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5 Surprising Fitness Tools You May Already Have

You don’t have to have expensive weight equipment to workout. There are many household items you can use for added resistance in a home workout routine. Here are 5 household items that can enhance your fitness program.

1. A Gallon of Water

Workout with waterOne gallon of water weighs 8.33lbs. Pick up 2 gallons and you instantly have a set of eight-pound dumbbells. Exercising with two gallons of water not only adds 16lbs to your workout routine, but it also challenges your balance as the weight of the water shifts around with each you movement. Since you can pick up a gallon of water anywhere, getting familiar with working with water gallons can give you more options when on the road or away from the gym.

2. Stair Step

Athletes have used stair steps for cardio and conditioning training for years. Running stadium steps proved to tone the legs and glutes, burn a ton of calories and challenge the heart and lunges like no other exercise. Even if you don’t have a few flights of stairs available, you can do a lot with just a single step. Performing a Step up lunge on one leg, for 15-20 repetitions each, is great for toning the glutes and thighs.Box jumps can be performed on a stair step to increase power production, as well as READ MORE

Bodylastics Exercise Bands: Product Review & Comparison

People waste WAY too much money on fitness gadgets that don’t work.
There is a TON of junky fitness equipment and I feel it’s my duty to share good equipment when I find it. As a fitness professional, trainer, gym owner and fitness columnist, this is my personal experience with Bodylastics bands and how I feel they compare to other competitors. In a nutshell: They don’t compare – they dominate.

Cheesy Bands vs. Bodylastics
Exercise bands have been around for many years. If you’ve ever taken an aerobics class, you’ve likely used them yourself. However, I cannot even compare Bodylastics to the cheesy bands (pictured left) you typically see at most health clubs – as that would be like comparing a Cadillac to a bicycle just because they both have wheels. YES, they both have a rubber band tube with handles BUT if you were to hold one of the traditional bands in one hand and Bodylastics in the other, you’d immediately notice a difference.  Read the rest of this entry

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