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HOT BUNS: Butt Workout for Home or Gym

Many of you have asked for more butt workouts so here you go!! We designed this workout for FitStudio, powered by Sears – complete with instructional video.  This killer combination of lunges, deadlifts, bridges and knee repeaters can totally reshape your booty just in time for bikini weather!

If you try it, be sure to comment on FitStudio’s workout page, rate it, like it and share it with friends. We’d love your feedback!!

CLICK HERE to get your HOT BUNS and view the entire workout on FitStudio.

Baby Got Back

“I like big butts and I can not lie, You other brothers can’t deny”…

Sir Mix-A-Lot might like big butts but I think most women are working hard to get rid of their big butts – and some are even terrified of making it even bigger than it already is. This is why I believe women don’t do squats and other butt-firming exercises. They are scared they’ll make their big butt even bigger.

So, the million dollar question is: Will leg & glute exercises make your butt bigger?
It depends on the condition of your butt muscles. Think of your butt like a grape. When the grape is ripe it’s smooth, plump and round. So is a fit butt – it’s full of water and glycogen that makes the muscle smooth, plump and round (which is what we all should want). However, over time, our butt deflates like a old grape and gets unshapely and eventually as small, ugly and flat as a raisin.

Now, if you didn’t gain any weight, you’d just have a saggy unshapely pancake booty, but most people gain fat around that unshapely behind so you have nothing left that even resembles a butt muscle because it’s all covered with bumpy fat cells. Read the rest of this entry

Get a Fine Toosh with these 25 Butt Blasters

There’s no doubt about it – people like a firm bottom! I’ve never heard anyone say they wish they had a pancake butt or dimply droopy derriere. We want FIRM booties! There are 2 groups of people rocking lunges and squats – those who are working to firm and lift their butt and those who are working to keep it there! No matter if you have whipped your booty in to it’s fullest, firmest potential or not – now you can throw a few new moves into your program!

Here are my top 25 butt-blasting exercises. Click on the names to watch a video demonstration, brought to you be FitStudio powered by Sears.

25 Butt Blasters:

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