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Brutal Boot Camp Workout

If you want to get your heart racing, lunges puffing, muscles pumping and body toning – this workout is for YOU! Here is the written workout, if you like to have text to refer to – or follow along in the video at the bottom of the page!! You will be one sweaty mess after it’s over – but you’ll feel amazing!

quad stretch

Warm Up

15-20 Forward Lunges
15-20 Side to Side Squats
5-10 Inch Worm Out to Push Ups


push ups & squats#1 Couplet

10 Air Squats
10 Push Ups
3 Rounds

1 Final (4th) Round:
45 Seconds of each
Air Squats
Push Ups

Push Ups


Advanced: Ramp up your workout with this 2-minute drill.
Beginners: Rest 2 minutes between couplets

10 Seconds of each:
Mountain Climbers
Push Ups
Big Jacks

hip drive kettlebell swings#2 Couplet
10 Box Jumps (or Tuck Jumps) 
10 Kettlebell Swings
3 Rounds

1 Final (4th) Round:
45 Seconds of each
Box Jumps


pull ups#3 Couplet
10 Tuck Jumps 
5 Pull Ups
3 Rounds

1 Final (4th) Round:
45 Seconds of each
Tuck Jumps
Pull Ups


snatches#4 Couplet
10 Snatches (5 left, 5 right)
10 Pass Through Lunges
3 Rounds

1 Final (4th) Round:
45 Seconds of each
Pass Through Lunges

Follow along through the entire workout with me on LiveExercise!

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The Kick-My-Butt Boot Camp Workout

Bonnie PfiesterIf I was prideful, I would keep this video under lock and key, and never EVER let this workout get out. HOWEVER, I believe it’s super important to share because I believe too many people think that fitness professionals are a little super human. While there are a few true fitness freaks out there – I am most definitely NOT one of them!! And this video is a perfect example!

I have my strengths and weaknesses just like anyone else. I am strong, but my cardio….not so much! ha! After rehabbing my ankle, I’m having to get my cardio back up and these type of workouts really expose just how much more work I need.

This was one of the most brutal workouts I ever have done.  The wall-up bear crawl push up suicide absolutely KILLED me!! Honestly, I don’t care to EVER see that workout EVER again!!

If you try this , I challenge you NOT to push pause. NOT to take rest breaks or skip a few reps. Try to do it to the MAX! If you promise to do that, then you absolutely have all the right to LAUGH at me!! OMG! Honestly, I’m still laughing at my own self! HAHA!

45-Minute Boot Camp Workout on LiveExercise

Wall-Up Bear Crawl Push Up Suicide

10 Wall Ups
Bear Crawl Out
10 Push Ups
Bear Crawl Back
Repeat circuit doing 9 reps each, then 8,7,6…and all the way down to 1 (which doesn’t come soon enough, let me tell ya!!)

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FUNctional Workout


Tools: Kettlebell, barbell, battle ropes & wall ball.

Warm Up: 1 Mile Run

20 seconds of intense exercise, followed by 40 seconds of moderate exercise.

:20 Football Stomps
:40 Push Ups
:20 Tuck Jumps
:40 Mountain Climbers
:60 rest
X 3

Functional Training Workout
30 seconds of each exercise

battle-ropes:30 Kettlebell Swings
:30 Wall Ball Burpee

:30 second rest

:30 Rope Slams
:30 Push Presses

:30 second rest

:30 Box Jumps
:30 Shuffle Touch

60 seconds rest
X 5

Explore fun fitness tools like the sling trainerbattle ropes & sand bags, and take your training up a notch.

Exercise of the Week:

Reebok Nano 3.0 Product Review: 5 Things I Love

Nano 3.0People have been asking me how I like my new Reebok Nano 3.0s. Before I answer, I must tell you how much I love my Nano 2.0s already. I have to admit, I was a little bummed when I heard they had changed. I loved my old ones so much, I was worried I wouldn’t like these as much. However, like with anything else Reebok gets their hands on, they’ve made improvements.

It’s obvious they asked the pros what they’d like to see different, and better, and they did it. And, what I already liked, they kept. Here’s the lowdown…

5 Things I Love About the Nano 3.0.

Nano. 3.01. Wider toebox. This allows your toes to spread out for great balance. The Nano 2.0 already had a nice roomy toebox, but this is even roomier for even more stability.

