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Q&A: Fat Burners, Diet Pills & Thermogenics

diet pills So many people don’t understand what Fat Burners really do. Are they diet pills? Do they work? How do they make you feel? Will it help you lose weight? How fast should you see results? When is it best to take them? These are many of the questions we get about Thermogenics (AKA Fat Burners).

First, watch this quick video, where Steve explains what thermogenics actually are – and what they do.

Now, to answer some of those questions.

Are they diet pills? 

diet pillsDiet pills do different things. Many prescription pills curb your appetitive. There is another prescription that blocks fat from being absorbed and stored. Old school prescription pills often contained amphetamines which now is typically prescribed as dextroamphetamine, or the inactive prodruglisdexamfetamine. Then you have the old school fat burners, which contained Ephedra, in combination with aspirin and caffeine. Since Ephedra is no longer legal in the United States, supplement companies have been working hard to come up with a safer way to burn fat. So, in my opinion, I would not classify a thermogenic as a diet pill. While the fat burner we take, ThermoHeat for example, does have an appetite suppressant in it, it’s main job its to increase your body temperature to burn more calories throughout the day.

Do they work?

Diet-weight-loss-Yes, but not if you are depending on a fat burner alone. Fat burners can give you the edge you need to be more apt to move, exercise and stay active. It will increase calorie burn, but you have to understand how easy it is to erase those calories with poor food choices. Let’s say, for example sake, you burn 200 extra calories a day when on a fat burner. You could erase those calories easily with a big gulp coke or an extra snack. For this reason, fat burners work best when you combine it with exercise and diet.

How do they make you feel?

crazyhairSome fat burners make you feel like you’ve had 10 cups of coffee. The old school fat burners that had ephedra in it really freaked people out. However, I think most fat burners today are more mild feeling in comparison to the Ephedra, caffeine and aspirin variations. People may complain about feeling anxious and jittery on some fat burners. Since I have heart palpitations, I have to watch out for fat burners that get my heart racing. ThermoHeat doesn’t make me feel that way at all. It makes me feel focused and more apt to stay moving, but I don’t feel like I’m on speed or anything. Basically, the answer to this question is “it depends”. Every fat burner is different.

weight lossWill it help you lose weight?

Yes. If you are burning more calories than you are consuming, you will lose weight. The key to success is to make the most of the fat-burning opportunity. Exercise when you are feeling energized and avoid replacing calories with poor food choices. However, if you aren’t going to track calories or even try to be in a caloric deficit, you probably will not get the results you want.

How fast should you see results?

How fast you get results depends on how dedicated you are to your weight loss goals. First, you need to know that you should feel results right away. You should feel more energized and more focused pretty quickly. This should help you WANT to workout and stay more active, which can often be an issue for many people. People lack the motivation or the energy to workout. BUT, if you don’t workout and you refuse to be more active, you aren’t going to get all the goody out of your fat burner. If you are taking ThermoHeat, you should also not feel as hungry, which can help with controlling your appetite. So, in many ways, you should be getting results almost immediately. However, if you are talking about seeing results on the scale, that’s a different story. The results you get are dependent on consistency and accuracy. Staying consistent with eating low-calorie foods and exercising will get you faster results. Accurately tracking calories burned and calories consumed will help you get the best results. But if you plan on just guessing your way through the day, I can only guess your results (and I would guess they won’t be what you want).

When is it best to take them?

White Competition Bikini Personally, I like taking Fat Burners to help give me an edge when I’m taking my training or dieting up a notch. I only take them for a season, and then I go off for a while. For example, I took ThermoHeat to help me prepare for my competition. It REALLY helped me get my 3 workouts in a day (2 cardios and 1 weight training workout) when I was extra low on calories. I honestly don’t think I would have had the oomph to do it without it. It’s also great for people who are starting a workout and diet plan. It can give people the mental and physical boost they need to get in a routine. It also will help increase energy when people would typically experience a loss of energy from just starting a diet and exercise program.

