’s not like you can divorce yourself. You are stuck with your body until “death do you part”. 🙂  – B –


Monday Motivation: Believe to Achieve

Many people don’t ever reach their greatest potential because they don’t even try. Why don’t they try? Or why do they not try harder? It’s not because they don’t want to be thin and fit, or successful and wealthy, or have a happy marriage, etc – I believe it’s often because they really don’t believe they can change.

You will NEVER be able to change your current circumstance unless you actually believe you can change your current circumstance. All those motivational quotes about “believing in yourself” may seem a little cliche, but they have a lot of weight to them. If you don’t believe you can make the changes you desire, you will not attempt to pursue them. And if you do, it will likely be a half effort or a short-lived attempt.

People that struggle believing they can get the body they want, have thoughts that fill their head like “I’ll never look like her”, “I’m not disciplined enough”, “I don’t know what to do”, and “I can’t lose weight”, which stop them before they even begin. It doesn’t take long to start believing these lies, when really you don’t know what your body is capable of if you never put it to the test.

Steve tweeted this statement on twitter this weekend: “‘I’ll try’ is already an excuse to quit!” Think about it. When someone asks you if you can make it to an event and you say “I’ll try”, that is means “I probably won’t make it”, “I can’t commit to it right now”, “don’t count on it” or simply “maybe”. Steve challenged his twitter friends to “Quit trying! Start DOING!!!” That really is what it comes down to. We have quit our halfway attempts and COMMIT to doing what it takes to make things happen.

If you have been “trying” or you’ve been having a hard time believing you can make the changes you need to make, here are a few things to think about.

1.) Look at other people who are headed toward their goal. All the weight loss stories you’ve seen and heard – they happen to real people just like you. I know countless people who said they never dreamed they’d be who they are now. I know people who literally cried through their workouts and cried their first few weeks of attempting to jog. I think part of their tears came from the pain and struggle. However, I think the other source of their tears was the fact they knew this is what they had to do to change their life. That could be you.

2.) Listen to the people who know better than you. Steve would often say, “You may not believe in you, but I believe in you.” Why? It really isn’t because he believes in you, he believes in the science behind what fitness can work in you. His smarts outweighs your doubts. If you can’t believe you could ever make a serious change in your life, then you need to believe in the professionals that KNOW it can happen. Trust them, follow them, and begin to move closer to your goals.

3. ) When you look at other people’s success stories, remember it could have been you. When you hear a success story, ask them when they started. That is the date that you too could have started. And TODAY, someone is starting their transformation and will be a success story. You can join them, or you can watch them. People who succeed are not extraordinary – they are normal people just like you who didn’t just start – they finished what they started.



What helped YOU to start believing you could do this?

Share your experience and own personal tips below!

You NEVER know who’s life it might touch!

Fitness: How to Stay the Course, Weather Storms & Reach Your Destination

Are you in control of your ship or are you lost at sea?
We have the opportunity to steer our bodies and lives into the right, or wrong, direction – and if we choose NOT to steer our lives, then the world will steer it for us.

Who’s in control of your vessel?
Our lives are not much different than a ship in the ocean. Waves and winds can toss us around IF WE LET IT orrrrr we can take control of the direction we are heading. This doesn’t mean storms may slow us down or redirect our path for a period, but it DOES mean we don’t have to just float around letting life dictate our progress or final destination.  YOU can be in control of your vessel or the world can.

Sure, the world can throw you Burgers, but do you really have to eat them? You can let friends pull you away from your goals or you can pull THEM to YOUR goals. People are easily influenced – both for good and bad. The bottom line is YOU have a choice to influence or be influenced.

Can you stay the course?
I think many people on a healthy journey of losing weight and getting fit let life’s storms and outside influences toss around a bit. It would be tough paddling a boat in the middle of the ocean toward land you can’t see – and that’s how many of us feel when working on fitness goals.

You can be making SERIOUS progress and getting MUCH closer to your goal, but feel defeated and lost. This is why we need to keep tools in our life to help you navigate and stay the course. Tracking weight loss, journaling how you feel along the journey and having a pair of “skinny jeans” to measure progress can Read the rest of this entry

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!

“Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!” This is one of Steve’s favorite things to say during BCx Boot Camp. Meaning – don’t look at what everyone else is doing, just worry about yourself.

Boy, I wish we could get this through our THICK skulls!! How easy is if for us to look at someone else and think “they are so much better”, “they are faster”, “they are skinnier”, “they are stronger”, “they don’t have kids”, “they don’t have 3 jobs”, “they don’t have a bum knee”, “they’ve never been overweight”, “they don’t understand”, “they are young”, “they have a high metabolism”….and the list goes on!

SO WHAT! “They” aren’t YOUR problem – YOU are. If you focus on everyone else, you are setting yourself up for failure. If you focus on what YOU can do, then you can make some serious progress. Read the rest of this entry

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