2. 4 mm heel drop. This keeps your foot flat on the ground, great for heavy lifts when your heel should not be raised, but nice, flat and stable on the floor for maximum power production.

3. More durable. The rubberized cage that completely surrounds the shoe makes this shoe a lot more durable than the 3.0, as well as offers more support. They also used a stronger polyester on the outside of the shoe, called Rope Pro, specifically designed to be more durable during rope climbing.

nano 3.04.  Non-slip grip sole. This is great for all the crazy stuff we do in boot camp, or any other functional training program, like box jumps, mountain climbers, burpees, etc. It’s dependable gripping sole will help prevent you from falling on your face – cause, that’s no fun! 😉

5. Flexible sole for functional moves. Shoes that offer too much support can often be too stiff. As a result, they slip off the back of the heels when doing exercises like mountain climbers, squat thrusts, etc. This shoe has a nice easy bend at the toe box so your shoe and foot move together.

How do you know if Nanos are right for you?

  • Do you do heavy lifts, like dead lifts, squats, clean & jerk, split jerks, kettlebell snatches, high pulls, swings, etc?
  • Do you do sprints or short bursts of runs in your training?
  • Do you do a lot of plyometrics – like double unders, burpees, mountain climbers, tuck jumps, etc
  • Do you jump on tires, boxes, steps or other objects?
  • Do you climb rope or obstacles?
  • Do you like a minimalist shoe with a flat sole?
  • Are you tough on your shoes, where you wear holes in the fabric, side walls or toe?

If you are a marathon runner, these shoes are not for you. If you lift weights using only machines, it probably won’t matter what you wear. However, if you do any of the above training, these are a great cross-training shoe that allows your training to be versatile without having to change shoes for different exercises.

Here are what some CrossFit athletes had to say about the new Nano 3.0s.

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Best Workout Shorts On the Planet

reebok shortsOk, so I’ve been eyeballing these Reebok  CrossFit shorts for a while. Then I went to the mall to get a pair. I wore them once and immediately went online and ordered 4 more pair (shhhh! don’t tell Steve).

The material is super lightweight and flexible (even great for squats & stuff!). The velcro fly and adjustable tie gives makes them flexible to fit your size no matter how your weight fluctuates. I don’t normally like the whole built-in undies, but these shorts just couldn’t get more comfortable so I don’t even notice they are there. Plus, the extra coverage makes it even more comfortable when you are stretching, or have to sprawl out (and don’t want to offer a free peep show if you know what I mean!). All in all, I couldn’t wait to blog about them (normally I do a lot more pics and content). I just needed to get the info out there.

Reebok crossfit shortsPS: These were not freebies – I picked these bad boys out myself and paid my hard-earned $$ for them. 🙂 Just in case you wondered if they were paying me to brag about them. Nope. This one was on the house! 

Here’s what I got:

CLICK HERE to see ones I got in red – and also in white

CLICK HERE to see the yellow ones I’m wearing today!

CLICK HERE to see my red and orange ones!

CLICK HERE to see my white & yellow ones!


Are You Training Your Best?

Train Your Best

How much FIRE do your workouts have? Are you winded between exercises? Do you wish you could just stop for just a few seconds to catch your breath? Do you have a trainer or timer (like the GymBoss Interval Timer) setting a pace for you? OR, do you start your next exercise when you are ready – and stop when you are tired?

If you aren’t begging for rest, then you aren’t training your best. Learn to push yourself and train outside your comfort zone. That type of training won’t happen on its own. That has to be planned, and even forced.

Make your next workout the best workout yet! #LiveWithFire


“Real Women Do Burpees” T-Shirt

If you have done any of our our BCx workouts, you have had your share of burpees. Well, be proud, because burpees ain’t no joke. They are tough – which means YOU are tough. So, we thought we’d make a fun tee for you hardcore chicks who burpee their way through BCx, CrossFit, Boot Camps & other functional training: Real Women Do Burpees
Real Women Do Burpees

Shoe Buyers Guide: The “Sole” Purpose

To say that I learned a few things while at Reebok is an understatement. And, since everyone has been asking me about each style, and asking for advice on what shoe to pick, I decided I’d better come home with some helpful answers! You should have seen me tapping my fingers silly on my iPad trying to get it all down so I could share everything I was learning with you.

As experts shared the technology behind each shoe, I began to understand why each style matters. Although each shoe has a unique look, they are all built for a specific reason – and it all starts with sole.

