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4-Week Fat-Burning Workout Program

I put together a 4-week training program from our BCx shows on LiveExercise shows for all my Pfit friends out there. Each workout is only 30-45 minutes long and can be done at home or a gym. All you have to do is Join LiveExercise (it’s only $7.99/month! – and if you aren’t sure about joining, you can get 2 Weeks FREE!). Once you do that, you can bookmark this page and click on the links (below) to go to the exact workouts you need to do. You’ll see me suffer through the workout, and you’ll enjoy the entertaining jokes (I didn’t say they were good ones, just entertaining ones! lol). I think you’ll have a LOT of fun – plus you’ll get a crazy good workout!!

BCx Boot Camp

About the 4-Week Program 

mountain climbersThis workout is a full body conditioning workout – for both guys and girls. The main purpose of this workout is to tone muscle AND burn fat in one single short workout. We use all kinds of training methods – kettlebells, dumbbells, plyo boxes, barbells. Yet, we show modifications for you in case you are limited on tools. You’ll learn proper form, you’ll sweat like a pig and you’ll have fun doing it too!

Suggested Training Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with extra cardio or optional heavy lifting (if you are doing this in addition to weight training) on your BCx off days. Guys can typically do Chest on Monday in addition to workout #1 since most of those days focus on lower body. 

Training Tips:

lateral raisesUse light weights if you want to tone, or if you are a beginner. Use moderate weight to tone and increase intensity (and burn more calories). Use heavy weights if you want to build muscle, improve strength and stamina, as well as burn a whole lot of calories. 

Progress Tracking:

Weigh in every Monday. Our gym gives Live Exercise members a discount on the inBody composition machine. You can use a standard scale if you don’t have access to a body composition machine.


back lungeDo all the workouts in the gym, or with friends, if you can. Why? Because you are less likely to stop, cheat or slack off when people are around. Going to the gym and working out with friends helps prevent distractions, as well as offers all the tools you need to get the best workout possible. While you can do these at home alone, you will probably perform better in a gym setting or with a buddy.

Before you start: Take a before photo against a white background for safe keeping. You should ALWAYS have a before photo, because you may shock yourself on just how much you can transform your body! Also, do measurements, measuring your waist, thigh, arm and chest. Now you’re ready to get started!

Online Video Training for only $7.99:

Now you can workout with me on LiveExercise, no matter where you live, for only $7.99/month. Not sure you’ll like it? Try it for 2 weeks FREE!

Fitness helpWho is it for?

•  The person who needs direction.
•  The person who needs to be pushed harder.
•  The person who would like to ramp up their existing workout.
•  The person who can’t afford boot camp or personal training.
•  The person who wants to learn more exercises and training methods.
•  OK, basically anyone!! We teach modifications for exercises so that anyone can do these workouts – even if you are overweight or have an injury.

Get Started Now:

1. Sign Up for LiveExercise

2. Bookmark this page to view the workout schedule. Pull it up from your mobile device.

3. Get familiar with the tools used. BCx uses kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, bodylastic bands, plyo box and a bench. Every workout will give you suggestions in case you don’t have the tool we are using (so no excuses!!).

4. Get Started! Follow the workout program from your mobile device, computer or TV (we are on Samsung TV and Roku!!)

4-Week Fat Burning Workout


(Do one extra cardio or class this week) 

Workout #1 – BCX, Ep. 31, Conditioning/Lower Body Focus –

Workout #2 – BCX, Ep. 34, Crazy Hard Core & Shoulder Workout

Workout #3 – BCX Ep. 49, Blitz Cardio


(Do two extra cardios or classes this week)

Workout #1 – BCX, Ep. 36, Legs/Glutes/Abs

Workout #2 – BCX Ep. 41, Butt And Shoulder Interval Workout

Workout #3 – BCX Ep. 39, Full Body Intense Cardio And Conditioning


(Do two-three extra cardios, totaling 9 miles, or two high-intensity cardio classes this week)

Workout #1 – BCX, Ep. 36, Legs/Glutes/Abs

Workout #2 – BCX Ep. 44, Cardio Back And Core Workout

Workout #3 – BCX, Ep. 25, Full Body AMRAP


(Do two extra cardios, totaling 9 miles, or two high-intensity cardio classes this week plus one long run or walk.)

Workout #1 – BCx Ep. 24 Legs, Glutes & Conditioning

Workout #2 – BCX Ep. 45, Full Body Multifunctional Workout

Workout #3 – BCX Ep. 40, Full Body Cardio And Core Suicide

30 Days of Motivation: How to Set an Effective Workout Schedule


As one of our members came in to the club today, I asked her “what are you training today?” She said she didn’t know yet. Although this member knew what she was doing and could easily come up with a good workout, it made me think of all the people who drive all the way from work to the gym without even the slightest consideration of what they are going to do once they get there.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

How can you succeed without a plan? How motivated could you possibly be to go to the gym if you have no idea what you are going to do when you get there? You need a plan!

The problem is, many people don’t know HOW to plan an effective workout program. They don’t know what muscles to work, and how often to train. So, I decided to post a few examples to beginners with scheduling an effective workout routine. But before I share those, here are a few tips! NOTE: There are a ton of great variations, but the following workout schedules are just a few ideas to help give you some ideas.

5 Weight Training Tips

weight machine backTIP #1: Save your small muscle groups (like arms) for the last part of the week, and do your large muscle groups (like chest, back or legs) for the first of the week.

TIP #2: You need at least one day of rest before working the same body part.

TIP #3: You can do abs everyday, but weighted abs will require a day of rest, just like other weight training.

TIP #4: Try to workout every body part twice a week.

TIP #5: Just because you are sore, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t workout. If you are still sore from an earlier workout, the best thing to do is stay active. Either do a light workout, or do some cardio – and drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins. Whatever you do, don’t stay still. It will only make it worse.

Sample Workout Schedules:

3 Days a Week Beginner Workout
If you only have 3 days a week, then make the best of it with this simple full-body workout.

Do a full-body workout three days a week, like Monday, Wednesday, Friday. For example, a body toning class is a great choice for a beginner because you’ll learn a ton of moves in class from a pro. Local Vero Beach peeps, try Paula‘s FIRM body toning classes or MaxFit classes at Max Fitness. Even Shannon‘s Power yoga class is a great one to strengthen your body and tone up.

weight training4 Days a Week Option 1 Beginner
Monday: Upper Body
Tuesday: Lower Body
Thursday: Upper Body
Friday: Lower Body

4 Days a Week Option 2 Advanced
Monday: Chest, Triceps
Tuesday: Back and Biceps
Wednesday: Legs and Shoulders
Thursday: Abs and Cardio

5 Days a Week
Monday: Chest & Abs
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Arms

5 Days a Week
Monday: Chest & Back
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Shoulders
Thursday: Arms
Friday: Light Full Body Functional Workout (Multi-joint movement like squat press, overhead walking lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. Be sure to subscribe to get more on this topic!

Tomorrow I will give you a list of the most common and reliable exercises to include in your routine. We’ll keep it simple, but I promise, it will be effective!

NOTE: Max Members have access to over 100 different workout routines. Just ask our staff to help you choose a workout to follow! 


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