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Shocking Lunches Over 1,000 Calories

So many people sabotage their diet by simply playing the menu guessing game. The game goes a little something like this. “Eeny Meeny Miny Mo, I bet the calories in this meal are low.”

As dieters look over the menu, they make 3 mistakes. One, they choose healthy sounding meals like “salads” or “sandwiches” because it sounds “light”. Second, they think anything with chicken and fish that’s not fried must be healthy. Third, they’re under the impression a lunch portion is a lot lower in calories. Although smaller portions are great, and white meat is normally healthier than red meat, your waistline deserves more than just guesses.

Applebee's Oriental Grilled Chicken SaladEating out can be dangerous for dieters – but not impossible. I always say “know what you eat, eat what you know“. I’m not sure how you feel about this, but I work way to hard in the gym to throw it all away on one bad guess. So, if I eat out, you bet your bottom dollar I’m going to look up the nutritional information BEFORE I order.

10 High-Calorie Lunches

It’s easy to waste an entire’s day’s caloric budget on one poor lunch choice if you aren’t careful. Look how fast these salads, sandwiches, wraps and lunch portions add up!

  • Ruby Tuesday’s Carolina Chicken Salad: 1,047
  • Crispers’ Citrus Chicken Wrap: $1,270
  • Chili’s Chicken Ranch Sandwhich (without fries): 1,150  Read the rest of this entry

Fitness: 1 HARD Step Forward, 1 EASY Step Back

The #1 mistake I see in the fitness industry is people working SOOOOOOO HARRRRRRD to burn fat, lift heavy, work hard, sweat buckets, even cry through workouts – only to completely erase their hard work with 15 minutes of poor food choices.

The average person burns 300 calories walking 3 miles or 600-700 calories in a 1-hour boot camp workout. Sadly people THINK they are making good choices but STILL racking up the calories because they are making decisions based on guesses and not facts.

Here are 20 examples of how 1 ITEM from popular restaurants, who all try to offer healthy looking solutions, can erase an HOUR of hard work:   Read the rest of this entry

Diet: What you DON’T know CAN hurt you

Wouldn’t it be nice if every food item came with a label on it? If only we knew how many calories were each home-cooked meal, baked good and menu item, many of us would make much better decisions. The hardest part about dieting is trying to guess how many calories are in these types of foods. We tend to underestimate calories when we leave it up to our own guess work. We want to believe certain foods are OK to eat. Then after we talk our self in to believing we’ve made the right choice we expect to lose weight as if our guess was always accurate.

I did something the other day that enlightened me on this very subject. I picked up a low-calorie snack on a recent road trip. I noticed the snack was a little over 200 calories. I wasn’t too thrilled about this since I try to keep my snacks to 150 calories or less but I thought I should bring it in case I got hungry. I found myself picking up the snack while I was driving along, re-reading the package over and over – contemplating whether it was worth it or not. I ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it and would prefer to eat something better later.  Read the rest of this entry

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