Can you tell which shoe is NOT a Reebok?

My Old Way of Shoe Shopping

I’ll admit, I used to choose a shoe based on looks and just overall comfort. I never even thought about performance. To me, performing well just meant being able to run without blisters and body aches. In my mind, a good pair of shoes just helped minimize impact so I didn’t suffer from unnecessary knee and hip pain when running.

That was my theory for running, and my theory for gym shoes was even worse. I chose shoes based on looks alone when it came to buying shoes for the gym. If they were comfy and looked cool, they ended up in my closet. This too has changed.

Lastly, my choice in a shoe became habitual. I kept buying specific brands just because that’s what I bought last time. On one hand, I can understand the “if it ain’t broke, dont’ fix it” thought process, but what about “you don’t know what you don’t have until you have it”. Well, that was me. I had no idea what I was missing, because I never really ventured out of my comfort zone. Lastly, I only bought one pair of shoes to last me about 6 months. This too has changed – and I’ll tell you why my shoe shopping has completely changed!

The Sole Purpose

The sole of a shoe is made for a purpose. Although I can’t speak for every brand, I can help you to understand various styles of shoes from Reebok, and why each shoe is made differently.

Walking: For walking, you just need to move forward comfortably. That is why most walking shoes look very basic – they are created to meet your basic needs, which are cushion and comfort. The tread is also normally pretty flat and smooth like a tire on a Cadillac. The sole is typically pretty solid, with just a few flex joints for some bending, like you see here in the Walk Around shoe. That’s also why someone’s shoe may slip off the heels of the foot when doing an exercise that requires more flexibility, like a mountain climber. If the shoe isn’t flexible, it resists these types of movements. The best thing to do in a walking shoe is walk.

Supportive Running: Before you go buying every shoe that’s labeled “running”, you should decide what type of runner you are. Are you a heel striker? Do you run on your toes? Do you like a lot of shoe or are you more of a minimalist? What type of ground are you running on? Once you answer all of those questions, THEN you can decide what shoe you want to buy. Here’s a few highlights of the running shoes I own.

Zigs: The ZigKick (yellow & black) shoe is one of Reebok’s newest shoes. It puts the cool cushiony design of the ZigTech technology (the zig-zag sole) where it’s needed most – the heel (perfect for heel strikers). The ZigLite Run (pink & black) has the Zig design all the way down the sole. Unlike walking shoes that have large blocks of rubber, with few joints for bending, the ZigKick and ZigLite Run have many joints, designed to give the shoe more flexibility, from heel to toe. If I’m not mistaken, the colored rubber represents the softer sole (also offering more give and flexibility), and the black represents the harder more durable sections. The ZigKick has more of the high-abrasion carbon rubber panels layered below the cushion for better traction and durability, making it a better cross trainer in my opinion. The ZigLite Run was made for runners so it’s sole is thinner and lighter, and only has the carbon rubber on the key strike and push-off areas. Both shoes are very well thought out and comfy – especially if you like a sturdy supportive shoe. (click on the names of the shoes to see video of the sole techology to learn more, located at the bottom of the Reebok page)


Minimalist Running and CrossTraining:

RealFlex TR: The RealFlex is built on a sole made up of a bunch of squares they call “nodes”. These offer the cushion and protection your feet need without resisting movement. Most shoes have large panels of rubber that are separated out by thinner strips of rubber so the shoe bends in those specific areas only, but the RealFlex allows the shoe to bend any which way. As you can see, those thinner panels are in a grid all over the bottom of the shoe, allowing the shoe to flex in every possible direction. That allows your feet to move more naturally with very limited restriction, and is great for going over uneven terrain (awesome for trail runs and cross training!) and doing exercises that require your feet to bend like mountain climbers and burpees.

Although the different color nodes look cool, they too serve a purpose. Like the ZigKicks, different colored panels of rubber show different types of rubber. A heavier more durable rubber is only placed where it’s needed most (green nodes), since it’s heavier than the lighter squishier rubber, so they can keep the shoe as light as possible – and it worked! These shoes are SUPER LIGHT! The wider nodes on the ball of the foot, offers more lateral support and durability, perfect for plyos.

