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Merry Fatness: We All Fall Down

Eating poorly over the Holidays is not the end of the world. Neither is skipping your workout, but continuing to eat poorly and skip your workout for a long period of time is what can totally mess you up. That’s why the Holidays are dangerous. As soon as we START eating crappy we KEEP eating crappy. Ironically, the crappier we eat the more workouts we skip, and vice versa. How backwards is THAAT?!

We All Fall Down
We all skip our workouts and blow our diets – BUT what makes one person successful and another person appear to be a failure is how long it takes you to bounce back after falling off track. Will you jump right back into your routine today or will it take you WEEKS to recover, and get back to eating clean and working out on a regular basis? The key to success is NOT falling, it’s GETTING BACK UP – FAST!

The Art of Falling
You’ve probably heard of a “controlled fall”, well that totally applies to fitness too. If you are Read the rest of this entry

Do the Holidays have your Body in Reverse, Park or Drive?

So, you’re already thinking about what you are going to do in 2012 to get fit. You may have even asked for a new fitness toy for Christmas to help you reach your New Year goals – but what are you doing now?

Many people are gobbling up more Christmas treats than turkey and trading workouts for shopping this time of year, sabotaging your New Year’s goals already. If you treat your goal as a destination, you’ll realize how this makes no sense.  Read the rest of this entry

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