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One Nasty Habit that Can Destroy You

99 percent of failures

I agree with George Washington Carver. I do believe people who fail often, have a habit of making excuses often. It’s human nature to want to blame something or someone for our failures. Quitters love the word “if”, saying things like “I could lose weight IF I could afford a trainer” or “I could get in better shape IF I wasn’t so busy.” These excuses simply make people feel better about why they didn’t reach their goal.

The fact of the matter is, there is someone busier with less money getting results. So, as good as those excuses sound, it doesn’t mean that reaching your goal is impossible – it’s just going to be a little more challenging.

Instead, make a habit of determination. Make it a habit to do what you need to do whether you want to do it or not. Make a habit of finding solutions, not problems. Before long, you will be out of the habit of using excuses and in the habit of overcoming them.

What’s Greater? Your Excuses or Your Dreams?

Excuses FitnessI’m too old
My stomach will never look like that
I bet she never had kids
I don’t have that kind of time
I have a full time job, plus 2 kids to raise
I don’t know what to do.
She was probably always fit
She’s probably a lot younger than me
She just has good genetics
I don’t have the discipline
I wouldn’t know what to eat
My body could never get that lean
I’ve never done anything like that before
I wouldn’t even know where to start…

These are all common excuses and comments I hear when people see a bikini or figure competitor. People almost talk themselves out of even wanting that kind of body – just because they don’t think it’s even achievable for them. However, Ursula Kepferer, knew what she wanted and she made the decision she was GOING to compete, no questions asked. No excuses.

ursula kepferer

Ursula, a 42 year old working mom, came to my husband Steve late last year and told him she wanted to do a competition in the spring. She had never done anything like that before, but she knew she needed to lose weight – and she knew a competition would force her to follow through. 30 pounds heavier than she is today, Ursula did everything Steve asked. Many times I would see her training with Steve in the gym, and I’d see the look on her face that said “I hate him right now”. No matter how tough the workout was, she never stopped and she never gave up. It wasn’t easy, but she always left proud (and little more fit) each day.

“Although most people realize what fitness can do for someone’s physique, I don’t think most people truly realize what training can do for their OWN body.”

Ursula KepfererShe DSC_0113 copyhad a lot of fears and a lot of doubts I’m sure. Could she really do this? Would she be able to lose that much weight in 90 days. What would her skin look like? Could she get lean enough? What was hiding under that fat? Much of it was sort of a mystery.

When someone commits to being on stage in the smallest bikini they’ve ever worn, even thin people get nervous. You notice every little bit of cheese you still have no matter how fit you are getting. And when you are just starting out, you wonder if your butt will ever look OK in that teeny bikini bottom that you have to wear AND turn your back to the judges so they can examine it. THAT’s a frightening thought all by itself.

Although most people realize what fitness can do for someone’s physiques, I don’t think most people truly realize what training can do for their OWN body. I believe many people actually think their body is just built a certain way and they are stuck with it. That is SO untrue. Although you may be prone to easily build muscle or not, have a smaller waist or bigger hips, etc you CAN greatly improve your body no matter how it looks now. Fitness works for everyone.

On April 6th, Ursula found out just what her body was capable of. She hit the stage, admittedly shaken and nervous, but also excited. She did it. She crossed the finish line! All those cardios – were worth it. All the dieting – was worth it. Trusting her coach – was worth it. Following through – was worth it.

Ursula finished 1st in her class. But she says she’s wearing her real trophy, and that is so true. Your best reward is your new and improved body! Congrats Ursula!!

Ursula Kepferer

Ursula Kepferer

6 Excuse Busters

#1 Excuse: I don’t have enough time.
Excuse BUSTER: Everyone can MAKE time. We make time for things we enjoy. How much time are you on the computer? How much do you watch TV? Could you wake up one hour earlier? For everyone that thinks they are busy, I have someone I can point to that is even busier and they fit it in. Bottom line is you can make time, you just choose not to.

#2 ExcuseI don’t know what to do.
Excuse BUSTER: You don’t need to know what to do. There are people (like me) that are happy to point you in the right direction. Instead of pulling bits and pieces from fitness magazines, join in a structured program that will help you each step of the way. Whether it’s a local fitness program or our online BCx Boot Camp program – help is out there, you just have to SEEK it if you want to FIND results. We always link our exercises to video demonstrations or we do videos of our workouts ourself so you can learn!