Nano 2.0: The Nano 2.0 was inspired by CrossFit athletes and it probably the most versatile shoe I’ve ever owned. As you can see on the tread, the tread looks more like a tread of a Mickey Thompson truck tire, which is a beefy design to grip the ground when pulling heavy loads and going over all types of terrain. Created to handle the toughest jobs, this shoe was created for performance. The wider toe box allows your toes to spread out for balance (great for heavy lifts), and the low sole (5mm drop) allows your foot to stay low to the ground for good stability and a natural feel. Like how knobby truck tires wrap around the side of the tire for better gripping, the Nano 2.0 has a similar side wall lug pattern in the arch area to help grip a rope when climbing. You can also see a definite flexible joint (in white) to allow the toe to bend when doing exercises like jumping rope. Unlike the other shoes I mentioned, almost the entire outersole is carbon rubber for more durability and optimal traction. Although you may not want to run a marathon in this shoe, you could still use this shoe for running 7 miles or less. All in all, the sole purpose of this shoe is versatility – and it’s begging to be put to the test.

The Secret to Pain-Free Running

Now that I’ve worn these shoes, I honestly can’t go back to some of my old brands. I actually think the more shoe there is, the more our foot rebels – which makes sense if you think about it. There are more spots to rub, more restriction to irritate you and more rise to change your landing and your gate. But, I have to end this with one of the best tips I heard at Reebok – and one I’ve noticed myself: Don’t wear just one shoe. I used to wear only one shoe to run in. Reebok experts say its best to rotate 3 pair of shoes, and not run in the same pair back to back. This way your foot isn’t landing the exact same way for 6 months straight. By rotating shoes, it gives your foot a break and rotates the “beating”. I accidentally did this and was just telling a friend how much better I feel rotating shoes, so it was cool to hear it from the pros! In the end, you spend the same amount of money because you are dividing out your mileage – and your body will thank you!

PFIT PIC: Me (in the middle) after running the Turkey Trot in my RealFlex TR shoes in Vero Beach.

Remember, there are TONS of options – and there is a LOT more to talk about, but I hope now you at least know there is purpose for how the sole is constructed and the reason they do make so many different styles is so you can find the one that meets your particular needs. Happy Shopping!!

More Shoe Shopping Tips:

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How to Read Your Shoes

CrossFit Makes Your Clothes Fall Off: Workout and Training Tips for Everyone

My 1st WOD: Get the Workout, the Inside Scoop & Training Tips!

Since so many facebook and twitter followers were noticing the topless boys in the pictures we posted from our workout at Reebok CrossFit One, I had to tease about it – and tell you more about this juicy workout. Truth is, I would have gotten naked too if I was going as fast and strong as these athletes were! They were totally incredible athletes that made me feel like an out-of-shape couch potato in comparison.

Fear Factor

Many fitness professionals may pretend they aren’t intimidated in new fitness environments – but I’m not one of those people. I won’t lie. It wouldn’t have hurt my feelings if our CrossFit workout got canceled. The unknown is always scary to me, and I’m not much of a group exerciser. I prefer working out solo or in a more private setting. So, I listened carefully to instructions (pictured left) to make sure I didn’t make a fool of myself. ha!

A new workout is like riding a new roller coaster. Once you ride it, you know what to expect and most of the fear is behind you. Although the moves were familiar, I still didn’t know exactly what to expect, and had my reservations admittedly.

I’m not much of a thrill seeker. I’m a middle of the road girl – “steady strong” is my motto. Not really, but that’s kinda how I go about life. It’s kind of like the StairClimb Steve and I did. He bolted up the first 15 flights of stairs like a bat out of hell and I just pushed steady strong the whole time and beat him. ha! Maybe it’s because I can’t stand the feeling of my lungs about to explode, and he loves that extreme feeling of almost dying, but either way – whether I liked it or not, I knew I was in for a thrill ride – and cameras were rolling to catch it all on tape!

Training With Top (Topless) Athletes

We had the honor of working with some of the most elite athletes in the country. Here’s a pic of the entire gang of FitFluential Ambassadors, including Steve and myself, as well as the trainers and staff of @reebokcrossfit1 at @Reebok headquarters in Boston after our workout. #GETAFTERIT Hoorah!

CrossFit Games Athletes

I am going to try my best to give you the scoop on the athletes we were with. Athletes, please forgive me if I get your name or titles wrong. If I do, I’m blaming Google. ha!