ThermoHeatBefore I close, let me be super clear. If you want to lose weight, the first thing you need to focus on is diet. You need to learn to track calories and stick to a caloric budget (I like using the LoseIt app for this). Second, you need to get in a good exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout everyday, but a consistent workout routine you can stick to. Third, once you are willing to commit to eating right and exercising, THEN you can add supplements to the equation, like protein, creatine, fat burners, etc. Sadly, people often do the exact opposite, because making a protein shake or popping a pill is a lot easier than committing to a lifestyle change. You should never rely on supplements – they are only to SUPPLEMENT what you are missing and enhance what you are already doing. They are the icing on the low-cal cake! As long as you understand that, you are golden. Are they effective? Heck yeah, when they are used correctly! As long as you realize there is no protein shake or fat burner alone that will get you ripped like you see in the ads. Will they help? Absolutely! But, if you want results, you will be required to work for it. But I do promise you it will be SO worth it!!!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the fat burner we take, ThermoHeat.

Supplements: Don’t Waste Your Time & Money

Some of you are probably all ready to LASH out at me just after reading my title alone! Get your panties out of a wad. I don’t mean supplements are a waste of time and money. What I mean is they CAN be! YOU can easily waste your time and money on supplements if you aren’t doing YOUR job.

Supplements Require Team Work

“If you aren’t ready to work, you might as well take the money you want to spend on supplements and flush it down the toilet. You’ll end up just as poor, with less work, and get the same results: the same old out-of-shape body.”

I’m currently on GNC’s GenetixHD, which I love. However, just because I’m popping some pills and gulping down a re-workout drink doesn’t mean I’m going to get results without doing my part.

This is a partnership. My supplements have a job and I have a job. We are working together for the same goal. If I don’t do my share, I can’t expect results.

GNC’s GenetixHD products rock – if YOU rock. 

  • How can you expect increased energy to result in fat loss if you sit on your butt?
  • How can you expect CLA to support a healthy body composition if YOU aren’t working to improve your body composition?
  • Why work to protect muscle cells when you aren’t training muscle cells?
  • Why take Meta-Ignite to boost calorie burn before, during and after a workout if you don’t actually “workout”. 
  • You can’t expect to start seeing abs if you aren’t sculpting abs, and burning off the fat covering them, with cardio. (I could go on and on) 

Time to Supplement

Seem like common sense to you? I would expect so, however, MANY people are looking for that magic pill or easy way out – and I’ve got news for ya: “It doesn’t exist”.

When is it time to incorporate supplements in your routine? When YOU are ready to do the work you need to do to get the MOST out of those supplements. Otherwise, stick to vitamins, because that is piratically the only pill you can pop that doesn’t require work to get results!

“Supplements are made to SUPPORT your program, not BE your program.”

Supporting Results with Diet:

My Rules: 

  1. Stick to 100-150 calorie snacks
  2. Aim for 300-400 calorie meals
  3. Eat 5-6 times a day
  4. Eat no closer than 2 hours apart (seems easy until you finish dinner and find yourself staring in the pantry 30 minutes later! ha!)
  5. Get a minimum of 100gms of protein a day
  6. Limit drinking calories (coke, alcohol, coffee (creamers), high-cal shakes)

My foods:

White meat, dark green vegetables, oatmeal, grits, long grain rice (sparingly), Chobani greek yogurt, Designer Whey protein bars (for snacks), Smart Ones Satisfying Selections steamers (they ALL are high in protein), Uncle Ben’s Basmati Rice (this is the only 90-second rice that doesn’t taste like it’s drowning in preservatives – plus basmati is one of the lower-glycemic grains), almonds – and my absolute favorite night-time snack, 100-calorie popcorn. 🙂

Supporting Results with Exercise:

Cardio: No less than 30 minutes of cardio, at one time, as often as I can squeeze in. Ideally 5 days a week. (being careful not to REPLACE the calories burned with food)

Weights: Lift heavy and hard a MINimum of 4 days a week. The more I can train, the more results I can expect. (being careful to support muscle development with supplements)

My supplements: Everything I’m currently taking and enjoying!

Designer Whey Protein or
Amplified Whey 60 Protein
GNC GenetixHD™ Physio-Burn™
GNC GenetixHD™ Pro-Sculpt™ – Fruit Punch
Kre-Alkalyn 1500

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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