#3 ExcuseI’m too out of shape to do “that”.
Excuse BUSTER: I hear this a lot. I hear things like “I’m too fat”, “I have bad knees”, “I’m too old”, and the list of excuses goes on. Bull Honky!! You tell me how much you weigh and I’ll tell you someone who did our boot camp who weighed more. You tell me how old and broken down you are and I’ll tell you about our 74 year old boot camper or our member who had a double hip replacement and still rocked our program. We often limit ourselves mentally when our body is still up for the challenge. Sure you may have to modify, but the fact is you can do SOMETHING but trying NOTHING ain’t gonna cut it! Just do it – and do what you can. As long as you are giving YOUR 100%, that’s all that matters. (Danielle, left, lost 65lbs in Boot Camp and now is an avid athlete)

#4 Excuse: I have no money
Excuse BUSTER: You DO NOT need money to get fit. You can get access to awesome advice and killer workouts online for FREE at sites like & on the GNC blog. Need support? Follow people like myself on their facebook & twitter pages – and interact with as many likeminded people as possible. This gives you the edge you need that Personal Training does. Everyone needs accountability and you don’t necessarily have to pay for it.

#5 Excuse: I travel a lot.
Excuse BUSTER: Look at Kelly Olexa. She travels a TON and has collected a variety of workouts she could do in her hotel room including P90x, BCx Boot Camp, online workouts and various DVDs. Here is a pic of Christopher and Dawn Borders doing High Knees in our online BCx program while vacation in Maui. They prove fitness travels well!

#6 Excuse: I’ve tried everything and nothing works. Trust me – I’ve tried it all.
Excuse BUSTER: I love this one. I hear this excuse too often. I even had a member who took our Boot Camp to PROVE even if she did everything we said she wouldn’t be able to lose weight. Well guess what – she lost weight and kept it off! If this is your line of thinking, then consider you may not have done everything “right”. You may have done a lot of right things, but you obviously missed something. They key to success is not giving up. Don’t judge your “next” diet or program based on your last failed one. That’ like judging your next boyfriend based on the last loser you dated! Start fresh! – Fresh mindset, fresh focus, fresh trust and fresh goals.

I could write for days on this topic, but that’s it for now. NO MORE EXCUSES!!

What is YOUR excuse or what is an excuse you hear often so I can bust it too! 🙂

Fitness Motivation: No Excuses

Good Intentions, Poor Results: More Motivation Please

Today’s blog is day 2 of my series on good intentions. (Read day 1) There are so many people who have the best intentions to get fit, but they just don’t follow through. This week, I attempt to address 5 of the common reasons that people’s good intentions don’t turn into good actions. Here is reason #2.

#2 Motivation Issues: They aren’t motivated enough.

fitness motivationThis person says they want to lose weight, but they are just not motivated. They feel like they have no energy, or drive, to start. Their overweight bodies aren’t making them uncomfortable enough to actually do something about it, but they know they need it – and often times, they will attempt to exercise sporadically. Sometimes it takes something major, like a cruise, reunion or, God forbid, a heart attack, to give them the push they need to get serious.

Solution: This person needs to realize they can’t base their actions on how they feel. This type of person needs support so they keep showing up whether they are motivated or not.This could be a trainer or a friend, but they need someone to hold them accountable. They probably can’t do this alone – at least in the beginning. They also need to develop the discipline to do what is best for their body, whether they are motivated or not. If they stay disciplined, eventually the results will kick in, and the results will keep them motivated to stick with it – even if they have to continue alone.

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Problem #1: Can’t seem to start

This Week’s Mantra:

good intentions

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Good Intentions, Poor Results: All Talk, No Do

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, well so is the road to obesity. There are many people who have the best intentions to get fit, but they just don’t follow through. Why? While I know there are many reasons for people’s inability to turn their good intentions into good actions, I want to tackle 5 of the most common problems. Each day this week I will post one problem and one solution.

#1 Can’t Get Started: All Talk No Do

fat and unhappyThis person talks about it often, but that’s about it. They may even subscribe to every diet and fitness magazine and health blog. Getting fit is at the top of their mind, but at the bottom of their to-do list.

Maybe, despite all their reading, they still don’t know exactly what to do. Maybe they don’t know how to start or maybe they are just not ready. Whatever the case, they probably have many excuses of why they haven’t been able to do it.

Sadly, people around them will get frustrated because this type of person is often cranky, uncomfortable, and complainy. It’s like their body is tired of being overweight, but their mind isn’t actually ready to make the decision to lose it. Therefore, they are in a constant fight – and everyone around them suffers from the internal squabble.

Solution: This person needs to listen to their body and do what they know they need to do to be happier and healthier. They need to quit procrastinating and making excuses, and except the responsibility for their actions (or lack of). If losing weight is really important to them, they need to make it a priority in their life and move it to the top of their to-do list – because it isn’t going to happen on its own. This person should join a gym, have accountability and may need to even hire a trainer to get them started, since they haven’t been able to start on their own. The most important step for this person is the first step.

