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Finally, Free Obesity Help Coming

launch pad projectWhat if there was FREE help online to fight obesity? Not random tips or information, but true guidance from personal trainers, nutritionists and physiologists? This is exactly what the team at LiveExercise is working hard to do.

With your help they can create The Launchpad Project, a free health program designed to assist people with obesity and limited mobility. The Launchpad Project will be a series of daily videos focusing on exercise, nutrition, and mental health, while also being a safe place for people to talk freely about their issues and progress.

Many people look at obesity as a simple case of eating less and exercising more, but overeating and sedentary lifestyle are only a small part of the problem. Poverty, lack of education, and underlying mental health issues such as anxiety, addiction, depression and abuse are all contributing factors. That’s why The Launchpad Project is not a weight-loss program, it’s a healthy lifestyle movement – with professionals to help people tackle all aspects of obesity.

Health shouldn’t have a price tag

LiveExercise is raising money so they can provide this program to everyone. They believe The Launchpad Project needs to be free to reach as many people as possible. Studies show that obesity and poverty are closely linked, often making gyms, and food such fresh fruits and vegetables inaccessible. This is why it’s more important than ever to provide accessible health and nutritional programs for low-income families.

They need $60,000 to pay for studio & production time and pay for the trainers, nutritionists, and psychologists to produce 6 months of free daily videos. BUT, (THIS IS REALLY COOL!) even if they don’t make it all the way, they will use what they have raised to produce as many shows as possible within the budget! That means every penny HELPS!! 


If obesity has touched your life, this is your chance to make a difference and help others.
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Can’t afford to give?

Give the gift of sharing – sharing this message so others can learn about the program and give.


If you have any questions or feedback, you can email them at and they’re always listening on Twitter and Facebook!

How to Fight the Fat and WIN!

People tell me their fitness struggles often. They explain how they struggle with their weight, struggle getting to the gym, struggle making time, struggle eating right, struggle feeling motivated, struggle knowing what to do – the list of struggles goes on. My answer is this: “If you’re struggling, that means you haven’t given up yet, so that’s a good thing. It means you are a FIGHTER.”

I can work with someone who hasn’t given up. I can’t work with someone who doesn’t even try to fight it out.

The question I have next is what type of fighter are you.

1. The Beginner: Round one. Beginners have no clue what they are doing, but they know they want to be a champ someday. They show up and do what they are told. They’re punches are weak and their form is off, but if they keep showing up they’ll improve day after day. They just need to realize becoming a champ doesn’t happen overnight. 

2. The Dancer: Dancers prance around the ring dodging anything that might hurt. They want to be in the ring, but they don’t want to fight. They want to have a body of a champ, but they resist doing what they must do to get the results they want. At first glance, this person appears to be doing all the right things. They train hard, they go to the gym often, and they play the fit part. But when push comes to shove, they prance around the issues they need to hit the hardest.  The same way a boxer bounces around the ring hoping to wear their opponent out, a Dancer in the fitness world hopes to just work the fat off without taking any blows to their diet or to their comfy fitness routine. The do the workouts they like, not need – and refuse to give up the things that are holding them back. In the end, their sloppy theory and cockiness gets them in trouble, and they normally always lose the fight.

3. The Spectator: This person sits ringside, and will tell you every punch you need to throw and every move you need to make – but they’ll never get in the ring. They know all the right things to do, but they won’t do it themselves. Whether it’s fear of failure or that they’re just not ready to commit, if this person ever wants to raise their gloves in the air, they’ll have to be willing to be step outside their comfort zone and step into the ring with the best of them.

4. The Fighter: Fighters are the pros – they actually work hard every day to eat right and workout, they just aren’t throwing the right punches or they’re leaving themselves open for bad hit. If they ever wanna be a champ, they have to keep getting back up after they get knocked down, figure out what they are doing wrong (and I promise, no matter how great they are, if they are losing the weight loss battle, they are doing something wrong), and they have to be patient. They surround themselves with the best athletes and coaches, and avoid distractions at all cost. They are focused, they are determined, and they will become champions.

Ideally, we should all be fighters – but we should be fighters that keep improving. A good fighter trains often, has a good coach and never, ever, ever gives up.

AMERICANS GET FATTER: 5 Tips to Fight Obesity

I think most people know we have a big obesity problem in America, but I don’t think people really understand what that means – or what to do about it. Medical Coding Career Guide built this infographic to really bring the facts home. After you review this enlightening graphic, I’ll give you 5 tips on how you can fight obesity and make a difference in your home and community.

Medical Coding Career Guide

Created by:
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5 Tips to Fighting Obesity:

1. Fight obesity in your home. Limit fast food and dry snacks (chips, cookies, crackers). Buy more fresh foods and less processed foods. Since many Americans are overweight due to overeating, serve dinner on salad plates to help control portion size. Seek education for you and your family and dedicate time to teaching your family about the importance of making healthy choices and increasing activities.

2. Fight obesity in your workplace. Many people don’t eat healthy because they really don’t know how to – or they are not completely aware of just unhealthy they really are. Although you can’t force co-workers to eat healthy, you can share your knowledge, introduce them to healthy foods and snacks, and invite them to the gym with you. Start a fitness challenge at your workplace and get more involved in your company’s wellness program. If nothing else, you can lead by example and encourage your coworkers when they do seek improvement.