Among some of our trainers for the day were:
Austin Malleolo, 2010 CrossFit Games: 6th (center, and shirtless)
Julie Foucher, 2011 CrossFit Games, 5th (to our right of Austin with grey tights)
Spencer Hendel, Reebok CrossFit Games 2011: 9th  (the shirtless guy next to julie with a beanie on)
Joe Masley, 2012 CrossFit Games Northeast Regional Affiliate Division – 2nd Place (and yet another shirtless guy next to Spencer)
James Hobart, 2011 Affiliate Cup Championship team CrossFit New England
Jared Davis (JD), 2010 Southeast Regional, 1st (last guy with his shirt off on the left)
Christy Phillips, 2012 Reebok CrossFit Game, 11th (in turquoise blue)

(Here I am with Spencer Hendel, who was the trainer for Steve’s group)

The Workout of the Day (AKA: WOD)

Yes, this is me doing box jumps with FitFluential “Manbassador” Jeremy Scott, doing the following workout.

200 meter run (sprint) relay 

150 Dumbbell Thrusters
100 Pull Ups (or Ring Rows)
50 Box Jumps

200 meter run (sprint harder or be shamed) final relay for total time

Instructions: During the 200 meter sandwich (the workout between the two 200 meter runs), you rotate stations. We had 3 people on our team. One person held a 115lb bar in a static hold (guys held overhead) while another person did the work (thrusters, pull ups or box jumps) and another rested. Each person rotated out until all the reps were complete. We changed stations as soon as the guy doing the active work (thrusters, pull ups, box jumps) wore out. Great workout!

This was us smack in the middle of our workout. I figured I could try to snap a pic while I was (quote/unquote) “RESTING” (more like dry heaving). haha

The Take Home

I took home more than a workout, I took home some DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) too! I’m feeling great, just don’t ask me to make any sudden moves. My quads are SO sore! I think I love the result more than the workout, but no pain no gain right? ha!

Sure, CrossFit isn’t for everyone. Although it is scaleable for everyone (74 year old Reebok employee, AnnMarie, proved that), the training atmosphere fits a certain personality. People who are competitive love the accountability of timed workouts, posting times, and having a “winner”.  That’s why athletes love these workouts, they are competitive. So what about the other 99% of the population? You can still apply some of the effective training principles in your own ideal fitness setting.

Here are 5 Training Tips Anyone Can Use

1. Partner Accountability: What will keep you going faster and stronger during a workout? Knowing your friend is not-so-patiently waiting holding 115lbs overhead drying for you to finish up and swap stations. Here I am, at my resting station (catching my breath), while James Hobart is doing a static hold, waiting for Jeremy Scott to tire out from thrusters and switch stations.

2. Timed Workouts: Anytime you add time into a fitness equation you beef up intensity. You don’t have to be competing against other teams to have the fastest times to get the most out of this. Just time yourself and try to beat your own time next workout.

3. Functional Training: As a gym owner, I admit there is a need for machines, BUT it is extremely important to implement funcional training in your workout routine too. Functional training improves your overall quality of life, moving like we do during normal daily activities. I mean, we don’t have back support, like we do on a leg press machine, when squatting down to pick up a heavy object. Hands down, functional training is an absolute a must in training – CrossFit or not.

4. Camaraderie: There is nothing like a pat on the back or a group yelling for you. Our boot campers experience this, and it’s thrilling – and gives even the toughest, most painful workout a more positive feeling when it’s over. I know the trainer of our group, James, was just being nice when he said “good job”, but it still felt good anyway. 🙂

5. Improved Form and Range of Motion: CrossFit is big on form, and rightfully so. They push a lot of weight, and can’t afford to hurt themselves, but attention to form and range of motion should be on everyone’s list of essentials. First, as you improve form in the gym, you will improve form and posture outside of the gym. Focusing on posture and form also improves core strength. Second, most people slack on range of motion. Squats are often shallow and movements limited. The problem with shallow training is we aren’t exercising the muscles we use in real life. If you get up off the ground, you are in a deep squat. You don’t start with your thighs parallel to the ground. If your knees can take it, you should be moving in a bigger, longer range of motion to get the most goody out of the exercise. The problem is, this means you will likely have to go down in weight – something most body builders don’t want to do. Well, suck it up and put your pride aside. The results will be worth it and no one really cares how much weight you lift anyway!

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Reebok Reeborn? Sneak Peek of Sneaker Town 2013

Whatever you thought Reebok was, I guarantee you you’re wrong – I know I was. Here’s my behind the scenes report from my visit to Reebok headquarters, after I personally got an inside look in the company, and previewed the technology and trends coming out in 2013 – and coming into your homes! 