This Week’s Mantra:

good intentions

What’s Keeping You From the Gym? 5 Things that Could Be Holding You Back

If SO many people want to get fit, why aren’t they all members of a gym? I believe there are 5 main things keeping people from the gym. Since some of these reasons could be a sensitive topic for some of you, I decided to mix in some fun cartoons to lift your spirits and help make receiving these tips a little more fun – because, in reality, we can ALL relate to at least one of these issues.

1. PRIDE: “I’m out of shape and embarrassed.”

Fat & EmbarrassedIf I had a quarter for everyone who has said “I just want to lose 10lbs before I join a gym”, I’d be RICH! I am not sure why people feel they need to get in shape BEFORE they join a gym, but that is such backward thinking. That’s like saying I’m going to try to get smart before I enroll in school. Really?

My grandmother once said, “a church is a school for sinners, not a place for saints”, and that concept also applies to the gym. The gym is not a place for the fit, it’s a place to GET fit – and STAY FIT. It’s the place you go to get fixed. Unfortunately, people’s perception of the gym is that it’s a place for bodybuilders and fit people. Do you think they were BORN fit? Of course not. They once started out just like you. If you think you are “too fat” to be seen in the gym, or too out of shape to take a class, that is EXACTLY where you need to be – and I promise you, they will welcome you with open arms!

2. LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: “I don’t know what to do.”

Go to a professionalOf course you don’t know what to do. Did you get a personal training certification? Did you study exercise science? I bet you have a different expertise – we all do. I tell you what, if you are in the auto repair business, I promise to come to you to get my car fixed, if you promise to come to me (or a fitness professional) to get your body fixed. Honestly, if you knew what to do in every specialty, you wouldn’t need your mechanic, accountant, doctor, lawyer, teacher, preacher, tailor, realtor, banker, builder, repair man…

The point is, it’s totally understandable that you may not know exactly what to do. That is what fitness professionals are for. The awesome part is, you won’t need them forever. A good trainer is like a good teacher – they’ll teach you everything you need to know to eventually “graduate”.

3. MONEY: “I can’t afford it.”


We all fuss when we have to spend money to have something fixed. Whether our body breaks down, or our car does, it’s no fun to spend money on maintenance. We sure like buying new things, but we hate fixing old stuff – including our old out of shape bodies. However, as valuable as your car is, don’t you think you are that much more valuable? Besides, leaving your body broken will actually cost more in the long run. The same way ignoring a simple issue, like a tire that’s out of balance, can cause a lot of big ticket damage (like uneven wear on your tires and damage to your suspension), ignoring your body now can cause a lot more damage down the road. If you really want to save money, you can’t afford NOT to invest in your body.

4. TIME: “I don’t have time to go to a gym.”

fitness cartoonThis is one of my favorite Randy Glasbergen cartoons of all time. We act like we actually have options when it comes to getting fit, but do we really? What are the alternatives? Poor health, feeling bad, muscle deterioration, weight gain, health issues, low energy, loss in strength and stamina, depression, and even death.

You will succeed when you esteem your body as high as your most prized posession. You make time to work so you can get paid. You make time for TV, or other simple pleasure, so you can relax. You make time to eat because you don’t like being hungry. So, you need to make time for fitness if you don’t like feeling unhealthy. It’s not about if you HAVE time, it’s about whether you decide to MAKE time. Your health should be a priority – because, without it you have nothing.

5. AVOIDANCE: “I prefer working out at home alone.”

funny treadmill cartoonFirst, I must say, there are some people who do very well working out alone. However, in my experience, most people do not. Even if someone genuinely prefers to workout alone, they may not be successful at doing so.

The real question is, why do you prefer working out alone? Many times it’s the result of one of the above excuses I’ve already addressed. Some people just like running, or an outdoor activity. Sometimes it’s purely out of convenience. Your fitness success isn’t just about you doing what you prefer, or what’s convenient, it’s about what you need to get results you want. This means what you WANT and what you NEED may be 2 different things. I like to lift weights, but my body needs cardio and stretching. If I only did what I wanted, I’d be fatter, bulkier, have poor stamina and have very tight muscles. Ha! 🙂

In addition, most people do better with a support system. Whether that support system is a gym, a workout buddy, a running group or a weight loss support group, most people need a certain level of accountability. If you are working out in private, there is a chance you are doing so because it’s a little easier to fail in private.