3. Fight obesity in your child’s school. Even if you can’t change the lunchroom menu, you can change the way your child eats. Pack a lunch for them instead of relying on the school system to provide healthy meals for your child. Become a proactive member of the PTA and learn how to get more involved in making a difference in your local school system. PTA boards are always looking for inspiring speakers. Offer to speak, or to provide a speaker, to talk about childhood obesity. Remember, kids influence kids — and your kid can either influence other kids for good or bad. Encourage your child to be a good example for their friends and share what they have learned about healthy living.

4. Fight obesity in your church and your other favorite organizations. Church and food go together like peanut butter and jelly. Churches encourage good fellowship, and with that comes a lot of opportunities to eat and drink. Most churches rely on the congregation to provide food and beverage for their social events. Coke, sweet tea, high-cal casseroles, sweets and high-carb foods will always fill the buffet table. It’s up to you to provide healthy selections and to encourage your friends to do so as well. If you count calories, place a nutritional information card by the dish with the name of your yummy recipe, calories and your name in case they have questions.If you have the recipe, leave recipe cards by the dish and spread your healthy recipes with others.

5. Fight obesity in your close circles. We have the opportunity to impact our friends and family the most. Whether we are having people over for dinner or meeting people out, it’s important to stick to healthy eating so you can lead by example. Many times people actually buy junk food and serve higher calorie food when having guests over. Don’t be responsible for fattening up your guests. If you are exploring a menu and looking up calories while dining out, share what you are seeing. You’ll be amazed how many people have no idea how many calories are in foods they “think” is healthy. Of course, you need to be sensitive around people who are insecure about their weight, but even if you choose to say nothing and simply lead by example, you can still make a powerful impact on your loved ones.

Share this blog with your friends, on your facebook wall, on twitter, in pinterest, email and print it out for home and work. The key to helping people is educating them. Help make them more aware of the seriousness of obesity by sharing this blog today. You NEVER KNOW who’s life you could change simply by sharing this blog. 

How have YOU helped fight obesity? Share your own tips and story below. 🙂  -B-

Are You a Fitness TURN OFF or TURN ON?

You live healthy, you exercise and eat right – and you want to make a difference in the lives around you. You are a fitness ambassador – a representative of healthy living. But, are you effective? How do others view fitness through you? Are you a turn-off or a turn-on?

If you’re like me, you want fitness to become contagious. However, that is not accomplished by preaching to everyone around you, telling people they are fat, and telling them how awful their food choices are. With fitness, there is a right way, and a wrong way, to spread the healthy love.

Let’s look at someone else who also has a message to spread: a preacher. What preacher do you think is the most effective? The guy who waves his bible at everyone on the street corner telling people they are going to hell or the guy who simply lives by example and shares his message though his actions not his words? Both of them have the same message, but one is going to be a lot more effective. The question is: Which one are you?

6 Steps to Becoming an Effective Fitness Ambassador

We need to look at our area of influence and our effectiveness. If you have lost weight, or just live a healthy lifestyle, you have the opportunity to impact those around you – for the good OR the bad. Either way, people are watching you. It’s important you realize your responsibility and the opportunity you have to encourage others, as well as the risk you have to discourage others around you if you go about it the wrong way. Here are 5 tips to making your influence a positive one.

1. Less is more. You will make a bigger impact on people around you with your actions, not your words. Talking about fitness and diet all day is a big turn-off. Aside from my blogs and tips, I try not to start conversation about fitness. People know they can come to me if they want to talk about it, but I never want people to think that hanging out with Bonnie means talking about diet and exercise – that could get old quick.

2. Be sensitive. If you have a friend who struggles with their weight, you just being ‘you’ is already a reminder that they need to get healthy and fit. Your actions will speak loud and clear. The last thing you need to do is tell them what they should be doing or announce how many calories are in their meal while dining out. Although you may want to convince them to take action – the only action they may take is running away from you.

3. Be real. No one likes to be around someone who acts like they have it all together. Don’t try to act like a rockstar or constantly brag about your new PR (personal record) to your unfit friends. They don’t want to hear it. Instead, on the days you struggle, share it. Be honest with your own fitness journey – not just highlight your awesomeness. By exposing your own weaknesses, you will give others around you hope and encouragement.

4. Love them where they are. One of my friends who was 100lbs overweight once told someone that we made her feel comfortable. As a fitness leader, that was one of the biggest compliments I had ever received. I believe you actually have to go out of your way to even be more loving and sensitive to those who maybe insecure or overweight. Often times their first thought of anyone who works out is that they are self-absorbed  or vain. It’s your job to prove them wrong – by loving them where they are.

5. Invite them in. Many unfit people feel like outsiders because they live outside your life and you forgot to invite them in. This is one of the trickiest things for me as a gym owner. People always say “Oh, you should give her a free pass” and then I often don’t do it because I don’t want her to think I’m implying she’s fat and needs to join my gym. However, in comparison to church, I’m surprised how many people will say stuff like “no one ever invited me”. Wow! Can you imagine? Someone out there is ready to go if someone just would invite them? Now, here’s a warning: Invite them occasionally, but don’t stalk them. If they agree to show up and they flake out on you, don’t make them feel bad about it. The key to a really good invitation is being able to let them off the hook if they say no. Otherwise your invitation becomes more like a prison sentence.

6. Never give up. We all know people who have taken YEARS to reach. Whether it’s getting them to church or the gym, people are always worth investing in. This doesn’t mean you wear yourself out trying to fix them, but you should never quit planting little seeds and making sure they know you will be there for them when they are ready.

Don’t hoard your fitness – Share it! You may be the ONLY person who cares enough to help those around you. Your impact on someone can be greater than even some of the biggest fitness celebrities. YOU can play your part to help America get fit and fight obesity.

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