As I sit, 34,000 feet in the air, on my flight home from Reebok headquarters in Boston I don’t even know how to begin explaining what I just experienced – and what you, the customer will start experiencing now and in the coming months. One thing I can say is, you need to start saving money now – because no matter what your fitness routine is, you WILL want (NEED!) Reebok in your closet – and I’ll tell you why.

The Resurrection 

First, I need to confess this: I’ve never been a Reebok fan. Just a few months ago, my first thought of Reebok tennis shoes would cause Jazzercise flashbacks of white leather tennies, thick scrunchy socks and rolled up jeans. Even though that is a thing of the past, their middle of the road boring clothes and bulky blah shoes never captured my attention over the last few years. Although they maintained quality products, they always seems a little out of date and missing the competitive edge needed to grab my attention – and my credit card.

I’m warning you now, THAT old Reebok is dead and gone, so guard your credit card, because you will want to max it out when you start exploring what is going on at Reebok headquarters, and across the globe, one lucky hand-picked store at a time. A new Reebok has risen, and as you can imagine by looking at some of my own kicks (pictured left), you need to hold on to your panties because the new Reebok walks through walls and has miraculous super powers that will attract followers by the droves and change lives – and that’s what fitness is all about. It’s all about changing lives.

Love at First Sweat 

Personally, I prefer brands who practice what they preach. One, because the product and service is always better when a company actually uses their brand regularly, and two, because I have a thing for supporting good people. What can I say? I’m a sucker for wanting the good guys to win – and Reebok is the ultimate good guy company.

From the way they treated us the second we touched down, to the way they treated each other within the company, it is obvious this company values people. Each member of the team proudly introduced their coworkers with such pride and respect for one another. No pride, no egos, no corporate snobs – just a bunch of people working together for a common goal – and that goal is developing footwear and apparel that will help people get fit, and make sure they have fun doing it.

The Reebok MOVEment

How do you get a brand to impact customers and help them get fit? You start with the employees, like 74yr old AnnMarie here flexing it up with me after working out along side my hubby, Steve, at Reebok CrossFit One.

Honestly, it’s one thing for an engineer or designer to develop a great kick-butt shoe and a ridiculously cool looking shirt that won’t sour in your gym bag after getting soaked from a sweaty workout. It’s totally another thing to have an engineer or designer who not only develops that shoe, or piece of clothing, but they wear it, test it, train in it, and live in it day after to day. They literally take their work home with them. THAT’s what’s happening at Reebok – and, ultimately, we the consumer benefit.

Test Track

In addition to the staff living fitness out and testing out their own product, they wanted to hear what we the consumer wanted, as we put their products to the test in the real world on a daily basis.

We got to run in their shoes (pictured right, with their running coach in red) and workout in their apparel, and truly put them to the test. As a part of a focus group, they not only asked for our ideas and input, but they encouraged complaints. Honestly? Who does that anymore?

Of course, it will only make them better, but most companies filled with experienced experts in their field typically don’t want to hear what a bunch of gym rats think. Reebok not only wanted to know what we thought, they wanted to hear it all – the good, bad and ugly. They eagerly listened and respected our opinion, taking notes and truly listening to every word. Although I can’t share with you what was discussed, believe me, we will see the input implemented, and I will remember the day we had the discussion that impacted your buying experience. A truly amazing experience and an honor.

Briefcases and Gym Bag

Reebok headquarters wasn’t just a huge office complex filled with men in suits. It was a fitness complex, complete with a state of the art gym, outdoor track, and a CrossFit gym (called Reebok CrossFit One) led by some of the most elite trainers and athletes in the country – and the world.

Because of the company’s dedication to fitness, Reebok employees are fit and active. Out of 1,000 employees, over 600 employees are members of there CrossFit gym and do intense training on a regular basis. Although I imagine there must be employees that haven’t arrived at their fitness goals yet, I didn’t see one overweight or out of shape employee the entire visit. Unlike many companies in the fitness business who have employees who are clueless about fitness, and are just all about business, Reebok is jam-packed with employees who appear to be just as passionate about fitness as they are their paycheck. Watching employees hit the locker room for a quick workout on their lunch break was totally refreshing. Totally inspiring.

Although I’m sure it will take time for the new Reebok to truly impact the world like they plan, it is a brand you need to keep your eye on if you want to get, or stay, Fit.

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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