If you really want to get to the heart of this question, you have to honestly ask yourself more questions like, “Do I like working out alone because it’s less intimidating?” “Do I like working out at home because it’s more affordable?” “Do I prefer working out alone because no one will notice how out of shape I am?” “Am I avoiding the gym because I had a bad experience before?” The list of possible reasons is endless.

While having a home gym is great, and it can work for some people, there is a reason a gym setting is valuable. More equipment, more personal attention, more guidance, more options, more people to see you (for accountability), more support, more motivation, and fewer distractions (like the phone ringing, dryer going off, baby crying, etc). Again, this doesn’t mean working out at home alone is a bad thing, but it may not be right for you. To find out if it’s what you need, you have to be completely honest with yourself. Do you really think you’ll reach your goal at home alone? If you aren’t 100% sure, then you may need to get out of your comfort zone and do what you need to do to reach your goals this year.



After reflecting on people’s excuses and their misconceptions, I came up with this:

EXCUSES are words we use to fill the gap between wanting something and achieving something. 
EXCEPTIONS are the excuses we make to explain why other people succeed.
EXCELLENCE is what is achieved, no matter the result – just because you tried. 

If you think succeeding is just losing weight, winning a medal, being the fastest, becoming the strongest, looking the best or anything else even similar – you’re wrong. Succeeding is just showing up. Showing up, even if you fail. Showing up, even if you don’t feel like it. Showing up, even if you don’t know it will pay off. Showing up, without excuse.

Anyone can “show up” when they are strong, fit and successful – but showing up when you are weak, out of shape and doubtful is what will make you truly victorious.

Showing up grows you. Showing up molds you. Showing up IS success. Quit making excuses. Quit thinking that fitness is about the end result: Success or Failure. It’s not. It’s about the journey.

MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION: Super short injection of “Just Do It”

EXCUSES are words we use to fill the gap between wanting something and achieving something. 

EXCEPTIONS are the excuses we make to explain why other people succeed.

EXCELLENCE is what is achieved, no matter the result – just because you tried.

I just made this for anyone who wants to use it. this is Steve, leading boot camp…giving it all his heart.

I’m going to keep up at Max Fitness Club.
I’m going to keep showing up running the streets of Vero Beach.
I’m going to keep showing up doing BCx Boot Camp at FitStudio
Where are YOU going to keep showing up?

“Too Busy” is a Lame Excuse

“I’m too busy’ is one very lame excuse. You may can CHOOSE to be too busy for working out, too busy for your friends, too busy to invest in quite time, too busy to improve your marriage, too busy to visit someone in the hospital – but the truth of the matter is this: You’re not too busy for stuff that matters to you.

We aren’t too busy to watch TV. We’re not too busy to read this blog or check our Twitter or Facebook. We’re not too busy to go shopping. We even make time to take naps or sleep in later than your neighbor friend out running at 5AM. Or many you like to play online games and tend to your virtual farm or play Mafia wars. I mean REALLY! I don’t care how busy you are, how many kids you have, how many extra-curricular activities they have, how many hours you work – I can find you someone who’s even busier than you who still MAKES time to workout. Sorry, but you have to throw that excuse in the trash. It’s old and doesn’t work anymore.

EVERYONE is busy! Quit allowing yourself to believe you don’t have options. Don’t wait until you have time left in the day – you will NEVER have time left in the day. You will only HAVE time if you MAKE time. Commit today to making some changes. You won’t believe how much time you still have left after you get your workout in. You also will be surprised to find you have more energy and you will likely accomplish tasks more efficiently.  People disciplined in the gym are often more disciplined in every other part of their life. Practice discipline and reap a great reward!

Be a success story! Be one of the ones who’s very busy but still makes time to workout. BE the inspiration others need to see.


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Get Over It!

It was the first day of Boot Camp for Ellen Minotty and I can remember it like it was yesterday. As soon as the orientation was over she made a beeline straight for Steve. Although I couldn’t hear what she told Steve, I remember his answer, “get over it”.

We laugh about that day because those three words were part of a turning point for Ellen. How often do we hold on to excuses and let them paralyze us. If we could just “get over it” like Steve said, we could actually move on and make some progress – and progress she’s made. Three boot camps and thirty-five pounds later, Ellen learned to quit making excuses.

Unfortunately, people tiptoe around the truth and candy coat fitness to the point it hurts more than it helps. Think about it. How many times have you heard someone say “oh honey, maybe you’re not losing weight because you aren’t eating enough”. Talk about sabotage!

People don’t need to hear they are doing all the right things when they’re clearly not getting all the right results. The problem is no one wants to be the bearer of bad news – especially when someone has tried to the best of their ability to do the right thing.  Read the rest of this entry

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