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Success Is Rarely Convenient

what is rightHow often do we let what’s convenient rob us of our progress? Wether it’s making that uncomfortable phone call to mend a relationship, return the grocery cart to where it belongs, go to church even though you can watch it online, eat out less so you can afford the gym membership you want , or eat healthy even though it takes more time and energy to prepare. Doing what’s right requires sacrifice.

However, we often do what’s convenient, not what’s right. Convenience is the thief that robs us of experiencing a much richer life. We make many poor decisions based on convenience, often letting our life lead us instead of us leading our life.

The Musical Moon I think back to meeting Steve. There was absolutely nothing convenient about our date life. If I wanted to see him, I’d often have to stop by his job at “The Moon” (a night club in Tallahassee) just so I could look at him from a distance while he was keeping the peace as a bouncer. (This is a photo of us on Halloween night, about a month after we met. Steve, in his bright yellow MOON shirt, and me looking ridiculous in a French Maid costume. So original – NOT!. haha)  

If Steve wanted to see me, he had to fit it in around his 3 jobs, school, workouts, and studying. As a bouncer, he would get off at 2 or 3 in the morning 3-4 days a week. Every saturday night, he’d drive clear across town to my parents house to sleep on the floor in their band room just so he could wake up and go to the early church service with me the next morning before going to his next job.

If I wanted more time with him, I’d ride with him on the way to work just for 20 extra minutes with him a day. I would also meet him at the gym just so we could workout at the same time because, even though we didn’t workout together, it was worth it to me to coordinate our workouts just for the chance to see his face, say a few words and get a quick kiss.

The bottom line is when we REALLY want something, we don’t care if it’s convenient or not. Convenience has no power over us. When we are focused, determined, driven…we are never too lazy, too tired, too poor, too busy.

If you have made some recent decisions (big or small) based on what was convenient, maybe you don’t want whatever you think you wanted as badly as you thought. OR, you need to decide now that you are no longer going to let “the thief” rob you any longer.

Of course, I realize there is some practicality behind doing what is convenient, but if convenience is leading your life – that probably means YOU are not.

“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin”. James 4:17

30 Days of Motivation: What is Your Decision?

Not deciding to make a decision to get fit is making the decision to stay the same today. The problem is, as each day passes, you continue to get more and more out of shape – as well as waste valuable time you could be making progress. Unfortunately, if you don’t make a decision to start today, six months from now you will look back and realize how far you would have gotten if you just had acted on your desire to change your life today.

The decision you make today is not just about what you are doing within this 24 hour period – it’s what you are STARTING, and how your decision will impact your future.

Don’t make decisions (or NOT make decisions) you will regret later. Make yourself proud.

Decide to get fit today

30 Days of Motivation: Could I? Would I? Should I?

Live today so you never look back and say “I coulda, I woulda, I shoulda”. No Regrets! 

We’ve all done it – those moments we realize we coulda woulda shoulda. So, how can we improve? Next time we make a decision, we ask ourself “Could I? Would I? Should I?”

no regretsMaking NO Decision is Still Making A Decision

I think many of us are not making bad decisions as much as we are making NO decisions. If we stop to think about what we are doing, we typically know the right thing to do. However, most of the time, we rush into things, or live on the fly, without stopping to ask ourself  if we are making the best decision. Every time I ask myself “could I, would I, should I?”, I make MUCH better decisions – purposeful decisions, instead of impulse decisions.

Even the smallest decisions are decisions we can regret. From whether we should run or not (Spoiler Alert: The answer is almost always yes) or we should eat “this or that”, sometimes we just need to stop and really think about what we are doing. If we are honest with ourselves. We’ll make  more decisions we can be proud of and less decisions we regret. #GETAFTERIT

2013 no coulda woulda


Wise or Foolish

Think of all the good decisions we would make if we could honestly answer this question: “Would this be wise or foolish?”

“Would it be WISE or FOOLISH to: Skip my workout?”
“Would it be WISE or FOOLISH to: Forgive my friend?”
“Would it be WISE or FOOLISH to: Eat that?”
“Would it be WISE or FOOLISH to: Buy that car?”
“Would it be WISE or FOOLISH to: Go to bed angry?”
  and the list goes on…

This one statement could change everything if you can make the time to stop and answer the question. Unfortunately many of us stay so busy and rushed we don’t STOP and actually THINK about what we are about to do. Once you are faced with the question that must be answered honestly, then you KNOW you are even more foolish if you still choose the foolish route.


1.) Take the time to weigh the facts

2.) Think about the possible repercussions

3.) Make MORE decisions based on WISDOM and less on feelings, temptations and spontaneous reactions.

4.) If you honestly can’t answer the question. Ask yourself this: “Will I be satisfied with this decision later or will I have regret?” 

5.) Forgive yourself for prior poor choices and don’t look back. Keep your eyes on the prize!


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