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Who Are You Competing With?

Have you ever heard the saying “keeping up with the Joneses”? Whether we mean to compete or not, we all have something inside us that wants to be better. Although I don’t believe we should focus our energy on being better than others, I do think it’s healthy to work on always beating one person – yourself.

Fighting Yourself

the only one who can beat me is meWe are our fiercest competitor. Why? Because the “old me’ is constantly wanting to beat the “new me”. My old lazy ways will always be fighting to reign. My past failures will always taunt me, and try to talk me out of my future success. The old me comes with baggage. The old me is strong – but the new me can be stronger.

Why? Because no one knows the old me like I do. I have the ultimate advantage. I know what I’ve done wrong, and done right. I can learn from my past. I can win.

If you run races or train in a setting where you track your performance, you’ve probably worked to improve your “PR” (personal record). That is one of the best things you can do, because it’s not about being better than others – it’s about being a better you.

As you focus on your weight loss goals, your career goals, your marriage, your spiritual life, your purpose in life – the only person you need to beat is yourself. Will you let the old you win – or do you plan to kick the old you’s butt!?

I will beat her

Fitness Motivation: Don’t Let Your Competition Train Harder

Next time you want to skip a workout…
Next time you want to party instead of sleep…
Next time you want to eat for taste instead of fuel…
Next time you want to quit your workout early…
Next time you convince yourself you deserve a break…
Think about what your competition is doing. 

Whether you are in an office weight loss contest or competing in a sport, don’t let your competition train harder than you. Even if you are just competing against yourself, it’s important to know you are doing your very best.

It’s not just about winning or losing, it’s about being proud of the work you put in – knowing you did everything you could. When you train hard, you have no regret.

Train like a winner, and you will walk away feeling like one – win or lose. #GetAfterIt  – Bonnie

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